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  1. Motor fader diodes

    Finally I found the bug - the "second level fader handler" did call the MIDI learn routine sometimes, although this routine should only be activated within the MIDI Learn submenu. This error is fixed in v1.002 - Frank: now it should work in your environment :) Axel: I also checked the SysEx function, it works Best Regards, Thorsten.
  2. Done With my m64!!!!

    Hi Christoffer, to 1) thats ok, currently the 16 last buttons are disabled by default due to compatibility reasons with the old design. I will change it in one of the next releases. Just assign a MIDI event to the buttons with the MIDI Learn function. to 2) yes, the 32 LEDs are automatically assigned to the 32 last buttons to 3/4) I will check it Best Regards, Thorsten.
  3. Einige Fragen am Anfang

    Hallo Stefan, Unter befindet sich ein Schaltplan namens mbhp_dinx4_32buttons.pdf, in dem die Pin-Zuordnungen eingetragen sind. Gruss,        Thorsten.
  4. No, there is no direct connection between Vdd and V0, this is just only a line which indicates the voltage drop Vdd-v0. It would be interesting for me if you see *anything* on the LCD. Black rectangles or something else. To see those rectangles, you only have to connect Vdd, Vss and V0 and you have to adjust the contrast pot on v0. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  5. Midi Merger

    Hi Jurie, something in your descriptions makes no sense (this isn't a reproach, I know that the docs should be better ;-)) - are you trying the MIDIbox Plus firmware with 2 MIDI Ins? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  6. Motor fader diodes

    Update: I was able to reproduce the MIDI Overrun problem with a direct feedback (MIDI Out->MIDI In). Normaly this shouldn't hurt. I will try to find the root cause tomorrow. It isn't a performance problem, but a bug somewhere in the firmware (I hope that only MIDIbox MF is affected ;-)). Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. New LCD display !

    Hi Damien, I don't plan to use other LCDs for my own MIDIboxes, but the "Display Plugins" will allow to customize the MIDIbox NG for other display devices: bigger dotmatrix LCDs, graphic LCDs, LED displays --- programming skills are required for such adaptions. Another thing is the display sharing issue. I hope that with the MIDIbox Link (which will also be available for PIC16F) only one LCD will be necessary. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  8. Hi Andre, normaly there isn't a buzzing sound - just download the schematic from the MBHP SID page and follow the tracks. Check especially the polarity of the rectifier and the electrolytic capacitors! I've no experiences with the MultiPic burner - are you able to verify the flash content? On this way you can ensure that the programming was successfull. Therafter you can do the following test to check if the program is running: start MIDI-Ox and send a program change to the MIDIbox SID: it should response with a lot of controller events (the sound parameters) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  9. Hi Christoffer, the second AINX4 has to be connected to exactly the same pins like the first AINX4, expect for the analog outputs of the AINX4 module - they have to be connected to J5:A4-J5:A7 a connection diagram can be found here: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  10. Motor fader diodes

    first check the diodes, if they aren't connected in the right direction, the fader will not move. I think that this pictures explains more than 1000 words ;-) And check the voltage behind the LM317 during the motor is running. It should be stable and shoudln't go down under load. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  11. Led in JDM

    I cannot recomment it, since the current drain of a LED (ca. 20 mA) is too high for the JDM circuit. It would only work with an external power supply for the LED + a transistor as electronic switch, but do you really want to spent so much effort just for a LED? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  12. Hi Ian, since the current MIDIbox MF design is a realtime system with a defined update cycle, the faders won't be moved slower or faster... but possibly some features will be provided in the next years which are really usefull for the daily work and cannot be implemented with a PIC16F anymore (especially RAM consuming features) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  13. Does the rest of the circuit work correctly? Does your computer receive any MIDI data? Did you adjust the contrast pot so that you see anything on the display after poweron? Best Regards, thorsten.
  14. Dinx4 to Doutx4????

    yes - and with an additional shift register for the DIN, you can control all LEDs with 32 buttons. I will add a more detailed description about the button/LED assignments in the next days. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  15. PIC defekt?

    Hallo Malte, ueber Pin 2 und 3 werden normalerweise keine Pulse gesendet - das sind analoge Eingaenge. Wenn Du schon ein Oszi zur Verfuegung hast (ich hoffe, dass hier nicht der Eindruck entsteht, man koenne die MIDIbox nur mit teuren Geraeten debuggen ;-)) dann schaue Dir mal den XTAL1 an - an diesem Pin muss ein 20 MHz Sinus zu sehen sein. Interessant ist auch die Enable-Leitung zum LCD: die muss waehrend des Einschaltens wackeln. Mit einem PIC-Programmer koenntest Du auch den Flash-Inhalt ueberpruefen. Dazu musst Du lediglich die Firmware, die sich im PIC befindet/n (sollte) in IC-Prog ( einladen und den Verify-Button anklicken. Gruss,        Thorsten.
  16. SOS! kein MIDI OUT

