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  1. Antichambre, Thank you so much for this info.  I've been searching around through the programming document and other resources to determine what I might need to change or add in order to use the onboard DAC.  I'm trying to determine if it's as simple as changing a small amount of code to alter the output pin, or if I'd need to implement some more complex functions to do the 'audio data to DAC' processing myself How difficult would it be to modify an existing MIOS32 example app to output audio from the internal DAC? If there's any way anyone could possible reply with a small list of how the general process would work, I could absolutely search around the documentation, source, and on google... to piece together a working solution myself. Thanks much!  I'm sincerely having a lot of fun learning and using MIOS32 on STM32F407.    
  2. Hello Everyone! Is there an MIOS32 config setting that would allow me to output the audio of MIOS32 apps out of the embedded dac's pinouts, rather then the built-in Audio Jack (CN4) on the STM32F407 Discovery board? Based on what I've read, those would be pins A4 and A5.  Is that correct?   Any insight on how this could be achieved would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  
  3. MIOS32 w/ GOOM on STM32F103C8T6, possible?

    Hi slo, Thank you for the link.  Although it didn't have any info on Goom, there's definitely some good stuff on there.   I took a look at the compiled Goom file size, and it's already much bigger then the Flash size on that board (apologies to everyone for posting my question before thinking to check that). Luckily, I was able to find a few small STM32F407 boards available online, and ordered one. The only thing is, I'm not sure where to find schematics to build an Audio out jack like the one on the discovery board.  I suppose I'll post a new thread for that when it arrives (if I don't find schematics before then).        
  4. Hi everyone! I have the goom synth port working on the ST32F4 Discovery board, and would love to find a way to put it into a much smaller package. Would the STM32F103C8T6 be able to load MIOS32?  I realize it only has 64K flash, so I'm just wondering if MIOS32+Goom will work on it? It's the Nano sized board that seems to have been nicknamed "blue pill". I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm brand new to MIOS (which is absolutely amazing btw). I searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer to this, so I'm hoping someone may know the answer. Thanks