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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    10k is what I used.
  2. Connecting 4x MF_NG modules

    Hello.   I built 4x the MF_NG module. The first one is working fine. Questions: How do I connect and program the MF_NG modules among each other? Like this? And set the mode to "link forward" at all modules, just set the last module to "link endpoint"? And... I guess I have to set the device ID for each MF_NG module? But how do I have to set the device ID? Can't find any adjustable value within the MIOS software? Thanks, Roelli.    
  3. Connecting 4x MF_NG modules

    I can't get it working. :rolleyes:   I tried to use the step by step instructions shown in the readme file when downloading the "" file. But the link is dead: My PICs already burned. So i guess the easiest way is to use mpsam. I tried that, changed the the id in main.asm from:     Hmm... "mios.h" is located in /include/asm/mios.h I tried to copy everything to /include/  but that doesn't help. :shifty: Help! :rofl: Idea: What about putting the assembled file with IDs 1-10 online so that everyone can download them? (I guess that people who want to build more then 10 devices will know how to do it anyway) :smile: Thanks! Roelli.  
  4. öh... ich glaube... evtl. hat sich's erledigt... midi kabel scheint kaputt zu sein :frantics:
  5. Software hochladen "no response from core"

    Jetzt gehts! Unfassbar! :sorcerer: Und wie kann ich die device Id ändern? Meine ist auf "0" eingestellt, ich brauche aber insgesamt 5 verschiedene ID's. Wenn ich "set device_id 1" als command eingebe wird die ID irgendwie nicht geändert. :unsure: Sie bleibt bei "0". Reboot half auch nicht. Danke! Roelli.
  6. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello. 5 of the MF_NG pcbs are ready. One MF_NG is connected to the "test setup". Suggestions: Thats a lot of wiring! Iam thinking about making pcbs for the faders. So that its possible to use one pcb layout for every motorfader and 'daisy-chain' all pcbs with one 37-pin connector to the MF_NG module. With 5 smd solder bridges one could 'adress' the small pcbs on each motorfader. (two connections for the motor 1-8, one for the touch sensor 1-8, one for the fader track/signal 1-8) Well... the easiest part is done. When Iam connecting the MF-NG to the PSU the status LED is blinking/fading. Is this a good or a bad sign? :rolleyes: Voltages at the PIC and the stepper controllers are okay. Is there any dumb-ass instruction manual how to get it running? :twitch: :shifty: :whistle: :rolleyes: :unsure: Someone (thanks Nils) was kind enough to burn the PICs for me. But as this is my first project with Midi and microcontrollers iam lost. :twitch: Do I have to upload something to the mios? Whats the way to say 'fader channel 1 is midi channel 1' (with Cubase). Thanks in advance. (I can make a small 'instruction manual' when I got it working, might be helpful for other people) Thanks, Roelli.
  7. Hallöchen. Ich hab hier gerade 5 Stück MF_NG Module gebaut. Mein alter JD Programmer mag aber meinen USB/Parallel Konverter scheinbar nicht. Deswegen suche ich jemanden, der mir die 18F452 mit der passenden Software brennen kann. Als Gegenleitung könnte ich folgendes anbieten: -Auto waschen -Geld -Frontplatte herstellen. (Beipiele unter: 19" Breite, größer ist die Fräse nicht)Frontplattendesigner-Dateien sind auch kein Problem. Wer Bock hat... schreibt mir einfach ne mail: DANKE! Roelli.
  8. Wer möchte mir 5 PICs brennen?

    Jetzt ist die Seite wieder online! :whistle: :sorcerer:
  9. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    swapped: MF_NG connection diagram revision 3
  10. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    err... like this: ? MF_NG_Connection_diagram
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Okay... I will do the wiring at the weekend... Cheers!
  12. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello. I just made a connection diagram... could someone please check the drawing? MF_NG connection diagram Thanks, Roelli.
  13. Wer möchte mir 5 PICs brennen?

