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  1. I used Midi-ox and it says all note off. I am Pretty frustrated because I don’t know how to fix this problem. I am pretty new to micro controller so my knowledge is limited. As a mater of fact this is my very 1project.
  2. Thanks for responding latigid on. I followed the wiring direction for 8x8 buttons ( mbhp_din_8x8buttons.pdf ) I just realized that I never connected the required  "All Diodes: 1N4148" to the buttons. After rewiring the buttons and soldering the Diodes, I connected the controller to Hauprtwerk Virtual pipe organ sofware, and the stops on Hauptwerk kept turning on and off not allowing me to set each stop tab on Hauptwerk with my buttons. On the midi monitor at the bottom of the Hauptwerk main screen that shows midi activity. The midi light stays on. Normal operation, the light should come on and off when a button is depressed.  Any help    The current configuration is 8 button connected in 8x8 matrix with the switch wire connected to Din::J3: D0 and the Common to DOUT::J3:D7
  3. Good morning. I was scrolling through the forum to find some help with my project. I am currently working on converting an old Allen 603D into a mid console using Hauptwerk VPO software as my virtual instrument. I have installed Core 32 with a total of 4 Din, 4 Dout 1MBHP DIO Matrix. I have only connected 8 lighted thumb pistons without connecting the light to just make sure things work. u uses the 8x8 matrix to make this connection. 1 common wire from this connection buttons is connected to Din PinD0 of J3 and the rest of the connection goes to my Dout J3 PinD0 through D7 When Hauptwerk VPO is running on the midi configuration wizard screen I was able to see  Midi box devices ref picture.  when I loaded the organ and tried to configured my piston, I wasn't able to auto-detect the piston.  I have my 6buttons and the rotary encoder install. Also, noticed that when the Shift button is pressed Dout says OFF. could that be the problem? Please help I am new this. Configuration Screen.pdf
  4. Driving Stop Tab Action Solenoids

    Hi Markus, just saw your post on converting your Organ to work with HW VPO. I can currently doing the same thing with mine. I have the core STM-32F407G-Disc1, 6 Din, 6 DOUT, MiDI Box, MBHP_DIO_Matrix,  all of which are fully assembled why so many board you might ask, I didn’t know how many will be needed. currently I have not been able to run the required project. hex on the core using the Mios Studio program. Please look at my previous post dated 04/09/20. Post by Lawrence. I have include all of the pictures with full detail of my problem.  Would you be so kind walking me through my issue.
  5. Hi Fellow DYI-ers, I have 4 DIN,  4 DOUT, Midi IO, and MBPH_DIO_MATRIX_V1; all fully assembled and a  MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module for converting an old Church Organ to play Virtual Pipe Organ using Midi. I have Download all files such as MIOS_Studio_2_4_9, en.stsw-link004 Utility, en.stsw-link008usb drivers, mios32_bootloader_v1_018 and SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer-2.4.0 all of which are installed. I followed the direction on with success with the  exception of running MOIS Studio Please look at the picture below and I attempted to run Mios Studio This 1 picture is the result of when I 1st open Mios Studio. Everything looks ok. The 2nd picture showed my file path to upload the " project.hex file to  MIOS Studio This picture shows after my file path has been selected. The final picture shows the result after starting the upload The only device connected at this point was the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 only. Please help me. I am completely new to this. Do have to  module connect the organ keyboard prior to monitor the midi msg.