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  1. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    Ah okay, I see! ..thought about playing live initially, so that was the mindset for "midi cabling required".. anyway, just to recap, a direct communication would be then: wifi(!) ipad => mobile wlanrouter(via cable)=>ethernet socket of LPC17/SEQ, right?
  2. Ebony + SMD SEQ V4 Lite :)

    Man, that seq4L is slick! Very cool! :ninja:
  3. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    Jeez, tempted to jump on that midibox-ipad-lemur-bandwagon.. Once again, congrats! Really fine project TK! *gone hunting an ordinary ipad1+iconnect MIDI*
  4. STM32 and CV OUT (AOUT_NG)

    Inspirational indeed! One could also think of switches connected to the AOUT_NG jumpers to switch between unipolar/bipolar.. Is the buffer actually amplifying the gates towards modular level (for the kraftzwerg) or does it function as protection for Core32's circuitry? btw. MBCV V2? very promising! :thumbsup:
  5. STM32 and CV OUT (AOUT_NG)

    dunno, sorry. You can populate the pins with what you need/like. It's the connection to your external CV-box. As a modular user, some additional triggers may be nice to be considered. Or some Amplification for the (rather low powered) gates from the STM32. Or somme attenuverters..
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Oh YES, that's a very useful and live-friendly approach, seeing those awesome recording-features combined with a immediate UI. Maybe there's room in that concept for havin the option to half the parameterlayers and get 4 tracks instead of two? But since data transfer with the big SEQ is possible, one could use this as sketch pad for 1-2 complex tracks, which can be copied on-the-fly to the "big" SEQ (that could serve the job of being a multiple complex-tack player). I can imagine this SEQlite as a really slick design together with a little harmonic table-keyboard :w00t: looking forward to this! :frantics: cheers!
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Ah well, this is brilliant! :sorcerer: So getting just the echo page stored into BM1 global would require to set everything but "page" to "-" in the config slot via notepad. Then choosing "page" number "34". Done! Maybe we could consider a bookmark-thread for exchange/diskussion after some testing-time.. beta41 is working fine here - thanks for this fabulous feature, TK!
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Everything that provides
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thanks stuart! Got it, great! I hope I dind't overlook more such solutions in .v4 *donk* :blush:
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Just a quick report inbetween - this SEQ is really awesome :thumbsup: V4.0beta39 is running stable, no issues encountered so far. realtime rec and fx functions really do it for me regarding creating quickly complex patterns in live context. For example echo with +note on drums atop of a regular drumtrack groove -> fills that can be influenced via note alteration on the drum-sequencing note track, the repeat and +-note-stages in the FX menu.. just really great. In order to make the workflow as fast as possible I was thinking if a)it's possible to configure toggle for "utility" menu in the HW.V4 chart? if these menus are able to be toggeled, one can switch back to the primal page automatically. b)Maybe it's even possible to route "Echo" oder "Rec" menu towards one F-button? c)it would be considerable to implement a global "forward"/"backward" function to the menu history? (this would be very useful to instantly switch back for example from the mute menu to the menu one was before.) such a function could be routed to the up/down buttons.. But I assume that's hard to implement at this point into the complex system. I must admit that I'm not sure to have already properly checked all the possibilities of the remote functions. That's probably another way to get quick to certain pages which are deeper located in the menu structure. I will do that right now :sheep:
  11. mail: erste_adresse@hotmail.com

  12. As I've blown the backlights from one of my Optrex Displays during MBSEQ V4 buildup (see last post on this thread), I'm looking for at least one OPTREX C-51850NFQJ-LG-ACN. Up to 3-4 would be taken as reserve. If nobody's got spares right now, maybe s.o. from Europe is willing to join a buy @ mouser. Since I'd take 3 LCDs, two more would already lower the price (1 item: 33,21 eur / 5 items: 29,88 eur). cheers oshidash :flowers:
  13. Problem with 2nd LCD

    Hi there, just wanted to report another possible cause for blocks displayed on the LCDs, which happend in my case: Upper row on both displays showed solid blocks and whilst I suspected the Pinning/cables to be wrong, it turned out that R2 resistior array was stuffed upside down :baby: . Since everything went fine during the building/testing-stages this didn`t come to my multimeter-mind so I rather went on going tilt by making numerous cable-versions and blowing backlights of a regular LCD and also of an optrex :bye: Now the seq ist running fine. apart from.. well ..spare Optrex anyone..? :whistle:
  14. Julian we' ve already talked about my interest via mail, so this may be sort of redundant, but just to fulfill formalities I'd like to state in public that I'd like to order one SEQ-Panel (white). Okay, now I'm comitted :) oshidash, Germany
  15. AOUT_NG VCO Tracking