    Es hat sich jemand gefunden. Danke! (für alle die zufällig ne Frontplatte brauchen... Ihr bekommt bei mir 30% Rabatt auf die 'marktüblichen Preise') Ich kann eigentlich alle Dateiformate weiter verarbeiten. Schöne Grüße, Roelli.
  14. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hallo zusammen. Habe gerade mal 5 MF_NG gebaut und die eagle Datei mit den Bauteilewerten ergänzt. Lässt sich dann schneller bestücken und es passieren weniger Fehler. Dateien sind hier... wem's hilft... Bestückungsdruck mit Bauteilewerten als pdf Eagle Datei mit Bauteiltewerten und Infos Mal sehen ob ich die Sache mit 40 Fadern ans rennen bekomme. :unsure:
  15. Thanks Phil! Okay. So this solutions is probably easy to do. I talked to a friend in isreal and he used two HDSP2000 displays with his microcontroller. Its a 5x7 dotmarix serial input alphanumeric display. Probably something which does not fit to the driver and needs a totally new programming but the guys from israel said they would like to give howto's. For me... these displays are sexy as hell, small, for IC sockets, he got them from a surplus store, and I think they're better if you want to read the characters from the side and not if you look 90° to the LCDs :blink: HDSP2000 DOT
  16. Can I interchange the connections of the top and bottom (ground and input) connection of the motorfader so that the fader can be installed the "wrong" way (top is now at the bottom)? (because I can get motorfader with the motor at the bottom - but there is not enough space to install them... with the motor at the top it wouldn't be any problem) Thanks, Roelli.
  17. okay... do I have to wire each 8 LCDs in parallel then? (but not the Enable connection) ? Something like this maybe: LCD PCB
  18. Yeah. I'd seen these buttons on several new live consoles at the musikmesse this year. Tje 24x36 is 31,48€/each. = 755,52€ for 24 channels... just affordable. But probably smaller and harder to read. Are the EA DOG lcds only nice at a specific viewing angle? Because I have to put them in a console and then they're not in front of me directly. Profesional recording consoles are using VFD displays. Negative black/white LCDs would be extremely sexy, too. But the 2x8 EA's seem to be the only ones which will fit. Thats a picture from a professional recording desk: The analogcircuit which controls the VCA with the fader voltage of the BCF2000 seems to work fine by the way: Thanks, Frank.
  19. Ok... 4 month later... I still WANT to have 24 LCDs in my analog console. :rolleyes: After 100s of emails and discussions in other forums the final idea is not to put an lcd in every channel... but just make a small bar with the leds which will rest on top of the console. But... I can't find a grafical LCD with 40mm width! :frantics: :frantics: :frantics: If we could get it working this should be a nice project for others, too. Because they just need to change the distance between the lcds. It could be easy to make a behringer BCF2000 LCD overbridge. I could buy a mackie control, which already has an LCD, but I can't use the LCD because it does not have the right dimensions. Phil, TK... does anyone know about an small lcd which should work? The EA Dog LCDs would be just perfect... but the 2x8 one is a character-type. What about making a driver for 8x character LCDs!? Maybe 2x8... first line shows the tracknames from the DAW... the other line can show the channel number (CH 1, CH 2, CH 3...) My cnc machine is ready for your orders for the next years! :whistle: :flowers: Thanks, Frank.
  20. Phil, what about the "EA DOGS 102-6" ? (with UC1610 controller) (supports industry standard 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire serial bus (I2c, S9, S8, S8uc) and 8-bit/4bit parallel bus (8080 or 6800) Do these lcds work with the core and midiboxLC direclty? (I can't code anything... last time i worked with assembler was 15 years ago - and I learned nothing) :shocked: My link Datasheet LCD My link Datasheet controller The EA Dogs 102-6 would fit perfectly into my mixing desk...
  21. Whaoo.. yeah.. these FSTN neg. trasnmissive... whatever - white text on black background looks extremely sexy! :shifty: But its too big. I wanted to put them into my analog channelstrips of the mixing desk. The channel width is 44mm. The DOGs are over 51mm. I could also add them into the armrest or to the meterbridge but I definately need lcds with the same width like the channels. The PCD8544 controlled lcds I'd found (nokia 3310 type) lcds are 45mm. :console: Frank.
  22. Thanks for the info, Thorsten. I'll try the behringer. We'll see if its a good idea to tie the analog (audio) and digital (controller) ground together. :unsure: I still have two unused cores... thinking about buying some 2x8 lcds with backlight for showing the tracknames on the analog console. I read that it would be possible to connect 8 seperate LCDs to the core? Can't find 2x10 character lcds, but 1x8 or 2x8 is good enough. Question: From Cubase/Nuendo... the first 10 characters can be send to a midibox LC? So the last 2 characters are just missing? No problem. The midibox can also run in Hui mode for using protools or other sequencers and show the tracknames? Does it make sense to buy the 2x8 lcds? At the moment I don't know what can be displayed on the second line :whistle: 2x8 LCD with Backlight KS0066 controller which is HD44780 compatible Thanks, Frank.
  23. Thanks, Chef! :flowers: Metal case connected to ground? Well, I think I don't understand why you're giving a note on this. However, the case is connected to my signal ground with the two M3 screws. Probably the case ground lug of the fader also needs to be the reference ground for the touch sensor? Honestly I think I will just buy three bcf2000 rather than doing a midibox because buying the motorfaders seperately is about the same price than buying the hole bcf2000. (haven't asked albs/Balthasar Schmidt but they're 22€@ebay) Do you accidently know what the supply voltage at the linear track of the bcf2000 is? Because i would like to connect the bcf ground to the analog ground of my mixer and try to control the vca's controlvoltage with this voltage. (vca fader in an old analog desk) Background: In the begginning i thought about making 3 midibox64E with MF module and ain module + 3 midibox cv with AoutNG... this can make a nice vca fader automation. A bunch of diy guys all over the world have old analog desks and are in need of controlling the analog part with a daw. Commercial stuff costs about 10.000€ and most of them are out of business. There is also some discussion at the prodigy audio diy forum about that - but nothing happens so far... prodigy - automation thread Isn't it possible to use an MF module with ain + the AoutNG? So that the data is always sent to the AoutNG? I could make a small 8xVCA circuit to control the audio volume. (I don't know if this may be possible with the midibox link function?) Thanks for your time. (if you need a frontpanel, let me know - would make prototype panels for free to support the midibox projects if that helps... fpd files will work fine) Roelli.
  24. Infill Paining Techniques?

