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  1. 150628396706 Aprox 1,400 ..minimum guarnteed 1,000 ..couldnt be arsed to count more than one boxes worth. Quality Omeg pots as used b a number of studio desk manufacturers; wrong sizes for modern designs im working on now; so are now available for the diyers :) ITEM ENDS: 1 day 21 hours (08 Jul, 201121:06:47 BST) See sellers other items for other curiousitys :)
  2. Bumped, finished listings removed, new stuff added :)
  3. Clearing out alot of old stock here, so many ebay listings going up over the coming weeks. * First lot: Assorted Midibox & filter pcbs - mix of diy boards and prefab.99p starting bid Item no: 150572442349 * Second lot: Unused behringer fca 202 - 24bit 96k soundcard - firewire 2 in 2 out .99p starting bid Item no: 150571975718 * Third item is a Matrix ukp2100x Switch Mode amplifier - 2x 1050wrms at 4 ohms, used with some scratches but in good condition. fixed sale price £350: {see my other items} * Fourth item 2x Vintage Leak 60s 12" speaker cabinets, hifi, unloaded - 99p starting bid: {see my other items} * Fifth item Viking phoneline strobe for hearing impaired x 3 - 99p starting bid: {see my other items} * Several Dead computers in need of attention & misc bits: {see my other items} * 4,800w pa speaker system - 4x cnc'ed Staiper 18" miniscoops loaded with used, but well looked ater 4 ohm 800wrms fane 18xb drivers + 4x Mid tops comprised of 1x beyma 12g350 350w 99db/1w drivers + 2x beyma cp16 annular ring tweeters, new build - £1700 (picture below shows two previous cabinets of this design, tops are not the same as those proposed, to be built shortly) * 11,000w Horn loaded pa system - complete with 3x matrix xt3000g amplifiers & 1x xt2004 - switch mode (New & manufacturer is prepared to honor a 3 year warranty from date of system purchase). Also comprises of 2x behringer dcx 2496 crossovers, enough heavy duty armored 3 phase style cable speaker leads to place cabinets either side of an artic truck trailer with plenty of room to spare. Cabinets consist of 8x single lab 12 loaded cabinets of a design somewhat like that of the dual lab 12 (includes a custom cooling system i devised to use airpath to cool driver directly) cabinets around 18.5" x 45" 36" & weigh 60kg. Long throw directional mid tops, large format consist of each: 1x bms 4594 1.4" coaxial high frequency drivers capable of 300hz to 20k, coupled to a horn which includes 4x bms 8 inch drivers for low mid range coverage. Whole system fits perfectly in a luton van with room to spare. Guide price around £8,000 (primarily owned by an associate, who will negotiate the matter of a sale). Very sensitive, directional, clean & powerful as hell ..good for medium to large indoor events and moderate sized outdoor events. * Future listing (renders to be added) - 2x 16 driver Tower hifi speakers cnc machined, comprised of 4" Wharfedale modulus full range drivers. total power each 500w rms, predicted senstivity 96-100db/1w ..frequency range 60hz to aprox 20k, Height 6ft, width 6 inches, depth 10 inches. - Starting bid with no reserve expected to be £300. More pictures and details to follow shortly....
  4. My 99p ebay listings clearout.. Update #1

    New stuff added: * DIY Video projector 1024x768 Resoution - 250W (thrown togeather from a cosmetic point of view ..yus it needs some work) * (3X) LARGE 20x2 VFD Displays + Bonus disp. * 3000x reuseable plastic pcb fixing grommets. * Dynamix Mixer Amplifier Head Unit - Spares or Repair * Bulk lot of Reclaimed Pc Chassis Steel sheet (200kg+/-) * PC Flightcase - DIY for refurbing into a new project * etc..
  5. My 99p ebay listings clearout.. Update #1

    Tys :) yes indeed, youd be supprised where we can be found lurking. More goodies going up in the short term & some relative biggies on their way later on when i get a moment to do the work on them to finish them off. listings in afew months time or so will include a Classic Lasertech 60mw (spectraphysics head) argon laser lightshow unit, complete with the rather quaint & simple analog scanning system & the joystick beam pointer system. Basically a clearout of stuff ill never use again, therell be things like a massive pile of sheet steel stock reclaimed from pc cases & a boatload of populated, but unfinished midibox boards. As ive become far more pro production systems orientated since i started working with the company im currently with & if im not designing things that can be neatly produced in such an enviroment for the sake of work for them or my personal projects ..then im kinda wasting my time tbh. Loved taking the purely diy approach to these things before i got into that though, as you learn so much about the materials you work with; but unfortunately i really have to be efficient with my time now & taking days over abit of metalwork a machine can rattle out in moments isnt just sensible for me now :)
  6. Ebay user id: Cydonic should that not work :) items include: * AKG - K702 headphones (mint) * 2x 400w power amplifiers * 2x 19" numark Dj cd players * Several midibox suitable project cases, including a c64 shell * A avometer in need of servicing * howes dxr10 sw radio kit * A epson p2000 camera card reader with a very nice 3.8" polysilicon screen (spares or repair) Listing shortly: * 1024x768 res 250w diy video projector (thrown togeather for fun once, works rather well, but needs reworking from an aethetic point of view) * A aluminum flightcase originally built to house a PC many years ago, could be reworked into a neat case for allsorts :)
  7. design changed slightly, reverted back to the old glass ..diffusion turned out to be too close to the boards, makingf exposure blotchy ! ..actually diffuses perefectly in this arrangement anyways. found staples OHP laser transparency film [sl5041] to work perfectly in making pcbs. dont need to use the expensive stuff nessursarily. depending on your milage with the uv led brightness & the type/age of the uv senstized boards, your timings will vary. i needed 15 mins or so per a side, with some ooold stock adquired from a chap who used to produce alot of his own amplifier boards in house.
  8. Recommended Cans

