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  1. mmmmm chinese spam, lightly killed, butter cream envelope...

  2. smash came by and washed my car

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    2. technobreath
    3. bugfight


      i didn't even think to snap a blurry phone pic... might have been great publicity for his comeback tour

    4. technobreath
  3. dammit, somehow smashklaus got the cookies and left the package without falling for my cunning trap...

    1. jojjelito


      Ahh, hate it when cunning traps are outfoxed.

  4. hiding/waiting for smashklaus to take the cookies...

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    2. jojjelito


      Wasn't it sinterklaas just the other day? Santa Smash is like the gift that keeps on giving - in a good way :P

    3. smashtv


      look again, cookies already snatched omnomnom

      I'm on a horse. :)

    4. jojjelito


      Putting the S in service :) nom nom non. Gingerbread and coffee keeps it going.

  5. it puts the project on the queue...

    1. latigid on

      latigid on

      if it doesn't finish the project, it gets the hose again!!

  6. too many projects.... tooo many pro ooo jects...

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    2. Antix


      try to work in parallel - and set on the branch prediction

    3. jojjelito


      Go all in, guns blazin', fail spectacularly but have fun. Or strive quietly towards your goal. Worthwhile either way :)

    4. Shuriken


      I have the same (luxury) problem here :)

  7. this is not my new status

  8. needs a new status

    1. ultra


      oh look a paradox!

  9. mmmmm sammichSALMON, tasty

  10. sometimes i wonder if flem is the only person who reads these...

  11. sometimes i just want my status to scroll off the "Recent Status Updates" list so i can make a new one to be copied...

  12. Sometimes I just want to copy someone else’s status, word for word, and see if they notice

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