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  1. hmmm maybe it was the jb-weld? *whack*
  2. Something to consider...

    "we've come for your liver..."
  3. changing button behaviour?


    ugh plastic
  5. Headphones/Earbuds - Recommendations?

    ahhh that text doesn't appear til you enable scripts. plus, i doubt everything... thanks for the info.
  6. ;D

    sure, of course...
  7. Headphones/Earbuds - Recommendations?

    cool, those fit the 7506?
  8. no problemo, i'll be making an 8x8 device "soon" so i would have done it eventually, anywayz...
  9. ok "soon" actually was soon in this case. i haven't checked this into svn, (tk let me know if you want me to...) but it is tested and working on my hardware. i'm not sure "descramble" is the best choice for naming it, though... here are the changes. in main.h i added: #define BLM_DESCRAMBLE_ROWS 1 //set this to 0 for 4x16 (like MB_Seq) and 1 for 8x8 the rest of the changes are in main.c in Global variables, i added: #if BLM_DESCRAMBLE_ROWS unsigned char blm_button_row_dscrmbl; #endif in DISPLAY_Tick(), i replaced    MIOS_LCD_PrintBCD3(blm_button_row);: with #if BLM_DESCRAMBLE_ROWS   MIOS_LCD_PrintBCD3(blm_button_row_dscrmbl); #else   MIOS_LCD_PrintBCD3(blm_button_row); #endif here is the entire MPROC_NotifyReceivedEvnt() which contains the scramble code: i also corrected an error in local vars where led_column and led_row were reversed... void MPROC_NotifyReceivedEvnt(unsigned char evnt0, unsigned char evnt1, unsigned char evnt2) __wparam {   unsigned char led_column;   unsigned char led_row;   unsigned char evnt1Adj;   unsigned char btnVal;   // control the Duo-LEDs via Note On/Off Events   // The colour is controlled with velocity value:   // 0x00:       both LEDs off   // 0x01..0x3f: green LED on   // 0x40..0x5f: red LED on   // 0x60..0x7f: both LEDs on   // only MIDI note numbers from 0x00..0x3f are valid (-> 64 LEDs)   evnt1Adj = (evnt1 - BLM_MIDI_STARTNOTE) & 0x7f;   if( (evnt0 == 0x80 || evnt0 == 0x90) && (evnt1Adj < 0x40 ) ) {     // derive LED column and row from note number         led_column = evnt1Adj & 0x07; #if BLM_DESCRAMBLE_ROWS     //scramble the rows, NOTE: this method is not scalable     blm_button_row_dscrmbl = evnt1Adj >> 3;     led_row = blm_button_row_dscrmbl;     led_row <<= 1;     if(led_row & 0x08) {       led_row &= 0x07;       led_row++;     } #else     led_row = evnt1Adj >> 3; #endif     // 90 xx 00 is the same like a note off event!     // (-> http://www.borg.com/~jglatt/tech/midispec.htm)     if( evnt0 == 0x80 || evnt2 == 0x00 )     {       // Note Off or velocity == 0x00: clear both LEDs       blm_row_green[led_row] &= MIOS_HLP_GetBitANDMask(led_column);       blm_row_red[led_row]   &= MIOS_HLP_GetBitANDMask(led_column);       btnVal = 1;     }     else     {       btnVal = 0;       if( evnt2 < 0x40 ) {         // Velocity < 0x40: set green LED, clear red LED         blm_row_green[led_row] |= MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(led_column);         blm_row_red[led_row]   &= MIOS_HLP_GetBitANDMask(led_column);       } else if( evnt2 < 0x60 ) {         // Velocity < 0x60: clear green LED, set red LED         blm_row_green[led_row] &= MIOS_HLP_GetBitANDMask(led_column);         blm_row_red[led_row]   |= MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(led_column);       } else {         // Velocity >= 0x60: set both LEDs         blm_row_green[led_row] |= MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(led_column);         blm_row_red[led_row]   |= MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(led_column);       }     }     // enable this code (turn #if 0 into #if 1) if midi notes should change the LCD display     // disable it when LCD should only be affected via buttons #if 1     blm_button_row = led_row;     blm_button_column = led_column;     blm_button_value = btnVal;     // request display update     app_flags.DISPLAY_UPDATE_REQ = 1; #endif   } } here is the entire BLM_NotifyToggle() which contains the descramble code: void BLM_NotifyToggle(unsigned char pin, unsigned char value) __wparam {   unsigned char mask;   unsigned char noteNumber;   #if BLM_DESCRAMBLE_ROWS   //convert blm_button_row to blm_button_row_dscrmbl.  NOTE: this method is not scalable   blm_button_row_dscrmbl = blm_button_row >> 1;   if( 0x01 & blm_button_row ) //if row is odd number     blm_button_row_dscrmbl |= 0x04; //   noteNumber = ((blm_button_row_dscrmbl << 3) + blm_button_column + BLM_MIDI_STARTNOTE) & 0x7f; #else   noteNumber = (pin + BLM_MIDI_STARTNOTE) & 0x7f; #endif     // send pin number and value as Note On Event   MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(0x90);   MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(noteNumber);   MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(value ? 0x00 : 0x7f);   // enable this code (turn #if 0 into #if 1) if buttons should change the LED colour directly   // disable it when LEDs should only be controlled via MIDI #if 1   // cycle colour whenever button has been pressed (value == 0)   if( !value ) {     mask = MIOS_HLP_GetBitORMask(blm_button_column);     if ( blm_row_green[blm_button_row] & mask )        blm_row_red[blm_button_row] ^= mask;     blm_row_green[blm_button_row] ^= mask;   } #endif   // request display update   app_flags.DISPLAY_UPDATE_REQ = 1; }
  10. ;D

  11. we can probably improve on that by using some math on the indexes, but works is better than perfect... i'll post what i come up with "soon"
  12. do you only want the row numbers changed on the lcd? that's pretty simple. to get the pins and notes to map in that order is a little more involved, but not too bad.  that is the way i think i will eventually go...
  13. SmashTV?? who is that?? *whack*
  14. woohoo!  got mine! they are "verah niiizeh"
  15. you mean like "A full-blown tripleguru on the way to quadguru and no POKEY synth"? i don't know who would say such a thing... *whack*
  16. ucapps SID-Station on eBay

    this is helium: http://www.strindbergandhelium.com/
  17. woohoo! welcome back, neb
  18. MIDIboxes in Sound & Recording magazine

    yummmm, that's in the queue...
  19. more specifically, you have to be careful about order of operations. even when the operator precedence is enough, it is good practice to use parenthesis to explicitly specify the order like this:     if((byte >= 0x80) && (byte < 0xf0)) {         if (15 == (byte & 0x0f)) {             MIOS_MPROC_MergerDisable();         } else {             MIOS_MPROC_MergerEnable();         }     }
  20. MB SEQ

    very nice stuff thanks for posting
  21. MB-6582 panels...

    hehe i was joking a bit with the presumptuous wood entry, but since it's now real... woohoo!