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  1. Been Looking for these for a while, and stumbled across a great deal, link below $14.10 each! Shipping from Japan to USA was $40 for 16, they arrived two days after ordering via DHL Plus there was $20 off orders above $100! https://www.chip1stop.com/view/dispDetail/DispDetail?lang=en&cont=USA&partId=ALPS-0008812&mpn=RS60N11M9A0E&keyword=alps+fader
  2. Success!!!! Many Thanks! Enjoy a beer on me! ;)
  3. I did just realize that my MF_NG's are using the PIC18f4685, and the code was written for the PIC18F452! Don't know if that could be an issue? Thought worth mentioning.
  4. Hey Thorsten MF_NG setting as follows: No. Faders - 8 ( 8 connected ) Operation mode: Emulated Motormix MIDI Ch. 1 Midi Merger : Midibox Link Forwarding point (1st mf_ng) / Midibox Link Endpoint (2nd mf_ng) pwm/deadband: all default Touchsensor mode : Last option. Touch sensor shows stream of CC when activated in MIDI in window, when connected to LPC17 or direct to PC, nothing happens when fader moved. As I said in previous post, I tried loading the mm prog and the faders sent Midi as expected, touch sensor and slider. But in NG, just sensor shows.
  5. Hey All! I have been tinkering with a project now for a few years on and off, time constraints, yada yada. Excuses aside, I have been trying my hardest to get it finished, and also trying to figure it all out without having to post on the forum. Alas though, I am stuck, albeit so close I feel to being 100% done. My setup is as follows: LPC17 (Working fully I believe) 4*20 LCD (Working) Control Surface (Working) DIN and DOUT (working) 2* MF_NG with 16 RS60N11M9A0E Faders (Not working!!) So, the faders have been the one thing I have not been able to g
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