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  1. voted alternate.  will take 2 regardless. looks like alternate is killing so far...
  2. Knobs from ALBS (the "Waldorf" knob)

    ahhhh, well lots of posts in this thread seem to be assuming it (making an ass out of uming) also wilba, in another thread, mentioned a bulk order forming. But I can't imagine he wants to handle it, with all the work he is already doing, so I asked the question. Asking is good, yes?
  3. Knobs from ALBS (the "Waldorf" knob)

    Of course I have read the first post. Nothing about a bulk order there...
  4. Knobs from ALBS (the "Waldorf" knob)

    Is someone actually arranging a bulk order? If so, I'm in for 50...
  5. 4x20 Lcds for Wilbas Kit : CLOSED

    I like the blue negative (CFAH2004A-TMI-JP) pretty cool...
  6. 4x20 Lcds for Wilbas Kit : CLOSED

    i'm in for 2
  7. Undetented ALPS encoders deal

    i'd like to get in for 20 on this, if possible. i am in dallas, tx usa (zip 75081)