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  1. Motorola pager LCD

    Motorola support  is gently rejected me! Is any other way to "discover" schematic for this LCD???
  2. Core pic power supply

    This will maybe sound dull, but check it! Did you isolated cristal(oscilator). I've expirienced the same problem becouse of unisolated cristal.
  3. BTW! I use MidiBox with FL studio and i can say thet works great!
  4. Motorola pager LCD

    Yes you are right! The sharp chip is not part of the LCD! BTW the pager loks like this:
  5. Motorola pager LCD

    There is a chip behind the LCD (not on them) named SHARP LH5168SHN! On the back plastic of LCD is the label TM4168  642.
  6. Motorola pager LCD

    Helo! Is it posible to use a LCD from Motorola Pager for MIDIBox? It is 4*20 character without backlight! Or maybe  dotMatrix. Also, where can i find a datasheet and pin assigment for them. Anyone know the manufacturer of this LCD????
  7. Voltage again!!

    Thanx guys!
  8. I've try to find answer on this searching the forum but i didn't find it! Is th 4.9v on the Core enought?
  9. A MB in the C64 case

    Yep, the links are not working well! Try this...
  10. VectorBoard core

    Martin is in right! I didn't made VectorBoards before! So i think that is theway it is! I think there is a little trouble with links (on angelfire) so try this:
  11. Midibox64 low cost version help

    I dint clearly understood but... With 1 AIN u have 32 analog inputs! You can connect as many pots or faders as you want until you reach the 32!
  12. A MB in the C64 case

    This is my idea for casing a MidiBox. I plan the use a old C64 case. Any tips for reusing a C64 ports? Also i would like to hear other people experience with this subject! Here are the links:
  13. VectorBoard core

    Here are a new (much better) picture for Core Module! With a little optimization this time! I don't know when i will finish the module but you can use it for your FM project! I am glad to help! And one notification: I removed the the J3 port from the scheme! A green lines are ... ehm... connected(soldered) dots on the board.  Other colored wires are bridges...
  14. VectorBoard core

    And this is a link for the picture!!
  15. VectorBoard core

    I made a scheme for Core module on Vectorboard. I will appreciate to hear if someone have tips for optimizing the scheme or notify my for eventual errors on it. And offcourse feel free to use it for your own projects. Also, if anyone have tips on this subject (making things on this boards) i would like to hear it!