    Iam using nitro laquer for the infills and an injection... works quiet good. Worked much better than these wax pens. Or do you really mean infill PAINing instead of infill painting? :tongue:
  25. Kurze Frage... Wenn ich jeweils 3 Stück Core+MF Modul+Ain und ein Core+AoutNG baue... Kann ich dann 1. den Fadern 24 Midi Kanäle zuordnen (wie denn? seit meinem ersten Keyboard hatte ich nur 16 Midi Kanäle)Das STM32 hat 2 seperate Midi Ports? 2. mit dem MF den Softwaremixer von Cubase/Nuendo steuern und die "Fader-Bewegungen" als MidiSpur aufzeichnen und wiedergeben so das die Motofader wieder in die jeweiligen Positionen fahren und die ControlVoltage ausgegeben wird 3. das ganze auch "autark" betreiben? Die Fader sollen grundsätzlich die ControlVoltage von AoutNG ausgeben. Wenn ein Sequencer angeschlossen ist, dann soll dieser die Faderbewegungen aufzeichnen, ControlVoltage soll immer ausgegeben werden. Soll ich dann den Midi Out vom Coremodul mit MF Modul an den Midi In vom Core mit AoutNG verbinden? (damit Control Voltage auch an die AoutNG gesendet werden wenn kein Sequencer angeschlossen ist und das Midi Signal durchschleift) Bei 8 Core-Modulen scheint dsa schon etwas unübersichtlich zu werden... habs mal aufgezeichnet... Habe ich da einen Denkfehler oder könnte das so funktionieren? Danke! Roelli. Verdrahtungsplan als pdf (für bessere lesbarkeit)