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  1. midibox sequencer frontpanel

    Hello all! Unfortunally my time for diy/electronics is a little bit limited... so i'm selling this nice frontpanel for the sequencer. It's made in 2mm aluminium and its chromated (i hope this is the way to say it). It was made by a local company, costed me 45€ (i've made 2 one still as parts mount waiting for better days). If anyone wants it, pm or email me to lupinproject[at] i'm asking the 45€ shipping included. Paypal accepted. Thanks all :) images:
  2. x/y touchpad controller

    The main problem using the softpots is the position memory, that doesnt exists... with a fader you have a mark telling you were the resistence is... with this one, theres no such thing. perhaps theres a way (software) that memorize the value in the PIC and when its touched again it changes...but without visual indication (a led bargraph would help telling you the position) is going to be a hell... if we could get a way to show the position in a led bargraph would be sweet... imagine a fader without knob and a bargraph showing the place were the knob would be ;) regards p.s. moogah...when you have the pinout let me know to compare, i've been able to find the switches but seems that the resistance of my pad is about 2Kohms... did you get thoses readings?
  3. x/y touchpad controller

    Hi gang! I've tested the Softpot, and they extremelly cool for making a ribbon controller! they have 100Kohms and 6' long (26cm). The X/Y Pad ... thats another story... since they dont have a datasheet (at least i couldnt find one on theyr website, but i'm requesting the pinout of the pad) i cant figure the way it works... they sended me some flyers talking about the x/y pad and there was a pic with the simbols of 2 variable resistors and 2 pushbuttons, but since there are 7 pins and no pinout i couldnt (yet) figure it out... i'm going to request the datasheet or pinout to the seller. For use with midibox... the softpot doesnt seem very good...since its always off until you touch the pot, then according to the place you press it gives you a resistance. If you touch the beggining it reads 0 ohms and the end 100kohms, if you slide your finger the readings go up and down, just like a ribbon controller. I'm not going to use it on the midibox project, but instead i'm going to build an electrotheremin using the ribbon controller to control the pitch and a simple pot for the volume. regards all!
  4. x/y touchpad controller

    i've requested a sample of the x/y pad and the softpot. i havent done any tests or readings with them, but from the papers they send, they seem to me to be like "normal" potentiometers. they dont send any voltages. but they can be used as regular pot's connected to AIN modules, but they dont save positions. i'm going to do the tests and let you guy know the results. i'm planing to use them on 2 diferent projects, one is an electro theremin , were i'll use the softpot (a ribbon controller for the frequency) and the other on a Filter module to control the resonance and frequency ( x/y pad). regards!

    Ok.... bad news... The guy cant dig any SID's or even find them in is workshop... i'll try to ask him again, but i really dont believe in getting the sid's for us. Senso is a thrusty seller (i've made some bussines with him) and you can get is sid's before they are over ;o) if i get any news dont worry, i'll post them..until then... i need to apoligize to everyone for creating false expectations... sorry guys :( i wish it went as i have planned. regards
  6. Using KS0108 LCD with SID

    Is this possible? i've seen some pics of Midibox's LC's using this kind of LCD (graphic) and i would like to know if it would be ok to use it with sid. thanx :o)
  7. looking for a joystick....................

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat! :D best regards!
  8. Nice tips and explanation! TK, dont worry, you dont have to worry about more work, i'm not going to give you ;o) Moxi, thanks for the excellent tutorial, i shall follow it. If i need more help i'll PM you :o) Best Regards, and standby for a portuguese version  ;D
  9. Hello TK! This one is a great ideia and i want to help. I'm able to translate to portuguese, but i'm having some problems... question 1: i downloaded the .html.gen file to my hd, and then opened with wordpad. i'm getting a lot of tags (like html). Is this normal? question 2: i've already translated part of the mios, but i've done it with notepad, (i didnt look carefully tyo your post, sorry ;o). is there a way to use this translated text to make the new page? Thanks and thanks! Best regards heitor

    Hi Gang! Just to let you know that the SID's arent forget. My friend is looking for more SID's to make everyone happy. Right now no more "orders" are beeing accepted (sorry but i dont know yet how many are available). I'll keep you guys updated :) by the way... gordie... you sold them for how much? 40£? nice deal :)
  11. Hey Wise! Do you know if they ship outside Sweden? unfortunnaly the website is in swedish only :( but they seem to have great prices. THank you!
  12. looking for a joystick....................

    i've ordered 5 of each joysticks from them. i can sell you one. just tell me wich one (the 10k or the 150k). my price is 15€ shipping included. pm me or mail me. best regards
  13. The making of a Midibox64

    :o its getting good looking!!!! lets see more when you have!! Good work! :) :) :)

    c'mon guys... al i want is everyone to be happy. but thats going to be almost impossible. so i decided to make the fair distribuition according to the availability of chips. i really really hope that everyone gets some. But i cant tell how many yet, since the guy havent find them all yet. i just dont want to see anyone unhappy. i could have taken all sid's and sell them on evilbay, but my point is that this is a comunnity and i want it to still that way. no profit from this selling, just happy faces from you will be great :) i hope i made any sence, but its late, and i'm very tired ;)
  15. 7805: required input to mantain line regulation

    A good way to get around that is to change the 4 AA batteries with a single 9V battery, that way you have enough power to get the machine working. By the way, use a Rechargable battery with more power, so you can always take care of the ambient :)