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  1. GratefullTek-20110507

    12h we have jamed with our new setup, when my friend went home I jamed alone a 3,5h session - and here we are: the jam is splittet in 4 320Kbs MP3s on my hi-speed server: Style: techno (tekkno), tribal, schrantz, ritscheratsche, ÖSTERREICHISCH "ZUASTAUNDSOUND" Style²: technical limited monotone hypno sound with constant sound morph it is when we only look @ the interface (left behind max msp ableton) a classical drummachine setup, with new elements classical: stepsequencer - new: 16x8 steps overview/access with 3 colour Accents and powerfull editing operations classical: one shot sampler - new: "electribe R-Style" motionsequencer for all drumtracks Classical: one shot sample banks - new 1000ends of them without space problems on ssd-hds classical: total controll (drumcomputers) - userdefied controlls and finetune for that >>> I use Ableton as one powerfull drummachine The Setup consists off: Quadcore 64bit PC (for the jamin itself- no Monitor, mouse, or keyboard is needet) 2x BCR2000 2x LP 1x APC 1x RME Multiface II Ableton 8.2.1 with simply delay, reverb, and EQ8, the rest is: MaxMSP & Max4Live - self programmed devices: LP-Stepsequencer, Oneshotsampleplayer with APC controllsourface and Parametersequencer for all Parameters, midi efx like midiroll, mididelay, velocity kill, and so on - it might be not 100% perfect because i jamed without any cue, monitoring and so on, but for that -other tekknos said- " its very good, and with some uppimp and overwork it would be "saugeil""
  2. SammichSID nur Mono!???

    ich würd ja mal den funktionierenden sid raustun, und hören ob du noch immer leiser was hörst (nicht das das leise der funktierende ist- um das mal auszuschließen) wenn noch immer leise was da ist, würd ich mal die ausgangsstufe hinterm sid die leiterplatte durchmessen, die paar bauteile auswechseln (viele sinds ja nicht, ein transistor kondensator usw) und sonsten prüfen ob alle spannungen da sind, dazu mal bei der Beschreibung zum Core modul (aubau tutorial) zu rate ziehen und mit voltmeter mal beim PIC-Socket und dem SID-Socket messen ob alles da is.
  3. 90 Encoder Midibox 64e?

    MB64E, LC(Motorfader), MBBLM werden dann auch auf der Dieser LPC17 laufen?
  4. 90 Encoder Midibox 64e?

    YESS da tut sich ja ne menge>>> MBHP_CORE_LPC17 >>> OSC, ETH, im handel verfügbares core, RESPEKT!!! THANKZ FOR THAT ONE!
  5. Anyone interested in Alps "N" type motor faders?

    :sorcerer: They are here -THANKZ!!!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone interested in Alps "N" type motor faders?

    2 months later... :sad:
  7. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    Ok I dont have much time because of a new house... but here is a try: SEQUENCER: max4Live plugin: SQ-BLM-V0.5.amxd.7z max Collective: SQ-BLM-V0.5.mxf.7z max plug: SQ-BLM-V0.5.maxpat.7z CONVERTER: BLM-2-Max-V1.0.maxpat.7z BLM-2-Max-V1.0.maxpat.7z SQ-BLM-V0.5.amxd.7z SQ-BLM-V0.5.maxpat.7z SQ-BLM-V0.5.mxf.7z
  8. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    no i did not... ...but now yes... WHY? Dou you meen because of: It uses Pages - Vertical and Horizontal? I also use pages... in the Moment I use a APC 40 and a Launchpad - and that show me 8Steps x 13 Rows (in RGB) But with 8 Steps I dont have the oversight of a long Mididrumloop - Pageswitching - Is OK and a Workaround - But the More steps you see, the less you have to memory in your brain, the less you have to memory the easier is the JAM :D >>> as soon I have working beta I post it. -
  9. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    CONVERTER I have wrote a Midi-OSC "Near" CONVERTER, it supports 2 BLM Emulators - to get to my 32x16 Steps. I have attached a *.zip, that contains the Converter as Max MSP Collectiv(*.mxf no editing)and also the complete Patch (*.maxpat)(for editing) A free MAX-MSP Runtime/or the full 30days DEMO you can download under: If you want run this Patch you will need 1 or 2 BLMs or: 1 or 2 BLM EMULATOR instances (download under: If you drive the Virtual BLMs instead of Reals, and your OS is WIN7 you will need a "Virtual Midicable" - install and reboot > MIDIYOKE: Notice: you need 4 Midiyoke ports, if you dont have 4 you must setup midiyoke in win7 systempreferncys... If you have all that, now start the attached MAXPAT.... I have documented the patch in the patch (follow the blue texts) Also a example Patch is includet which reacts to button pressings of virtual BLMs (i dont have a real @ this time...) But also pressings on the Virtual MAX MSP Matrix will light your BLM Emulation. So that is the first step - converter > done! And Adaption was no problem... Next step is to build a Max Drumsequencer for that BLM Emulation, if that work good and right, i will build like TK said 2x 2x16 Matrixes with seperatet cores. If the drumsequencer is ready or in working beta status, i will post and attache it here. have a nice weekend!
  10. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    THANKZ THANKZ THANKZ - that is enough Info to get it started. lg mike
  11. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    @ ready for this project: I wasent ready for allmost any Project in my Live when I started them Der Weg ist das Ziel und jetzt muss zuerst die hardware stehen, damit ich mit der Software spielen kann, weil ohne Hardware zum Test ist das lernen nicht lustig. Bevor ich aber mit der Hardware anfange gibts noch eine einzige Essenzielle Frage: geht sich das mit den Schieberegistern aus? >>>> siehe nächsten punkt: @ 32x16 (512) Matrix : 1 Scaler is for a 8x8 Matrix, so 8 Scalers in Sum has to be used. 1 Scaler has 3 HC595 and 1 HC165, so 24 HC595 and 8 HC165 are used 24 HC595 8 HC165 I read this I could use that as Reset, if the Init status clear all registers. the other way would be, to observe the midiports for eg. Note C3 on CH16, and if that note comes - it triggers "turn offs" to all DOUTs @ convert Midi in PC: no problem @ which isn't multi client capable. Bad news. @ 8 Ports Good news, and a great workaround for that bad news.
  12. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    ok thankz to clear up things "Turn OFF all LEDs" Is such a Function implemented? How you trigger that Function?(over Midinotes, sysex?) @ Sysex: is filtered out from Ableton/Max4Live MAX MSP a& MAX runtime could handle Sysex and send that internal to Max4Live. or do I have to turn off every single LED? That would double the USB-Midi-traffic: Turn OFF 512 LEDs and Turn ON 512 LEDs, instead of "clear all LED" command and Turn ON 512 LEDs. @ 8x 8x8 Matrixes in this case have completely rewite the firmware? > Problem: 1 Midichanal will not not be enough, because of having 512 Notes, and midi have 128 Notes That would be a pro for a OSC Format(000 010 020 030 040...) @ Using differnt midichannels > Problem: Ableton & Max4Live! Ableton cant use that multichannal, because they handle that like this: - as soon you route incoming midi to a Miditrack (=to Max4Live) you only have one midichanal - so midi from all Midichannels will get be "CH1" - so you will have 2 or 3 Times the Note C1 on Channel 1 instead of having it on 3 different Midichannels > Workaround take that MBBLM Midi and convert it in a MAX-RUNTIME into OSC (001 002...) and send it Internal to MAX4LIVE > Workaround Windows Problem: Most USB interfaces are not multiclient, -MAX-RUNTIME is Software 1, and ABLETON is software 2... Max get the Port and Ableton not. - when you connect a view Midiboxes together and connect them via one USB Cable to the PC - and one Midibox is for Max and the other is for Ableton? Solved: Midibox Midi has 8 Ports... @ osc instead of midi? > Update a whole Matrix with one OSC String instead of sending 512 (1024 if no Reset Function) Midi notes > I dont know how long it take to transfair 512 notes - so I only guess that could be a timing/traffic problem. questions, questions...theories... :laugh: EDIT - I have Sorted my theories :thumbsup:
  13. Designing a 32x16 BLM with OSC