    apparently, this is the plot for the sony mdr-v7506: from here: & here: hmm.. note thats 20db between the lines on the graph ! ..ill give them a chance & go listen.. but feedbacks been abit mixed :)
  9. Recommended Cans

    not heard them to comment.. sony really put me off with their later efforts, wasnt aware of these.. tho will keep an ear out for those :) mind.. heres a plot comparing the 2000's and sonys predecessor, the v6 ..mixed bag of pros and cons based on their measurements.. assuming that its similar, allbeit slightly improved for the new version.. sony would certainly seem to be offering a really good bargain there for £119 at DV247 :) (however that very same dip in the hf 10k+ made the sony v700's sound dead in the top end) take your pick :) less apparent bottom & top end extension on the (older ver 6) sonys, but 'flatter' by default thru the passband.
  10. Recommended Cans

    spelling fail.. :) the dyslexics bites again.. for the geek out.. heres the insides of the denons: even has accoustic damping 'wool' in the back (not shown here) nicked from this review: also, i have now added some plots for the cans :)
  11. Recommended Cans

    found two exceptional pairs of headphones, after looking for something to replace my flimsy, battered Sony MDR v700's * excellent compared to average cans, but bass heavy, dull & distort abit (good for djs i guess, but that was the target market). * construction is utter crap, too much plastic, designed to break no matter how much you care for them. the novelty swivel hinges always snap & after afew years the leather always starts to flake off. needed something which was sonically flat, uncoloured & 'affordable' & good as a subsitute for studio monitors on the move & solid enough for live mixing. the two i found to be truely excellent (there are many crap headphones out there, due to bad design), are the: AKG K702 - £200-370: * open back ('best' disphram loading, but poor isolation) * excellent, uncolored, crisp sound flat, some people may initially perceive them as a little bright. * as typical of open backs tho, they are a little light on bass. * somewhat insenstive, need the volume ramping up a little to get them going. * plasticy construction, but never the less, solid & exhudes quality due to thoughtful, good design. and for the win, is: Denon - A-HD2000 - £200: * closed back (good isolation) * sound is on par with that of the k702's * good senstivity, plenty of volume vs input level. * Has bass ! * built like sodding tanks, plenty of aluminum & attention to engineering detail. well all round :) cans compared: not so sure about the distortion measurment, as i dont quite hear that with the akgs in reality & the sonys definately generate a good wedge of distortion (possibly imd ..which is not accounted for here ?) ..and also i suspect that the objectionables occur at certain levels/ranges outside of their benchmark standard ? curious, in anycase. denon 2000 & 5000 compared: flatter hf response available in the 5000 version with the wooden can ends (about £500 !), but they exhibit marginally higher distortion it seems.. thinner cone comprimise ? (a little general hf boost/or low cut on monitoring should level out the response of the 2000's nicely :) ) (test info source) - a wealth of info on many cans here: ..ended up with both pairs, as i bought the akgs in from the states first.
  12. It would be really kool to make this Sh**

    theres something faintly disturbing about the fact that the nudists association managed to claw their way in on such a topic.. conversely, if like one chap i knew.. you take up photography & drawing classes in the right places ..youll have quite a legitimate excuse to study a varied range of fine & inspiring curves.
  13. Dramatic Forum Change

    tried the new scheme breifly; only it gives me a headache and its hard to read in parts.. ta for a hack at tinkering however.
  14. heres a little project i made from a defunct flatbed scanner & 88 uv leds from the 'bay. its contructed from 88 uv leds mounted in a square grid of holes in a piece of plastic, with a resistor driving each. setup for 12v. the light is diffused by a piece of mottled effect glass (smooth side out) used for decorative door panes & the tops of the leds have been flattened by cutting the end off them with a 'dremmel' mini sawblade disc. the tops of the leds where then smoothed again by adding a dab of superglue ontop of each. a 555 timer with variable resistor timer adjust will be added for setting exposure time. dispersion of light seems very good, and a hackier arrangement similar to this has been seen working by a friend; will confirm how well this works soon. other users may find this a fun way to get more life from a broken scanner, so posting the concept here for further inspiration :) Note: use white leds, flat the tops as before & just keep the original glass (or use the finer sandblast effect diffused glass) if you are partial to tracing images for gfx art purposes ;) :)
  15. yup, the 3396 meantions the same filter behavoir as the xpanders 3372, both of them maintain constant loudness for resonance. so all should be good :) as for the mode selector chips plopping in realtime use, trying to attain that maybe like trying to run before you can walk ;) might be a nice extra, but not as useful as getting access to multimode filtering in the first place. also, where and when the rest of this is made to work, theres no reason that 16 sil pins couldnt be dropped in place of the pcb sockets for those chips & various experimental boards hooked on to try different approaches to making that possible. then from there a rev 2 board could be made with the extra feature. but i expect most people would be happy enough with non realtime multimode filter switching :) as for the chips, theres still afew spares floating around & although the various second hand outlets have been strangely quiet on the oberheim synths lately, there are an awful lot of matrix 1000 synths out there.