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  1. Hello. Is the PCB still available and what would be the total cost including shipping to Athens, Greece? Thanks
  2. Thank you very very much Thorsten for taking the time to reply and solve a problem once again!! As soon as I finish my MBSid CS3, I will deal with the MBSeq and I will post results of the code implementation, the KX88 is a real gem and maybe others that use it could benefit too from this and I would be more than happy to try to contribute something, even this small, from my side to this amazing community... I think I am not alone in expressing once more deep respect and admiration for everyhting you have done and are still doing for all of us people over so many years! Again, H
  3. Thank you vm Peter and Gerald for the time you dedicated to respond to this...and Happy New Year!!! I am not much of a programmer, just fast and skillful with a soldering iron and keen on constructions.... would like to enter the coding field, but I am afraid my time is very very limited due to my ruthless work schedule... so I was hoping to achieve 2 things in one construction (mbseq) as described above. I will consider taking the route you suggested... but if I am to invest in yet another box (core mbng), maybe i will save more time by getting myself a yamaha mep4 http://sonicstate.com/digi
  4. Hello everyone and Merry Xmas! Sorting out things to start construction again after a very very long time - have to finish my single MBSID 's CS Step3, to build a MB6582, a MBFM and finally a MBSEQ - all the PCBS, chips and parts are there, but time is an issue nowadays (not to also mention a jasper - wasp clone- project). So, the question here is if there is any possibility to use the MBSEQas a midi events processor to alter the velocity curve of my Yamaha KX88, which only transmits velocity values >14 (minimum note on velocity is 15). What I would like the MBSEQ to do is to
  5. Hi Thorsten and i feel good to be back in the forum again!! Sorry for the unfinished first post ... I accidentally hit the post button and then i did not have time to edit, because an emergency came up... :) I do have the service manual for the keyboard and I could pm it to you if required, but I think that there is no schemnatic for the KX88 keybed... nevertheless here is the short story of what I would like to do... THe KX 88 is an old MIDI controller 88note kbd (no sounds) which has been praised by many many users as maybe the best feeling piano action keyborad ever manufactured. Whi
  6. Hi its been a while since i last posted here...i have an old kx88 MIDI controller 88note kbd. While the feel of the keys is better than anything else
  7. Hi everyone. I am in the process of building a MB6582 to which I plan to incorporate 4 SSM2044 VCFs (seppoman s pcb x 2). The thing is that I want to have one case for everything - and since I am going to have 4 " unfiltered" SIDs and four "SSM2044 filetered" ones I was thinking that the use of a passive mixer would ease things up. So the question is , would something like this passive stereo mixer do the job? The idea is that instead of having four stereo outputs one foe each pair of SIDs, these outputs go to the mixer inputs, so as to have one combined stereo output of all 4 pairs... Of cou
  8. Payment just sent !!! thnx for everyhting and waiting patiently for my case
  9. @ Wilba, a bit off -topic, but do you still have any seq pcb/kits available? I m on the list too, but it might take foerever so if there is a possibility to get my pcb/kit directly from you or fussylizard until august, I would be more than happy, since I will only have August available for soldering.... too busy with work all year... Cheers PS I have also pm ' d you but posting this also, in case your answer might interest other mates here too...
  10. @smashtv: Thanks Tim, gr8 to hear things are working for all of us. Just wanted to ask are the pms sent according to the order of the list, and if yes, what number have we reached so far? (eager to get the soldering gun on my hands again.... :)
  11. Hermes


    Thanks Smash! Will be ordering soon!
  12. Hermes


    Smash, is Greece supported in the regular shop, I see the shipping option in the small shop list, but I want to order a core 32 an the M6582 base and CS pcbs and parts, so I will need to do that via the regular shop, but I cant find Greece as an option, WIll you add it or should I order anyway and calculate the cost using another country (and which one?)
  13. Thanks guys! As soon as i receive the filter boards I ll decide what must be done, at the moment I am starting to evaluate the separate filter box solution again, and looking for suitable cases for the one-in-all solution. If I decide the latter maybe I ll build the case myself (could it be wooden ;)) we' ll see...
  14. Apologies for the double threading nILS, I thought about that before posting twice, in the sense that my post has to do both with parts seeking and fleamarket issues, so instead of writing two distinct posts with different subjects and contents, I tried to save some time by writing about both issues in the same post and just posting twice as I did :rolleyes: If that was against the forums rules, by any means apologies again, next time I will separate things ...
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