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  1. you forgot "Don't misquote technical information" that's 64 analog inputs. pic core is probably not up to the task of 32 cv outs, but core32 should be...
  2. MB-6582 CS LCD Cover

    or just use the one i sent you...
  3. 6582 SID Sale Statistics

  4. 6582 SID Sale Statistics

    even the lowest of the australians needs someone to look down on...
  5. mod_skel - fix defines

    can't nest conditionals?
  6. ModMatrix Eagle Board

    a quick look reveals at least one airwire. also why not stick the sr chips on the board? edit* also, also: the newest incarnation of the mod matrix is 8x8
  7. happy new year 2009 !

  8. happy new year 2009 !

    really?  "blah blah blah anarchy blah blah" in a happy new year thread?
  9. Etching in 25 seconds

    is that metric seconds? now do the drilling in 25 seCOnds...
  10. sounds like maybe your sr index define for blue is set to the same index as green, or the asm code that uses it is incorrect...
  11. ouch, code tag malfunction... are you saying the leds work properly on button press, but not on midi note?
  12. midibox cv - gates and cvs problem

    or just use this one: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_cv/mbcv_aout_interconnections.pdf
  13. i think you are probably overestimating the difficulty of your project. tk has made it very easy to put together custom interfaces, and you don't need to know mios in detail to do so.  mios has a lot of features that will be hidden or irrelevant in this usage.  i think it's important to play around a bit before you get too perfectionistic about your first control panel, my first midibox projects fell by the wayside this way.  of course, it's also possible to go too far the other way... just go for it.  once you've built a core and hooked up a few controls you will see. my devalued $0.02 
  14. Noob on midibox_lc

    that id is fine for starters, and you can change it later if needed.
  15. Noob on midibox_lc

    yes. in fact, i would say this is the best way to start.
  16. midibox cv - gates and cvs problem

    i vaguely remember having trouble with 4620 and cv, but can't remember the details...
  17. tk's docs describe the mask functions better than i could... generally, we are using a mask to determine which bit in a byte to use for a column ok, for starters i think this will toggle the blue correctly.  however if you are not using tk's blm example code, i think there may be an issue with the handler being called before blm_button_column being set (i vaguely remember sm_example doing this...) also, you may want to switch red and green so the rgb values are in order... anywayz you can try and see. afterwards, i'll look at the midi handler.   // enable this code (turn #if 0 into #if 1) if buttons should change the LED colour directly   // disable it when LEDs should only be controlled via MIDI #if 1   // cycle colour whenever button has been pressed (value == 0)   if( !value ) {       mask = MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(blm_button_column);       if ( blm_row_green[blm_button_row] & mask )       {           if ( blm_row_red[blm_button_row] & mask )                 blm_row_blue[blm_button_row] ^= mask; //if red is changing to 0, toggle blue           blm_row_red[blm_button_row] ^= mask; //if green is changing to 0, toggle red       }       blm_row_green[blm_button_row] ^= mask; //green toggles every time   } /* &= (Bitwise AND EQUALS) Performs a bitwise AND and sets the original value to the result. ^= (Bitwise Exclusive OR EQUALS) Performs a bitwise exclusive OR and sets the original value to the result. |= (Bitwise OR EQUALS) Performs a bitwise OR and sets the original value to the result.  */ #endif
  18. these are just example code for handling button presses and midi events.  you can do whatever you want there.  the button handler just toggles thru the 4 possible (for 2 leds) led states.  if you want each button press to toggle thru the 8 possible led states for 3 leds, i can help out there, but i don't have hardware to test... the midi handler just uses four ranges of note velocity to light the different led combos, so you would just use 8 velocity ranges instead... edit* clarified (hopefully)...
  19. Dual SSM2044 PCB Bulk Order

    dw's knack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoCrCl1YhsM
  20. MIDI Router User Interface

    isn't this 5 in/out?
  21. What are your goals for 2009?

    going is there
  22. Hint for better Diode at MIDI in

    there's this thing called a split...
  23. MIDIbox SEQ V3.3

    i'm about to make use of the aout w/ seq myself "soon" to be clear, you only need 1 analog out to get 32, 64, 128 etc steps the voltage at each output will follow steps that are assigned to it. most analog seq only have 1, here you already have 8. make the mb-seq! same goes for gates, btw...
  24. Rumour mill was Re: n00b Alert!

    and feel free to ignore s1 opinion, he's not in charge
  25. Rumour mill was Re: n00b Alert!

    ok, guys, luka is allright. let's avoid another dogpile, please. and luka, best not to spread 2nd and 3rd hand experiences, if you've personally had something go wrong, that's a bit different. i've had good deals with hkss, sounds like you have too. this has been a touchy subject here before...