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  1. [MIDIbox SID v2] DIN module map trouble

    I checked twice, I have a second DIN module and have the same issue. Many years ago, when I build this setup , all worked fine.
  2. Hello. I have a problem with the DIN module. After starting the whole set in configuration: - Core R4D, SID R3A, DINX4, LCD 2x20, mios 1.9g, PIC 18F452 and 4620 tested and different pcb-s - Connections according to the scheme: MIDIbox SID V2 CS DIN map) as a attached jpg the "select 1-5" buttons and encoder menu works fine. The "menu" button works like a "back" button. But the "Up / CC", "Down / Edit" and "Shift" buttons don`t work :( Where is the problem, what I'm doing wrong ? Please help :(