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  1. Build problems

    that is definitely the wrong encoder
  2. Noise Law was Re: Boss Dr55 Mod

    king monkey wonders if anyone else would rather hear about ebay sellers than this bs...
  3. Noise Law was Re: Boss Dr55 Mod

    king monkey does not like this denigration of monkeykind! you will pay for your insolence! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
  4. Noise Law was Re: Boss Dr55 Mod

    blah blah blah, anarchy, blah blah... if you get your wish, will will be a slave to me, the ultimate alpha male monkey, and will cower in fear with the other weaklings, while i copulate with all the females... -king monkey
  5. i don't think this is impossible, depending on what level of control you want on the mixer/fx, but you may have some missed a few things.  each core in the mb6582 will need an aout and a filter unless you only want it on one pair of sids.  there are actually 8 feedback channels in a fully stuffed mb6582.  and mixing and feedback are essentially the same function... my idea is to use the "extra" cv outs for a mix out + feedback on just the sids, mixing of fx etc can be done externally.  i think there is some discussion of this in the "sidlive" thread...
  6. forgot to mention, this was a prototype, wilba graciously allowed me to be a guinea pig.  it may be some time before production pcbs are announced.   (i'll try not to gloat too much *whack*) but it is very nice, and there will no doubt be plenty of folks lining up... btw, bugging wilba by filling his inbox with requests will no doubt get you shoved to the back of the line.  why not try buying him a beer instead?
  7. Something to consider...

    good luck, dw. er... break a leg... or likesuchas...
  8. yep, thread here: http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,10004.0.html
  9. here's #00000003 (good thing you left enough digits for the eventual total) build was indeed easy* i'm liking the layout, but i'm just now learning the mb-seq... i've got the blm matrix rocking too, way cool. i'm thinking a blm with these same buttons would be pretty cool. thanks wilba and tk! now we just need some cases... *(except for a few erm.... well... mistakes were made, caveat emptor, force majeure, ipso facto, e pluribus unum, etc) MB-SEQ_duo_003_sm.JPG MB-SEQ_duo_004_sm.JPG MB-SEQ_duo_003_sm.JPG MB-SEQ_duo_004_sm.JPG
  10. Some greetz from my new job :)

    cool! here's a little message i tried to leave but didn't quite fit: [img width=600]http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/images/622-2-1227318537.jpg
  11. x0xb0x panels

    mmmmmm, bronze...
  12. Audio Output Issue

    either way, though the hot and neutral on the primary usually are color coded... phase usually doesn't matter until you connect it to another device on the same ac circuit.  with a full wave rectifier it still doesn't matter, but in this case...
  13. Audio Output Issue

    they're all over the net. here's a good one: http://www.cgs.synth.net/modules/cgs14_psu.html here's one in our own wiki: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=bipolar_12v_psu here's a better dual wave circuit: http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/analogsynth/WALLWARTSUPPLY/WALLWARTSUPPLY.php
  14. Audio Output Issue

    make sure that neutral on the primary side of your transformer is not connected to gnd.  if it's not, then try swapping the ac inputs on the secondary side, i think it might be a phase issue...
  15. Audio Output Issue

    i have little doubt that this is the source of your troubles.  it must be that you have the neutral ac line connected to ground in your circuit, which is in turn connected to the shield on your cables.  this is no good in general, and very bad if the outlet wiring has hot and neutral reversed (a common error) if so, you should be able to break the connection between the ac side and your circuit ground at the psu... and only the earth ac line (not neutral) should ever be connected to the chassis
  16. Custom MB-6582 - Work in Progress

    yes that's true. does the lcd work in 4bit mode? if so, did you try adjusting the contrast trimmer?
  17. i bought extras, so if someone needs one sooner, i could be persuaded to part with 1 or 2... (use pm if interested, don't clutter up this thread) edit*  spoken for, none more available
  18. AVR Synth

    nice. esp with the saw
  19. Dramatic Forum Change

    no problemo, thx for the forum and for the 1st step in total smiley destruction...
  20. Dramatic Forum Change

    midibox - You are in a twisty maze of passages, all alike
  21. Dramatic Forum Change

    "queen's english"
  22. Building Sasha's x0xb0x

    free advice: use the 6110 and send the 662 to me for proper disposal...
  23. Dramatic Forum Change

    what's to rant about?? smileys gone forever, woohoo!! now to filter out the ascii too...
  24. Happy B-DAY Thorsten!!!

    in keeping with the animals-with-hats theme:
  25. coolness, i've been meaning to make such a thing and now i don't have to... thanks for sharing. i'll try it out "soon"