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  1. Midibox Sid Install Questions

    That should be fine.. So choose a .hex file and use mios studio to upload. From the readme included in the zip file: Some precompiled setups are part of this package: o setup_6581.hex (MBSID stuffed with 6581) o setup_8580.hex (MBSID stuffed with 8580) o setup_tk.hex (TK's Setup) o setup_mb6582.hex (MB-6582 Setup) o setup_tk2.hex (TK's Setup for his MB-6582) o setup_sammich_sid.hex (Special setup for sammichSID) They don't need renaming, they are the same as project.hex. If it still doesn't work try to upload mios again from the 'midi' folder in this file, then retry the sid firmware.
  2. Midibox Sid Install Questions

    If you have an older core you should find what you need in this zip - you might need to update your bootloader too?
  3. Track Position Display 8x16 Duo LED latest?

    Here's 2 crappy pics from my tablet of tpd using futurlec 7seg digits and green/orange duoled's. Although maybe impossible to see i had to klugde my encoder to work in the correct direction. Last time i cut pcb tracks, this time i just used wires to connect the opposite sides of the encoder.
  4. Track Position Display 8x16 Duo LED latest?

    hi, its SR 11 for led's with wilba's pcb. which is red or green and which button it's for i fumbled about with for ages. mine are too bright and i haven't changed my resistors yet so they're not in use. checking my .v4 file i had used pin 3 & 7 at some point.. my sd card does not work in file browse mode every time in x64 so i lost some configs.
  5. SD Card Pin Out Conversion Help...

    Looks the same as the 1 i am using. The main thing being you just connect the 3.3v and ignore the 5v. So try this: cs=rc1 mosi=so sck=sc miso=si
  6. Track Position Display 8x16 Duo LED latest?

    i have mute/unmute all tracks on 2 buttons. tap tempo on another. 1 spare. plus the encoder button. i found the pin numbers by watching the output in mios studio terminal..
  7. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    ilmenator or Hawkeye can you help me with the SR config, just built mine and have some signs its working but the only config on the wiki is for seq including 16x4 blm. I have wilba pcb + tpd only. Or have i missed the config somewhere else on ucapps? Thanks too for a great addition. Not too much stress with the smd, plenty of space compared to some i have worked on.
  8. Hey i ended up with 2 of these after a long wait for my backorder.. first one i had already soldered the female headers so it always wants to pop out! The second one i attached all the headers together and soldered at an angle so it doesnt look perfect but works fine.. pinout seems ok. Two new working seqv4. If it had not worked i would've taken pics and posted sooner! Mine were from mouser.
  9. My first Midibox LC - Waiting for your "GO!"

    hey Nervrem, this guy sells encoder ledring pcb you can get @ sparkfun too i think. also a company called top-up makes these ..and others including RGB.. :ahappy:
  10. SeqV4 missing dout assigments

    hey i can test this but as far as i remember i only have 1 digit of the right 'common' variety.. plenty of the other. i'll check later. so is this common anode or cathode? simple to change in software? i could order some more too. :whistle: oh this would be on seqv4 with STM core.
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    :frantics: got mine. great service TK, very quick delivery! :thumbsup: these complete the electronics. now i gotta whip up a frontplate. :rolleyes:
  12. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    :flowers: nice pcb, you're too good to us TK!
  13. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    :rolleyes: got my lpcexpresso.. bootloader flashed.. hoping my pcb arrives soon!! cant wait :frantics: thanks TK!