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  1. I think it is now evident that the problem is the missing opto-coupler.
  2. I checked the continuity of pin 2 on the Musicomlab and the sleeve of the plugged XPDL TRS. I get some ohms on the display. Looks like pin 2 is grounded??? Also I tried sending PC from the DAW to the CBA through my Audio interface. Doesn't work. However it works with another pedal. WTF!!!
  3. jep, the regular 5 pin Midi one, however they are called :-) Forget the other question, I did not understand the pin 2 shield thing first. I was just confused since I assume the normal Midi cables also have the ground on pin 2 so why would ground not be used? But meanwhile I got it.
  4. Great idea. I will try that. Just to be on the same page: given that would be the case, could it make sense to rewire the Midi plug instead of messing with the controller? Since the ISO cables work well, and they are likely grounded on pin 2. Or do ISO cables just don't need a ground?
  5. With basic information I mean that I am aware of all Chase Bliss quirks and requirements. Also I have been in contact with them and did guided troubleshooting. My controller is a MusicomLab EFX MK-V that works perfectly well for sending Midi PC and CC messages to other pedals such as a Line 6 M5 or Boss 500-series through ISO I have connected the CBA Tonal Recall with a self made MIDI-TRS cable to the MIDI out of my EFX MK-V (specs attached). Cable is tested with a multimeter. Midi Channel supposed to be correct. Doesn't work
  6. Thanks for answering! I am asking basically, referring to all sorts of "Midi Boxes" and I do talk about a simple cable replacement. I have the basic information about the Chase Bliss specs and soldered a cable that IS SUPPOSED to work, but it doesn't - and before I buy a box that costs 20 times of a cable I need to know what's the deal with it :-)
  7. Dear community Midi noob here that has an issue sending PC messages from my Musicomlab controller to a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall, through a MIDI-to-TRS cable. All troubleshooting with help of Chase Bliss did not help, the pedal won't receive any message. Midi cable works, although DIY it is correctly wired and tested. Controller MIDI send works through ISO cables with other pedals. Is there REALLY a need for a Midi box? What is in a Midi box that is not in a cable and why would it be relevant for the Musicomlab EFX MK-V Any help is much appreciated! (I don't want t
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