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  1. what tip size best for the FM smd ?

    what do mean ? i smoke some weed, i plugin the iron, then i seat down on a chair in font of a table, holding the iron with my right hand, and then i... solder ! ;D ;D ;D and when i finish i smoke some more i do not DEsoldering.. only soldering
  2. i need to replace my slodering iron tip. so i could solder them YACs and so on the OPL3 board. what size of a tip am i looking for ?
  3. what sequences the FM synth ?

    ;D ;D that was my answe to myself ! i DO have a keyboard and DO have hardware midi-sequencer i can use (Korg ES1)... hooray for me. but.. working with Jsynth as the control panel how do i connect my seq. (hardware or sofware) as well ? will i need some kind of 'merger' ? can MidiOx do this ? i will have to open a virtual midi-in to input the Jsynth and another midi-in for the seq. and then output them as one !
  4. what sequences the FM synth ?

    (for some it may seem as a stupid question) what sequences the FM synth ? i m about to build it but only the first stage = only core and opl3 (i've never soldered smd, if it'll work i will continue...) meaning i'll use Jsynth to manipulate it. but i dont understand what send it the 'note on'
  5. well stryd_one, i think u missed the point. i dont think those guys are realy "musicians", as i understand they are r more of a programmers ! the whole idea behind it is - INNOVATION !! this is how progress is made, come up with some crazy idea and develop it ! see for example - the MOOG ! as i see it we are now in a process of just starting to understand the capabilities hidden in the technology as we know it today, we are now starting to undersatnd that the only limitation is our mind. in the near future we will NOT need any slider/knobs/buttons ! we will be "presseing" and "moving" your hands in the air to activate commands. we will look like doing Tai-Chi ;D (there was a movie with kiano rives that i dont remember the name of, he play a cop addicted to drugs that is being send to the future to prevent crimes... any way - at the begining of this movies u see kiano in a control room - much like what i m talking about)
  6. i thought it would be nice to know what you guys are doing with your MIDIBOXs
  7. bank stick connection

    hi, why does the BankStick is connected with SUB-D ? after all - only 4 pins are used ! is there a reason for this (maybe for future applications) or can i use any other 4-pin plug ?
  8. The FM PSU....

    thanks for the answer ! few last questions (i hope).. 1) what should be the voltage of c1-c6 ? 2) c7 + c8 seems to be ceramic caps. but show a "+" on one leg.. what does this mean ? 3) where should i put the fuse and which ?
  9. The FM PSU....

    NOW I M MORE CONFUSED !!! would some one tell me the bottom-line ?? (if i cant find a ready-made +-12v 5v psu)... WHAT SHOULD I DO ?? build this circuit ?? or does someone have a better sulotion ?? i have no knowledge in electronics.. i only love to diy those circuits.. and when i do - they work !! but i need definite answers with clear schematics. *** in this circuit - where should i put a FUSE ? and which one ?
  10. The FM PSU....

    do u mean one of those : (problem is here in Israel we use 220V not 110V !) so what is the best sulotion to diy, in case i dont find something made ?
  11. The FM PSU....

    regarding this circuit... i want to make this for the mbfm, has anyone tried it ? it says to use 12V AC with 250mA but... on the core it says 10V max with 500mA !!! should i change something ?? are D1+D2 are "1n4004" is this the best sulotion for powering the mbfm ??
  12. few questions about MBFM...

    here are the answers to myself as i understand it, CORRECT ME IF I M WRONG !! 1) stick with the quarter-inch outs, forget about RCA (although i dont understant why ! - doesnt most of the mixers ins are rca ? what so ugly about them ? why do u oppose them?) 2) this : is the BEST solution, go for it, it works great. 3) ignore them ! (whats my score in this test  :-\  )
  13. few questions about MBFM...

    i m about to embark on the MBFM journey... as i m no expert i want to collect as much info as i can before i start. 1) why not use  RCAs on the output ?( i think they more "common") any special reason for that ? 2) me a bit confused with the psu ! i want to make only 1 psu not 2, should i use this : did someone tried it, is it good ? or maybe somone have any other ideas ?! 3) on the MBFM circuit pdf : above the TL074 there are some +/-12v connected to caps. , it seems to me they are coneected to nothing. same thing for the caps. above the YACs and the YMF. and J3 too. what are those ??? what should i do with them ?? should i build this circuit (on a protoboard) exactly as it is on this PDF ?? (with the mentioned above connected to nothing??)
  14. Polyphonic Touchsensors ?

    NOW ITS ALL CLEAR ;D ;D ;D NICE WORK !! would be great to see it when its done !
  15. Polyphonic Touchsensors ?

    lets see if i understand : what i see in the picture/video is only ONE (=1) one-sided board u etched ?! can u post the picture for the etching ? why does the "buttons" look as if they are convex and on-top of a separate board ?