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  1. Tidy up my workshop... :wacko:   Mixer desk housing: Front panel area 73cm x 30cm Hand rest: Anodized Aluminum Housing: Inox Faders: 18 pcs. per set: Alps (CP K-Type Master, 10kOhm lin., Coreless Motor). Were used in prototype mixer 18 pcs. per set: P&G (PGFM3200, 10kOhm lin., Corteless Motor). Were rarely used in a prototype mixer but need cleaning from dust. Jog wheel: 50mm diameter, black plastic with rubber ring, for 6mm D-shape shaft --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 set includes 1 desk housing, 1 Jogwheel, 18 motorfaders 4 sets to sell (2 x P&G and 2 x Alps) No shipping!!! - Has to be picked up in Switzerland (30km east of Zurich City) 1 set: € 50.- (payable on pick-up)
  2. wiring motorfaders - unclear documentation (or PICNIC ;-)

    The 5V are the "supply" for what gets measured after passing the resistance track, for the position determinement by the processor Greets, Roger
  3. 64Kanal DAW-Controller

    Da brauchst Du nichts zu machen. Diese Funktion ist im Mackie-Protokoll schon implementiert. Du kannst entweder Kanal weise oder Page (8-Kanäle) weise durch "scrollen". Deine im Attachment markierten buttons würden also nicht [1-8] etc. heissen, sondern [ChUp], [ChDown],[PageUp] & [PageDown] Grüsse, Roger
  4. Cheap SD Card adapter at

    ... I don't think so.
  5. LC: Extra midi buttons

    ... actually it's not one Channel but one port The mapping thing (editing the Mackie/Logic protocol) also can be done with Sequoia/Samplitude. Now there it is also possible with your Cubase, I don't understand the problem from your first post anymore. If you want to keep all the existing LC-Features/Controls while adding other controls, just take another Core and connect it to another port and map the controls you need. Greets, Roger
  6. Grease for the knobs

    Why don't you try, what we call in Switzerland "Sewing machine oil" - It's some kind of "clean, transparent oil"? Apply a bit onto a cloth (just moisturize, not dripping) and rub the encoder/pot shaft with it. This leaves a thin, non dripping film of oil, which might just be enough but not too much loss of friction. - Looks like you have to experiment a bit :-) Greets, Roger
  7. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    I also don't know where these 800mA from Alps come from but I never experienced them to suck this much current. BTW: Stopping the motor without touch is possible (e.g. something lies on the desk and the fader can't move further). For this case, I'll place a PTC-Resistor into the motor-power feed. Greets, Roger
  8. Midibox 64E Help

    No, this is no problem but you have to configure this in the software. It's no big deal to do it but somebody more into programming can explain you better than me... or search the forum, I remember some posts explaining this. Greets, Roger
  9. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    It's no problem, to power them from the same PSU (BTW: This is the way it's done on TK's shematic too). What I'm not sure in your question: "Power directly" - Do you mean without a regulator on the "motor side"? If yes, this would be possible too but you can't "tune" the voltage then, which is very assumable to be needed, for the control-regulation to work smoothly (adjusting the speed of the motor). Greets, Roger EDIT: I wouldn't design limitations from the beginning. You're not sure until testing, if 7.5V will be enough for your faders. Better allow the circuit to run up to 10V on the motor side.
  10. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    ... naaa... OLEDs don't need backlight - Do you have a backlight for your LEDs too? :frantics:
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    ... looks to me like the fader knobs and display from an M-Audio controller
  12. New colours for mbseq panels...

    They are looking nice but the topic would be more appropriate in "Fleamarket". Greets, Roger
  13. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    TTL Greets, Roger
  14. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    ... to connect it to the Core board (Midi I/O at TTL level). Greets, Roger
  15. Part manufacturer from china?