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  1. Ok, I realize now that I must have dreamt up this magical way to connect MIDI 3/4 to the MF_NG modules. The only way to do this is to build the expansion board as shown very clearly on the LPC17 page! So now that's taken care of, and again, apologies for that noob act of blind sightedness! I do have two more issues that I have not been able to figure out, but I promise I did go through the forum thoroughly first to see if I could find an answer! :D Well first issue is probably new anyways as I realized the touch sensors are not working with the new 4685 build. Those were the on
  2. Been Looking for these for a while, and stumbled across a great deal, link below $14.10 each! Shipping from Japan to USA was $40 for 16, they arrived two days after ordering via DHL Plus there was $20 off orders above $100! https://www.chip1stop.com/view/dispDetail/DispDetail?lang=en&cont=USA&partId=ALPS-0008812&mpn=RS60N11M9A0E&keyword=alps+fader
  3. Success!!!! Many Thanks! Enjoy a beer on me! ;)
  4. I did just realize that my MF_NG's are using the PIC18f4685, and the code was written for the PIC18F452! Don't know if that could be an issue? Thought worth mentioning.
  5. Hey Thorsten MF_NG setting as follows: No. Faders - 8 ( 8 connected ) Operation mode: Emulated Motormix MIDI Ch. 1 Midi Merger : Midibox Link Forwarding point (1st mf_ng) / Midibox Link Endpoint (2nd mf_ng) pwm/deadband: all default Touchsensor mode : Last option. Touch sensor shows stream of CC when activated in MIDI in window, when connected to LPC17 or direct to PC, nothing happens when fader moved. As I said in previous post, I tried loading the mm prog and the faders sent Midi as expected, touch sensor and slider. But in NG, just sensor shows.
  6. Hey All! I have been tinkering with a project now for a few years on and off, time constraints, yada yada. Excuses aside, I have been trying my hardest to get it finished, and also trying to figure it all out without having to post on the forum. Alas though, I am stuck, albeit so close I feel to being 100% done. My setup is as follows: LPC17 (Working fully I believe) 4*20 LCD (Working) Control Surface (Working) DIN and DOUT (working) 2* MF_NG with 16 RS60N11M9A0E Faders (Not working!!) So, the faders have been the one thing I have not been able to g
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