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  1. i'm not mad, no worries, it's just unlikely for folks to help if you take a shot at someone... yes as long as you stuff the power supply components on the sid module you will be fine with 9vac remember not to do so on the core, though, since the c64 psu outputs 5vdc regulated already.  check this with a multimeter, though, these guys are prone to failure.  you should see 5vdc (or very close).  also check it under load
  2. i almost didn't post this, because of your earlier comments about help, but in the interest of saving a few sids: the c64 psu puts out 9vac not dc, you will zap your sids if you connect that to them. it would be good if you assume there's a good reason for the recommended circuits, until you know enough to question why...
  3. having the blm above the displays is no real problem, you don't really need feedback from the displays while tapping those buttons.  i think that's kinda the point of having them, aside from the bling...
  4. wood!

    excellent.  send to me for testing.
  5. could it be because he supplies resistor packs (5 or 6 pin SIP) instead?
  6. Another crazy DMX project

    reconsider strapping a homebrew 220v system on a person, unless you want them to fry.  even if you get lucky there, the heat may kill... why not leds? the battery will need to supply the necessary power regardless of final voltage, so your current out of the battery will be high anywayz.  unless you are driving very long lines, the transformer efficiency will actually increase your power requirements. car batteries are not designed to handle repeated charge/discharge cycles.  you'll want a marine battery instead.  lead acid batteries give off hydrogen when they charge, and can explode if an internal short happens.  this is especially nasty because of the sulfuric acid. dc thru a transformer will not work, you need an ac inverter or likesuchas for that.
  7. Video: MIDIbox SeqV3.4: Sync and Flow (demo #3)

    excellent demo, thanks!
  8. eagle 3d

    isn't there already likesuchas? also svn is a better place to store them...
  9. new daw on the market - looks good!

    mmmmm happy knob cranked.... xavyV5smvdI
  10. Ambient Sequencer AS-606

    lol, i wanna win a granny award!
  11. PT5101N instead of 7805

    i have a few 5101's but haven't used one in a midibox yet.  it works very well in my echoplex digital pro, though - no noise and far less heat than the 2 7805's it replaced.  the device went from egg-frying temperature to cucumber cool.  there's no reason to think it won't work fine in this application too... but if your midibox is all digital, there are cheaper ways to go
  12. start building a MIDIbox SID

    ok, sorry, i thought the table was different.  still, i wouldn't call it a stereo pair if it was never used for stereo... anywayz, i'll stick to matching pairs
  13. start building a MIDIbox SID

    in addition to the issues sep mentioned, since the application needs different compile switches for 6581 and 8580/6582, and both sids are connected to a single core, mixing them on a stereo pair is not a good idea... mixing them in an 8 sid configuration, however is very nice...
  14. scaling resistances for ain

    just use two opamps, with the x biased so that 580r=0v and gain set for 900r=5v same with y but 120r and 300r ... you'll probably want one that can use single supply and can go nearly rail to rail, so you can use 5v supply. iirc the lm324 would work...
  15. new daw on the market - looks good!

    get your tinfoil hat back on, or the men in black will get you... http://zapatopi.net/afdb/
  16. i meant if you think the load is not balanced, you should map out the paths the current takes for the 2 halfwaves (when x1-1 potential is higher than x1-3 and when x1-3 is higher than x1-1) and see for yourself. i thought it was a rather clever design when i realized this, if only because i would not have thought of it... going with 2 bridges would almost require a dual secondary, but these are more common (in equal v) nowdayz than a real center tap, maybe because centertaps prefer a balanced load and most designs use more on the + side.  btw, for those that don't already know, the commodore c64 tx is a dual 9v ...
  17. you guys may want to reconsider what happens to the current paths on the 2 halfwaves
  18. these two lines don't go so well together...
  19. MB-6582 CS LCD Cover

    calipers say altitude panel is within 0.1 mm of fpd, so using -0.5mm should be fine. meanwhile i volunteer dw to include these with his wood cases he's going to make in about 3 years... edit* i see using mk's outer dims actually drops the price and would be more stable since it is taller, but i think using 4mm thickness is a good idea... fpe says this costs $19.95 MB-6582_window_2.zip MB-6582_window_2.zip
  20. i took a look, and first impulse was to think you needed another bridge rectifier, but second look it seems this is better since it should balance the load on the two halves of the secondary.  i'd love to see a scope shot of the outputs, maybe i'll build one... will be a while though... my .0047 ucents
  21. yeah sep, it could be i was just remembering this factoid from the context of mb-sid or mb-seq.  it could also be that the diminished update rate of s&h can't really be improved on by using multiple aouts. and neb, the sample and hold module already does this multiplexing, it just needs to be redesigned for obtainable s&h chips.... (which will also probably go obsolete)
  22. new daw on the market - looks good!

    this is even worse than smileys...
  23. chips unobtainium.  but i did wonder why this could be supported but not 4 aout modules...
  24. MB-6582 CS LCD Cover

    i did make it .5mm smaller, but does the altitude panel match your fpd, and does the anodyzing reduce the opening?  i'll get the calipers out when i get home...
  25. MB-6582 CS LCD Cover

    actually i haven't had it made yet, seems it would be useful for a lot of folks though, maybe a group buy, or mr wellington could add it to his long long list of things to do... i made it using dims from wilbas fpd, so i'm not sure it's all good for the altitude panels, but should be ok.  according to fpd estimater it's $23.45.  i'll attach it here but verify dims before sending it off! MB-6582_window.zip MB-6582_window.zip