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  1. Wishful Thinking the B4 controller

    The missing code is the one that connects pin 487 to the right midi message. The most versatile way would be in the same way as MIDIO128, which uses an ini file with the right code, which can be uploaded to the PIC. If this can be made, we have the option to use up to 1024 buttons. Ideal for midification of organs.
  2. Wishful Thinking the B4 controller

    I think I found the activation code for the notes. It's the function SM_NotifyToggle at the bottom of and currently is only capable of sending sysex codes to check the row, number send. This needs editing for our applications.
  3. Wishful Thinking the B4 controller

    My setup isn't ready yet, so I haven't looked into the code, but should do so within two weeks. Take a look here: It looks like you can leave (or better must leave) the 220 Ohm resistors of the DOUT out. Wish I looked at that before, since mine are already in. The replacement of the diodes can be in two ways, and you can set SM_SWAP_CR accordingly. As you made it now, that value should be changed to 1. For your setup it is 4 times this one, with 4 different DIN's. I should check what influence not having the other 3 DOUTs or alternatively, not using them will have on the messages send. It should have no influence, but i'm not sure how it's works in total.
  4. Wishful Thinking the B4 controller

    I don't know about the analog part, but for the digital part, I suggest an 8x8 matrix for each part. For your setup you need 1 DOUT (8 outputs) and 4 DIN (32 input). So instead of the 8 to 3 selector, you connect those 8 lines to a different DIN.
  5. Wishful Thinking the B4 controller

    There is an 8x8 matrix by Thorsten, and i think a 16x16 (equals 4 8x8) and a 32x32 by QBAS. I'm looking at the last one for midification for a virtual organ setup. And maybe even get to the point to have it as easy as MIDIO128 using an ini file. Then the analog input can still be used for the drawers i guess.
  6. Scan matrix for keyboard

    Hello. How far did you get with this? Is it already possible to add own midi code to the program? I'm working an a setup with a 32x32 matrix, which can also be used as test setup, and to have it like MIDIO128 would be great.
  7. I just added 36 resistors to my first DIN module. Would be easier if I didn't have to do that :)
  8. I hope to get on to this this weekend, either 32x32 or a smaller matrix. I found out that the link to the SM 32x32 doesn't show when you're not logged in though.
  9. What are Bypass Caps on old Core V2

    Thnx a lot. That clears everything. Caps stands for capacitors ofcourse. It seems my core dates from december 2004, before this discussion has started. I'll be sure to mount some in, when i find them. And some for the other modules too.
  10. Hello, After almost two year break i wanted to continue with my MIOS project, and found an old V2 core. It is almost finished, but i'm missing the Bypass Caps. What are those? From the construction manual. Add also the two additional Bypass Caps on the bottom side of the PCB as close to the power inputs of the PIC as possible. They improve the power integrity. Rednas
  11. Hi I try to build the midimerger with the old PIC. I got all the stuff and soldered most part but i tried to build it without external powersupply. What i do is I use the power on the cable from one of my keyboards. The other is still isolated with an optocoupler (6N138). This should work fine. The problem is I connect the data cable directly to the PIC. But normally the databit is 0 if data is sent. This will light up the led in the optocoupler, so the optocoupling works and gives a 1 to pic. Is this true? And should i just set either an inverter or an optocoupler between data and PIC to solve this problem. Thnx for answering. yours Rednas
  12. ir eye for midibox 64

    Sensor analog output --> Midibox analog input But scaling is needed. Where do you want to use it for? Continuous distance --> analog needed Two steps -> First analog to digital converter. Have the right digital output pin(s) connected to some Digital input (Din).
  13. Mission accomplished

    Congratulations from me too. I'm still in the middle of building a midiorgan myself, rather than midifying a complete one. Got two manuals and pedalboard working so I can play, now the fancy stuff like preset button, stop pullers, swell pedals and 3rd (and 4th?) manual. Fot other people who want to do this too: there still is a scanning matrix under construction, think I'll finish in the next few weeks if I have time, so you need only 1 Din, 1 Core, 1 Dout for about 512 inputs.
  14. SCPOP more easy

    Hi The link at your web page is wrong. You put *.html there but it's *.htm. A mistake I also made... Bye Rednas
  15. ergonomics and matrices on big controllers

    When do you need the matrix?