    Es geht noch einfacher: Du kannst den Tx-Pin des PICs auch direkt an den Rx-Eingang des GamePorts anschliessen --- ohne Optokoppler dazwischen. Zusaetzlich muessen dann auch noch die Masseleitungen miteinander verbunden werden. Im MIDIbox Plus Hardware HowTo findest Du dazu einen Schaltplan (demnaechst wird es auch eine eigene Seite geben, auf der alle Moeglichkeiten aufgelistet sind) Gruss,        Thorsten.
  17. SOS! kein MIDI OUT

    Zusammenfassung:   o to-COM spielt mit Deiner Windows XP installation nicht zusammen   o MIDI-Out Deines PCs/MIDI-In der MIDIbox funktionieren   o MIDI-Out der MIDIbox/MIDI-In Deines PCs funktionieren nicht Einfachster Test: schalte den MIDI-Merger ein, die to-COM Option aus, schicke mit MIDI-Ox eine Note zur MIDIbox: Die Note sollte genauso zurueckkommen, im MIDI-Ox-Fenster sollte alles, was zur MIDIbox gesendet wird, doppelt angezeigt werden (einmal als internes, einmal als externes Event). Falls MIDI-Ox stattdessen ein Pitch Bender Event anzeigt, kann der Fehler eigentlich nur noch am MIDI-In Deines PCs liegen. Der CNY17 ist ein wenig problematisch, mit einem 6N138 oder PC900 wuerde der MIDI-Eingang sicherlich zuverlaessiger funktionieren. Probiere mal verschiedene Pull-Up und Vorwiderstaende aus, so wie unter beschrieben aus (was fuer die MIDIbox Plus gilt, ist natuerlich fuer jede andere Schaltung mit dem CNY17 gueltig) Gruss,        Thorsten.
  18. New MotorFader design

    Hi Frank, I never have tested the MIDIbox MF with less than 8 faders, maybe the timer interrupt consumes more cycles in that case and therefore causes a MIDI overrun. I will check this when I'm home again and evtl. release a fixed version. To 1): this error occurs when the MIDIbox receives a MIDI byte before the last byte has been processed. In my interrupt routines I have to ensure that this case never happens - I will check it. To 2): The feedback elimination routines are working on the following way: when a fader is moved manually, all incoming events which are assigned to that fader will be ignored for 250 mS - this ensures that the motor doesn't start to run during the manual move. For the other direction: when a fader has been moved by the motor, no MIDI event will be sent for 250 mS - on this way a feedback (MIDI program -> MIDIbox MF -> MIDI program -> MIDIbox MF -> ...) will be prevented. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  19. New MotorFader design

    Hi Frank, yes  :D you must know that the LM317 has a different pinout compared to the LM78xx. Take a look into the PCB layout, where you can see, which component has to be connected to which pin. Random values: you should take care for the connections between the analog inputs of the PIC and the faders. The cables should be very short (less than 30 cm) and shielded to ground. Otherwise the analog signals could be affected by the motor driver signals. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  20. SOS! kein MIDI OUT

    Hallo Stefan, dieses Fehlerbild ist mir voellig neu. Wenn die Baudrate falsch waere, muesste die MIDIbox z.B zufaellige Events senden. Pitch Bender Events sollten nur dann versendet werden, wenn sie auch einem Poti/Button zugewiesen wurden.... Der Fehler muss irgendwo ganz anders liegen... Kannst Du mir mal mehr Input geben? Welche Events siehst Du auf dem Display (einfach mal durch die verschiedenen Display Modes blaettern). Welche MIDI-Schnittstelle haengt bei Dir am PC, wie verhaelt es sich mit der to-COM Option und dem Roland Driver? Gruss,        Thorsten.
  21. SOS! kein MIDI OUT

    Tja, so ist das mit Windows... :-/ Verzeihe die dumme Frage, aber hast Du im Merger Menue auch die richtige Interface-Option eingestellt? Wenn Du die normale MIDI-Schnittstelle verwendest, muss to-COM deaktiviert sein, ansonsten passt die Baudrate nicht (passt zum Fehlerbild). Gruss,        Thorsten.
  22. Strom in Output-Pin reinwärts

    Jep, das passt schon. Du muesstest dann halt noch im Source code in die LED-Register invertieren ('movf LED_x, F' durch 'comf LED_x, F' ersetzen). Am besten gleich mit v0.34, fuer aeltere Versionen uebernehme ich keine Gewaehr (ich weiss ja, wie ungerne Du updatest ;-) Hast Du mittlerweile eigentlich schonmal die neue MIDIbox MF beta ausprobiert? Gruss,        Thorsten.
  23. Midi Merger

    Ok, this explains everything. Before trying various resistors, you should check if the optocoupler circuit is really correctly connected to the Rx pin. You could also try the second optocoupler which is currently connected with RA4. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  24. Wrong baud rate?

    Great to hear that it finally works :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  25. Bankstick question

    It's available at Farnell, see the page for the order number. Best Regards, Thorsten.