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  1. I will try. Sold units of the ymf262 all have positive feedback. The shipping time is just very long. Gonna report about it's functionality here. I actually do have a soundcard with an opl3 chipset (soundblaster 16 value), but the chip itself looks different
  2. Hi, I found these chips. https://www.ebay.de/itm/1PCS-IC-YAMAHA-SOP-16-YAC512-M-1PCS-YAMAHA-SOP-24-YMF262-M-1-pairs/362255972114?hash=item5458237712:g:U78AAOSwpP9Y5gDE https://www.ebay.de/itm/5pair-YMF262-M-YAC512-M-YMF262-YAC512-5pcs-YMF262-M-5pcs-YAC512-M/181331807932?hash=item2a3837cebc:g:FMEAAOxy0NtTCX5e Are they real/good? What do you think? I can't imagine they are. Cheers, Mo
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