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  1. firmware mod- change channel out

    ok ok :yes: the job is done
  2. firmware mod- change channel out

    i'm trying to understand but with no success... could you explain exactly where do i decide the out channel? where can i find a table with the values for each channel? what i need now is the value to send all out to midi ch3...
  3. firmware mod- change channel out

    thank you very much TK!!!!!!! :D
  4. how can i modify the firmware of my midibox64 and midibox64e to send midi over channel 4 but receive midi (and so control the leds) on another channel?
  5. led time counter help

    ahahah well.. it's funny that it seems some kink of monologue but... i finally found the final solution i set two variables: unsigned char timerled[64]; unsigned char actualed; each time a note on i received , the corresponding led is set to ON and his timer is set to 0... then.. in the SR_Service_Prepare section: if ( ++actualed >= 64 ) { actualed = 0; } if ( ++timerled[actualed] >= 16 ) { MIOS_DOUT_PinSet(actualed, 0); timerled[actualed] = 0; } so each led has a fixed duration... thanks to the forum anyway!! ahaha :tongue:
  6. led time counter help

    mmmh .. ok i used some suggestions i found here: for now the leds of all my 8 shift registers are turned all off after 250 ms since the last note on received... i used a global variable called "timerled" ad every note on received it is turned to 0 and everytime it reaches 250 all led are set to 0 this is how the thing works void SR_Service_Prepare(void) __wparam { if( ++timerled >= 250 ) { timerled = 0; MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(0,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(1,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(2,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(3,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(4,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(5,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(6,0x00); MIOS_DOUT_SRSet(7,0x00); } } now.. i repeat i have no programming skills what i need now is a way to make the same work but for every single led i thougt i have to use a multiple variabe like " unsigned char timerled[64] " but do i have to repeat the "if" code 64 times???? is there an intelligent way to do this? i mean .. how do i have to configure the code for a multiple variable in the SR_Service_Prepare section??
  7. i'm building a little light installation with leds controlled via midi i programmed the firmware following the C examples given by thorsten the problem is that sometimes some leds remain on due to bad midi transmission, since i'm using a wireless midi device (cme widi) i'd like to make the firmware able to set alwais the leds off after some seconds let's say .. a led doesn't receive his midi note off message, so it remain lighten, what i want some counter algorithm that turn a led off after 2 seconds. can someone give me saome examples i can follow? i have no programming skills!!
  8. request: contol leds via midi and Din

    i had success with the c examples.. but it's too difficult for me to enable this kind of feature in mb64e firmware
  9. how can i configure my midibox 64 and midibox 64e to turn on leds via midi and via buttons both? can someone build a special version of the firmware with this feature enabled? if not, please give me some general suggestion about the necessary code modifications thanks
  10. i need to drive midi datas over critical cables with some nodes and extensions... can someone link some schemes to build balanced midi cables?
  11. Hi all. I'm building a quad sid box. i need to know if is possible to connect 2 midi in to the master core. Do i need an external midimerger? I'll try to explain: I've got an half broken midi controller... I want to put two octaves of keyboard and the mod and pitch weels directly inside the box (i found a nice and large box for electromedicals for 10€!!). the midi keyboard has inside an ATMEL controller that translates all the analog inputs (of the keyboard and the weels) in midi messages on the midi channel 1. i know that my idea is such a prehistoric solution  :-/ but... i'll set the sids to recive midi messages from the channels 2, 3, 4 and 5... while the incoming data from channel 1 (the internal keyboard) will be "routed" to the desired sid by the master core. Questions: Do i need another core to put two midi IN (the internal keyboard and the midi in) into the master core? what is the programming language for pics? How can i make a code that allows the master core to change the channel of the internal keyboard to 2, 3, 4 or 5, and to change the the cc's assign of the pitch and mod weel, or to change octave to the internal cannibalized keyboard?????? the midi keyboard has a control fader that sends cc messages n7 (volume control), i could filter it's midi messages by the master core to control (for example) the cutoff or the resonace control of the SID n3 that recives on the channel 4... How can i add some switches connected to the master core to control the various modifications of the midi signal incoming from the channel 1? (example: a switch + - to change the octave or the midi channel) is it possible to program a procedure in basic or pascal or C language? Do i have to learn all about the assembly language? I think is enough  :) Exuse me for my english... i hope somebody will open my eyes!!! Thanks
  12. I want to use the 2 x 40 lcd for my quad sid box. I'll redraw the front panel off couse... but (technically) i would like to know if i can (and how) increase the number of swithces under the lcd. Thanks
  13. stupid questions

    i think that a "stupid" answer is better than philosofy in this case...   8) * another answer: if i mount a 2 x 40 lcd on my quad-sid-box, there will be problems of firmware compatibility? * how a firmware is "written" on the pic? What kind of cable i have to use? how can i connect it with the computer?
  14. Pcb printing

    What is the name of the italian "bromografo"? Is the machine that allows you to create Pcb's, by exposing the boards to his UV reys... I want to search one on ebay... but i don't know the name!!
  15. stupid questions

    10) Can someone e-mail me some detailed photos of the connections and sections of the 4-chip-Sid-box?