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  1. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    So after years one planning to do this, I finally got around to it.  Here are the results: Simple TL074 based mixer with stereo pots for each channel that fits to the existing holes.  I've got a handful of boards if anyone would like one and then I'll post a OSHpark link so anyone can get them any time. Boards:   BOM
  2. Moog case is a no go if you want stuff on the back, it has fins inside that cause problems. Ill post some pics shortly
  3. [FS/D] (backup/unused) SEQ V4 with TPD

    fine looking device.  Out of curiosity, how did you do the laser cut button caps?
  4. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    i've done it both ways and I dont see any difference one way or another.  If I had to do it again, I'd use the 7809, cheaper and smaller. One thing I'd recommend (unrelated to this question):  DONT use the E series recoms, they are super cheap for a reason and not well suited for audio applications,  Output noise is unacceptably high 
  5. This is based on a previous design I had used in the past with some improvements (smaller size, switching 5V reg).  Its a 7VA trafo which gives 580 mA max, not a lot but enough for my needs (size was the big factor here).  Standard 7812 and 7912 linear vRegs with a switching Recom R-785.0-0.5 for the +5. Total cost was ~$50 including the board.  If anyone is interested, I'll post the BOM and eagle files    
  6. The FPGASID Project

    It would be cool if they could shrink it down to SID size, those are machine stuffed anyway so no reason not to go to a TAG programming header, 0402 passive, small as possible everything else (underneath?)
  7. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    payment requests sent. Here is the BOM
  8. AOUT Euro - PCB set

    So it is time to offer a bulk order of these boards.  This will be a PCB only set consisting of the DOUT/Jack board and the Aout module that mounts on the back of it.  I could also offer this with the liner driver receiver if there is interest for it and possibly a PCB euro panel. The module does this: 3x DOUTs for 8 5V gates, 8 clocks, and 8 Triggers 8x CV Channels via the MAX525 DAC with the Bipolar offset option. There will be an additional DOUT/DIN header on the board for linking to a Euro TPD module down the line   The module is provisioned to be powered via 10 pin euro power header with the +5V being supplied either by the module itself or from the line extender.  I tested both ways without noticing a difference but do recommend that it be powered internally. Pricing will depend on how many people order but expect ~ $30 for the set of just the DOUT/Aout boards  Sign up here: Also, a warning:  This is an all SMD board, 0603 size passives, SOIC opamps,  and the MAX525s are SSOP size, if you dont have experience with soldering parts like that, I recommend getting some practice boards off ebay until you are comfortable.  This is not a beginner's surface mount project.   Boards will be made by PCBway.  I can get ENIG plating or leaded HASL.  Leaded HASL is much better to solder to but is not ROHS compliant so input would be appreciated on that.           
  9. I just stuck a darkly tinted window, it obscures the depth..  There is no way to go in front of the PCB, it will interfere with the tacts
  10. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    i'll PM ppl for the ones I have, $5 a pop.   I'll post an OSHpark project later..
  11. Powering SEQ with USB Hub problem

    I think that there is something else pulling it down, I run mine on USB power all the time when I'm flashing it, check resistance between +5 and gnd and +3.3 and ground
  12. Powering SEQ with USB Hub problem

    There may be current limiting stuff on the discovery board too
  13. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    no, just havent had time to deal with this..
  14. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    I like the feedback as well but its REALLY cumbersome to use the MB6582 with a 8 channel snake out the back.  I used a single supply with TL074 running off the 9V     
  15. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    Correct.  There are 2 ways to wire this in, pre the jack which will just mirror what's coming out of the channel or post jack by puling the 10ks in the passive mixer so the SID pair is removed from the mix when you plug something in
  16. Time for my next MB

    Mouser stocks Vishay OLEDS which are rebadged raystars..
  17. [WTB] GM5x5x5 PCB

    in the US.
  18. sold

    all gone.
  19. 16pin SIL to 16pin DIL adapter

    same as I shared before, I think I deleted the project accidentally on OSHpark and someone asked about it so here it is again
  20. Thought I already shared this but just in case:
  21. 16pin SIL to 16pin DIL adapter

  22. Optrex/Kyocera HD44780 20x4 LCD?   Id just get the OLED though  
  23. Optrex/Kyocera HD44780 20x4 LCD?

  24. nice.  Curious about the custom mainboard
  25. [FS] SeqV4L , MidiREX

    SEQ is sold