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  1. Hi Bjoern, hrmpf! It seems that I should replace the old CNY17-II optocoupler circuit from the MIDIbox Plus schematics and replace it by the 6N138 circuit, since there are less problems with this part. :-/ If the MIDI interface of your PC or synthesizer is not good enough, the CNY17-II sometimes need small modifications, you can find some debug infos here: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  2. mikes pcbs

    Btw.: an english HowTo can also be found under and new a friend from Mike now offers complete module kits with PCBs and electronic components: Note that the prices are a higher than at Reichelt, but possibly more favorable than in your country. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  3. mikes pcbs

    The kits include electronic components and the PCBs, so that you don't have to pay for shipping twice. Mike has improved the Kit page in the last hours, there is also an english version available now ( and a complete list of all parts, so that you don't have to buy a pig in a poke ( Buttons/LEDs/Pots/LCD will be listed soon. Sascha: I order my components at Reichelt since 20 years and know all part numbers off by heart ;-) Searching on the website is far from efficiency, normaly I'm using the search function in combination with the catalogue Rouchey: I think that your questions are answered with the new partlist and the english shop - applause for Mike who helps his friend Chris with the setup! :) Payment: currently only direct bank transfers or eurocheques are possible; Mike & Chris don't own a credit card, which is necessary to setup a PayPal account in an european country... but hopefully PayPal is able to change this in the next months Parallel Motorfaders: I will get the first prototype PCBs next week!  :D Best Regards, Thorsten.
  4. About the SID parts

    Hi Christoffer, I increased the capacitance to 2200 uF for people who don't use a walladapter, but a common transformer - just to ensure that they don't hear unwanted 50 Hz (60 Hz) AC buzz. The 16V cap should also be ok for your 9V chip... normaly it is recommented that the maximum voltage of the cap behind a rectifier should be 2 times the RMS voltage, but the current through the circuit is so low, that this suggestion don't have to be taken into account (IMHO) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  5. MIDI Thru

    Thanks for the informative link, Lemonhorse! :) Rob: if you don't want to use the snap function of the MIDIbox, just enable the integrated MIDI merger and wire the cables like shown here: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  6. sure! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. mikes pcbs

    in this case "Vorauskasse" Best Regards, Thorsten. P.S.: I've just sent some suggestions to Mike/Chris, how they can improve the ordering procedure
  8. hanging notes

    Alright, now it's clear. It seems to be a bug, it should be fixed in v0.035 v0.034b is only necessary if you would like to use the RM1x as MIDI clock master and the MIDIbox64 as MIDI clock slave, because this didn't work with v0.034a Best Regards, Thorsten.
  9. combined mode: note range

    As long as you don't want to varry the velocity and the gate length of the notes, you can use the independent mode. Advantage: 4 tracks are available in this mode. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  10. jittering?

    alright, as I can see here: you are not using the original layouts, so I will remind some design tips, how to eliminate pot jittering. Just check the suggestions step by step, one of them could be the reason why the analog signals get unstable: increase the input voltage of the 7805 (MBHP core module, J1). If this voltage is too low (< 7V), the 5V output of the voltage regulator will begin to oscillate. But don't increase the input voltage above 10V, because on this way the 7805 gets very hot and will oscillate again due to temperature noise. -> Best results with 7V-10V ensure that the pots, the PIC and the analog multiplexers are working on the same voltage level, here a diagramm: the power connections to the pots, analog multiplexers and to the PIC have to be wired starlike if you own a multimeter, check the voltage levels on the pots. They must be the same like on the PIC: 0/+5V. You can ensure this on the following way: connect one probe with the +5V pin of a pot, the other probe with the Vdd pin of the PIC (pin #11): the voltage drop must be 0(!)V. Thereafter check the 0V pin with Vss of the PIC (pin #12), voltage drop must be 0V as well. The voltage drop between the 5V and the 0V pin of a pot must be 5V of course... if this doesn't help to find the problem, reduce the cable length! In my box, the multiplexers are placed very near by the pots, so that the cables are very short. For the analog outputs of the multiplexers I've used a 50cm ribbon cable, so here the length doesn't matter. Let me know if one of these ideas helped. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  11. mikes pcbs

    Hi Rhogben, I will talk with Mike/Christian, that they should improve the documentation about the kits. I agree with you, currently it's not clear which parts are coming with the kits, and which additional parts are necessary (Note: I'm not financially involved on the selling, so Mike and Christian have to take care for the websites by themself) Yes, for a common MIDIbox64 2 AINX4, 1 DOUTX4, 1 DINX4, one CORE and optionally one LTC module is required. Also a JDM module if you don't already own a programmer. These kits cost 84 EUR in total + 15 EUR shipping. You can e.g. pay with eurocheque, this will cost +5 EUR due to bank transfer fees. Remark for people in Germany: you can save about 20-40 EUR when you buy the components directly from Reichelt and the PCBs from Mike Currently not available: LCD, bankstick, pots, faders, encoders, knobs, cables, plugs, cases, power supply. It will be difficult to offer a dedicated power supply for every country, so this is something which has to be ordered locally. Regarding pots (and encoders): Chris and Mike are trying to get some directly from ALPS Best Regards, Thorsten.
  12. Maybe I can tell you if a particular LED/button compo is ok or not - which ones are available in your country, can you give me some links? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  13. jittering?

