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  1. MIDIbox SID: new release V1.1

    I've planned to integrate 4 analog CV outputs and 4 triggers so that such filters can be controlled from the SW implemented generators (LFOs, envelopes) and via CC. :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  2. MIDIbox64 V1.00

    Hi, yes Best Regards, Thorsten.
  3. MIDIbox64 V1.00

    I think this is not really the final version - but it's running fine :) Changes: Sequencer and Motorfader parts removed Support for 64 pots, 64 buttons, 64 LEDs a device ID from 0 to 7 allows you to address up to 8 MIDIbox64 in a long MIDI chain Device ID and MIDIbox-to-COM option can be patched directly in the .hex file (see README.txt) navigation buttons can be optionally disabled these 4 buttons are automatically disabled if no LCD is connected 5 new display modes banks can be named MIDI time code (MTC) will be displayed at page #5 several minor bugfixes and improvements new mk_syx script and MIDIbox64 editor See also: Thanks to Serge for the good cooperation in the last days regarding the editor updates! :) Best Regards, Thorsten. P.S.: the MIDIbox16E and MIDIbox MF will be updated with similar features in about 2 weeks
  4. 128fader?

    Ja - sorry - ich hatte irgendwie den Kontext nicht mitbekommen :-/ Gruss,       Thorsten.
  5. 128fader?

    Nicht ganz, man benoetigt vier Core Module fuer 32 Motorfader, und einen oder zwei Cores fuer die restlichen Pots & Buttons. Es haelt sich also noch im Rahmen. ;-) Gruss,        Thorsten.
  6. Midibox ready

    This is definitively the MIDIbox of the Week! :D Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. 10k lin detented pots...where?

    Hi, you could search for your local ALPS distributor. Alps manufacturs many kinds of  pots and faders, detended types should also be available... Best Regards, Thorsten.
  8. Eagle?

    Hi Rogic, I'm only using the Linux version of Eagle, but it should also work under Wintendo: select File->CAM Processor, load a predefined job (Gerber) and change the printer device for the "solder side" tab to "PS". Finally click on the "process section" button. (.eps is a compatible variant of postscript .ps) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  9. rotary encoders and sequencer?

    Hi Dave, Here: :-);action=display;num=1034254654 Best Regards, Thorsten.
  10. MIDIbox64 V1.00

    Hi Rogic, yes, it runs with the "old" PIC16F - after I removed all the dedicated routines for motorfaders and the sequencer, I had enough free memory for some new extensions. And I think that I will add some more features in the future, for example some predefined meta events which simulate a "mute channel" and "solo channel", and a function which allows to define pot/fader groups. But before the other firmwares will be updated. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  11. Hi, If you have programming skills, you can try to develop something near it with a bigger PIC (see the Microchip page for the wide choice)... from my experience it makes no sense to spent a lot of effort just to save one PIC which costs you about US $8 ;-) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  12. This time from Roberto / Australia - a really cool design with a professional touch! :)
  13. Hi Matthias, I think that your PIC is damaged. The diodes might help, but I cannot give any success guarantee... don't waste PCB area for the diodes, just solder them directly to the buttons. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  14. 20 x 4 LCD?

    Alright, banknames would really be usefull. Another suggestion was to display the MIDI Time code like known from MIDIbox Plus. The next firmware will support both. :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  15. rotary encoders and sequencer?

    Hi Dave, a great idea! Since three layers are assigned to each pot-row, encoders would improve the handling. I think that 16 encoders are enough, and of course, I could use the MIDIbox16E firmware as skeleton for a MIDIbox16E-SEQ ;-) On the other hand I don't want to spent too much effort on the old firmwares anymore - just wait for MIDIbox NG, it will support both: pots and encoders. And with the plugin capability it will be possible just to "load" a sequencer module into the PIC when required. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  16. Hi Tristan, you could build the LTC module of the MBHP, it can also plugged on the Rx/Tx pins of MIDIbox Plus. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  17. Hi Mandingo, A MIDIbox-Plus like controller can be built with a core module, two 4051 analog multiplexers and one 74HC165 digital input shiftregister. The PIC must run with MIDIbox64 firmware. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  18. A few MidiBox 16 Questions

    Hi Tristan, yes, you should use simple Push buttons, the functional behaviour of the button can be changed in the MIDI Learn menu (or with the MIDIbox editor): "On/Off value" (it's like in your description), "On value only" and "Toggle". Best Regards, Thorsten.
  19. Hi Juanjo, the Exec/Left/Right/Snapshot button should be soldered on special pins - all others are free assignable with special functions or MIDI events. Here the schematic for the first 32 inputs: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  20. In the MIDIbox64 firmware a lot of tasks are running in parallel (Pot driver, Display driver, Button/LED Driver, Bankstick Driver, MIDI Handler). The sampling period for the buttons is only about 10 mS - thats not fast enough to detect the transitions (falling and rising pulse edges) which are sent by the encoder. The MIDIO128 firmware is optimized for digital IO, the sampling period is about 1 mS and works better, but in my oppinion it's much easier and more fail-save to use a second PIC, running with MIDIbox16E firmware, because the required adaption circuit for each encoder is complex and expensive. Or wait for MIDIbox NG - it will scan up to 128 digital inputs like MIDIO128 and will come with a built-in encoder driver, so that every single input can either be assigned to a button or to an encoder (every encoder requires 2 digital inputs...). Best Regards, Thorsten.
  21. usb

    ...but it's only available in a SMD package :-/ Best Regards, Thorsten.
  22. 20 x 4 LCD?

    Currently I'm rewriting the different display pages of MB64 since some more memory is available after I removed the sequencer and motorfader parts. So, if anybody has a good idea for an usefull layout for 2x40 displays (which additional informations should be displayed?), just let me know. At the moment the layout is similar to the MB16E (Display Submenu) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  23. usb

    Hi Mickey, unfortunately this is a preprogrammed ROM chip which is useless for MIDI. It's a pity that they don't offer the AN2131 of Cypress, because this derivative comes with a bootstrap loader - this special mechanism is activated when the USB cable is plugged in and allows to load the right descriptors and some additional code into the memory so that the device will be recognized as "Standard MIDI-USB device" by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux... without an selfwritten MIDI driver. Best Regards, Thorsten. P.S.: the AN2131 has 2 UARTs (=2 MIDI INs & 2 MIDI OUTs) and costs about US $3 --- but w/ a minimum purchase quantity of 1k devices :-/
  24. Debugging Code Question

    Ok, under this circumstances I would do it on the same way. Hm No, I would replace the StudioMix fader logic by the MIDIbox MF driver ;D (Just kidding ;-)) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  25. Advice fo BB mode on Midibox 16+

    Hi Dimitris, thats ok - RB0-7 are high impedance digital inputs. Best Regards, Thorsten. P.S.: nice trick! :)