    Hi I want to make my own Design of BLM, a 32Step x 10(or 16) Rows thingi... (or something) that fits in a 19" Rack - with self made Silicon Pads (8mm per Button) I have a CNC Mill, so the Forms for Silicon Pads are DIY. Since I know what work it is to lighting etching and Milling PCBs - I want that board to be "isolation mill-ready" (Isolationsfräsen-tauglich), That need a One sided Board Design, Buttons & Leds are on seperatetd Boards, (Core PCB will be byed - because of doublesided design and of cheapness - because its small...not 19") The Button Board have 3,5mm Holes where the LEDs from the LED Board look thru... Currently I am on the Button Board, and come to the Point to say - äh with that much BLM Scalers that I need (remember 32Steps x 10 Rows) I got PCB single Sidet Problems... that "8x4" (C0xI0) Matrix groups make massive problems since I needet much more Bridges. So is there a way to put all 32Steps from the first row to the "C0" and connect all 1st Steps (eg. 10Rows) to I0? what changings on the BLM Scaler have to be done - or better say - it is technical possibly (electronicly) - maybe the core32 can do this? Is this because of 8Bit?. The next thing is the software side thing: I want a simple protocol for LAN (UDP - Ethernet), a "clear all" function witch disable all LEDs and then a simple format to Activate/Deactivate LEDs like this: 1 0 0 1: Matrix Number - when you have more Matrixes (like the Buttons Under and next to the matrix...) 1 0 0 1: First Row (max16) 1 0 0 1: First Step (max32) 1 0 0 1: Color (0 Turn OFF, 1 RED, 2 Yellow, 3 Green) Examples: 0 0 0 1: clear all LEDs of Matrix 1 1 0 0 1: Make First Step in Row 1 light RED 1 4 1 2: Make 2nd Step in Row 5 light yellow and that- how it is eg. 1 0 0 1 should be sent over a spezivic Port over Ethernet when the messages are incoming from the Ethernet then they activate LEDs And When I press a button on the BLM it sends that values in the same format 1 0 0 1 to the Ethernetpot - so that BLM should be almost all a "brainless thingi" with no feedback, or "are you readys" just receive, and sends with udp. On the other End sits a Max MSP Runtime that is bindet to that specific port and acts as router, and that sends this to eg. a Stepsequencer, or a Ableton api converter or a Max4Live plugin or what ever (that side that I know much about) Maybe that thing is a little bit to overdressed for a Core32, but the core 32is dam fast and can be connectet to a ethernet converter! > For the software side I maybe have to ask a friend to make that for me - maybe it is much more complicatet to adapt the BLM software - instead of making a new one??? what do you think? (DWG is in attachment)
  14. In Max4Live there is the CS-Stepsequencer- it uses API Call functions that writes midinotes in midiclips - so there is a api function that can handle this - If you get acces via Midi for this Project to that api function? I dont know - but that would be nice - a CS-Stepsequencer without Max - YES that would be cool - combinied with the Midibox RGB Buttonmatrix ---> hardcore!
  15. Magnetic Encoders

    ahh ok thankz --- the others cost more then 2,64$ that is too much....