    Normaly jittering values should be history, most users don't notice this anymore... How did you connect the pots to the AINx4 module, are you able to send me a photo so that I can give you some suggestions regarding the wiring? Alternatively you can describe it: how long are the cables, how did you connect the pots together? From my experience this is the best wiring method: starlike Best Regards, Thorsten.
  14. combined mode: note range

    I will include this into the next release. How about a global note range & transpose buttons? :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  15. hanging notes

    Hi TraiZor, I implemented something like a MIDI note queue which ensures that every Note On gets an Note Off, independent from the sequencer state. Maybe you noticed a new corner case which havent been checked before - since I also own a RM1x, could you please describe, how I can reproduce the problem exactly? How did you connect your MIDIbox with the RM1x? You can also send me a .syx file with the configuration. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  16. ...ich warte auf die Skizze... :) Erweiterungen der MIDIbox16E-Firmware sind grundsaetzlich noch moeglich, der Speicherverbrauch ist ein wenig relaxter als bei der MIDIbox64 Gruss,        Thorsten.
  17. Hi OgO, it seems that this chip is pin compatible and therefore can be used as replacement. Don't take care for the pin names, they are mostly manufacture dependend Best Regards, Thorsten.
  18. dimming LED

    normaly a pulse wide modulated signal is used to dim a LED. The principle in a nutshell: with shorter pulses (___||____||____||____||___) the effective power through the LED and therefore the illumination is lower than with longer pulses (_|   |_|   |_|   |_|   |_). Diming some LEDs was the very first project I realized with a microcontroller. It was a 80c535, a little bit overkilled for such an application, but it worked well ;-) It can be realized much easier with PIC micros, since most of them contain one or two PWM units Best Regards, Thorsten.
  19. Maybe the download manager has some problems with Cubase SX? (resp. Cubase SX has some problems with the download manager!) How are the results with MIDI-OX? The SysEx HowTo describes, how this MIDI monitor has to be configured. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  20. Hmmm... wenn Reason2 immer noch keine Rueckantwort sendet, sieht es wirklich schlecht aus. Da kann auch ein MIDI-Dolmetscher nichts mehr richten, von nichts kommt nichts. Falls Reason jedoch irgendwelche exotischen SysEx-Strings oder NRPN-Daten liefert, wuerde ich die entsprechenden Auswerteroutinen einfach in die MIDIbox-Firmware einbauen, da waeren sie schliesslich am besten aufgehoben. Doch selbst wenn eine Rueckkopplung nicht moeglich ist, haettest Du immer noch den Vorteil, dass beim Umschalten der Baenke die Settings nicht verloren gehen. Solange Du also die Sound-Parameter nicht in Reason selbst verstellst, kannst Du bequem & sprungfrei zwischen den verschiedenen Baenken hin und herschalten... (es stehen ja genuegend zur Auswahl ;-) Gruss,        Thorsten (der sich eine perfektere Integration von MIDI-Controllern wuenscht - dat ist doch gar nicht sooo schwierig)
  21. Stupid questions about parts!!

    Hi Christoffer, yes, the 1.5 A rectifier can also be used, it has nearly the same size like the 0.8A type and fits into the PCB - I've also used some. Caps: here also higher voltage types can be used. C64: a great deal! :D Best Regards, Thorsten.
  22. Mir gefaellt der Matrix-maessige Aufbau auch ganz gut - vor allem die beschriftete Folie erleichert die Uebersicht ungemein, ausserdem laesst sie sich nach Bedarf mal schnell austauschen. :) Als spezielles Feature moechte ich kurz nochmal Joergs Idee aufbringen: er schlug vor ein paar Monaten vor, die LED-Kraenze durch LED-Balkenanzeigen zu ersetzen, wie bspw. diese hier: . ...die waeren vielleicht auch etwas fuer Deine Box :) Gruss,        Thorsten.
  23. Fine to hear that the JDM is working now with much less problems than some months before! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  24. Midibox 16E - relative?

    Yes, the motorized faders and also the Snap function of all MIDIboxes with common pots/fader are working on the same way. IBK10: in my eyes one of the most innovativest MIDI controllers! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  25. Syncable LFO-extension?

    The MIDIbox will provide an configurable sync output if it really works. :) Best Regards, Thorsten.