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  1. Well guys, it looks like we've established some demand here. But nothing from Weasel since I asked about this a month ago. Now what? Weasel? Hello? Are you out there ....... ??? FantomXR, have you got a way to DM him?
  2. Hiya Weasel I send you a PM a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't heard anything, so thought I'd give this a try. I'm quite interested in a board or two, if there are any at all left. Couldja please let me know? Thx ps - I know that many/most people are ensconced indoors right now, and that shipping may be a challenge. I also appreciate that many people are battling the coronavirus, or are working in essential services, or are dealing with friends and/or family affected by the disease. My best wished go out to all. Stay well, and stay safe