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  1. I have decided on an STM32F7 and F4 board so I can learn the basics of the ARM architecture and GUI frameworks. So if I decide to use a MIDIbox NG later, I should be better equipped to integrate the functionality I want. Using the the F4 board which is the base for the NG or I could just do it the other way around and try to integrate the modules onto the F7 board. Since it already has a touchscreen and some other great functionality onboard. Thanks everyone for the help !
  2. Thanks @monokinetic, I guess that is a valid option. But I'm really looking for a fully integrated solution. And I don't mind working low level with SPI/I2C etc. It all might take a bit longer ;) but .. the projects I have in mind are both functional but also for me to learn more about embedded systems.
  3. thanks ! I guess the only way to use a large touch screen display with the MIDIbox is by using a display that has its own processor, and communicate with that via SPI or I2C. And not to take precious resources away from it's core functionality.
  4. Is there no one that can shed some light on how to use an LCD touch interface with the MIDIbox NG? Give me some advice on how I can find out ? Is it even possible ? Anyone that has done a project like that ? I would really appreciate some help, thanks.
  5. I have yes, and I found some really cool projects. It's really crazy the stuff people come up with and build! Now, I haven't found any examples with an LCD touch screen interface, so I took a good look at the MIDIbox NG board and yeah, I guess that is going to be difficult. Parallel/RGB won't be possible just because of the lack of pins available. It probably would work via SPI/I2C but that seriously limits the choice in displays. Any ideas on how to do that are always welcome. And thank you for your link! Took quit a bit of reading through the MIOS code to get my head around it and
  6. Hi, for the past few weeks I have been looking at development boards as a base for developing audio/music projects. I almost decided on an STM32F7 discovery board until I found out about the MIDIbox NG. This board with its STM32F4 module looks ideal for what I want to do but I have two major questions before I can decide. I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can about MIOS and trying to find related threads on this forum but in the mean time all the help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 1) Can I use a capacitive touch screen with the MIDIbox NG ? The projects I
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