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  1. The making of a Midibox64

    It has also been sugeested to me that perhaps he changed jobs and lost his old web storage space so the pics are gone. That might also explain my not receiving the package. That could be, I guess, but I still think it would have been nice if he replied to my emails. I don't think the entire box was a scam - I'm sure he built it and that it worked. Things just got a little weird after that. -drin
  2. The making of a Midibox64

    In my opinion the maker of this MIDIBox either suffered a nervous breakdown or was a con artist. I asked him a question about some switches he had used and he replied to me privately that he had more of them and would sell them to me. I PayPal'd him cash (after all, his box looks legit, right?) and the switches never arrived. Followup emails went unanswered for months, then he replied and told me the switches had been returned by the USPS for some reason and that he was resending them. That was in February. They never arrived and he hasn't answered a single email since. -drin
  3. For a first project you've bitten off a really big chunk. I'd suggest starting with something simpler - one core, 8 (non-motor) faders, some pots. In fact, I'd recommend building a MIDIBox64 or 64e to learn your way around. Even an LC, but a single LC - what you're proposing is a complicated project, particularly if you have limited electronics experience. -drin
  4. 10/14-bit midi discussion etc.

    Based on the people I know inside NI the answers are 'no' and 'no'. -drin
  5. Just a couple of LC questions..

    According the the Propellerheads' site the Mackie Control implementation for Reason 3.0 supports Control Universal, Control Universal C4 and Control Universal Extender. All three implementations support LED meters and motorfaders. -drin
  6. Just a quick note. I've updated the Wiki - Reason 3.0 now supports the Mackie Universal Control protocol (aka Logic Control or LC) with the use of the Propellerheads' Mackie Remote, available from the Props' website for registered Reason users. -drin
  7. motorized slide switches?

    No, not really. Switches aren't motorized. -drin
  8. Adding MIDI to Speak & Read?

    You're welcome. Please keep us informed of your progress! New toys are always good. :) -drin
  9. Adding MIDI to Speak & Read?

    You might start here: http://www.makezine.com/extras/32.html. It's a simple DIY circuit bending project with a Speak & Read, but it could provide some ideas as to where to start bending. -drin
  10. SID Kit Availability

    Because it's Smash's job to source all of your parts for you, right? He sits at home waiting for requests from people who don't bother learning to read, just so he can answer all their questions for them. For free, too! Just out of curiosity, what part of 'Do It Yourself' is confusing? Perhaps you'd like Smash to build and test your SID for you as well? You can start reading all about your SID here: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_sid.html. Once you've finished that you can go here: http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp_lcd.html to get information about which LCDs work with the SID, although there are others that work that aren't on the list. Once you've read all that information, read it again. Then perhaps read it again. Once you've finished that see if you still have any more questions. /Yes, I'm a curmudgeon. That doesn't make my points any less valid -drin
  11. Ableton Live controller concept

    Now just convince club owners that you should be allowed to jack your laptop into their sound systems. :) I've found that's the biggest problem in most clubs. House parties, sure, but clubs? Not so common. I still use 1200's, as well as Technics SL-DZ1200's, but whenever I can I use Traktor. It's much easier to haul my laptop around than bags full of vinyl, and it sounds almost as good. -drin
  12. Ableton Live controller concept

    Hey dengel. I understand the limitations of operating without a MIDI controller. I just meant to make the point that they're not required, that you can operate without one for more than a few tracks. I'm the last person to suggest someone NOT have a MIDI controller, particularly on the ucapps site. :D Just out of curiosity, have you tried mixing into a track in Traktor from Live? I mix Traktor with my 1200's every so often and I find it's not the easiest thing to do sometimes. -drin
  13. Ableton Live controller concept

    Ummm, 6x8= 48, not 56, right? I have friends who use Ableton and run sets for 4-5 hours without a MIDI controller. I'm not sure why you feel limited without one, but then again I don't use the program. -drin
  14. Here's a tissue for you. Quit crying. And thanks stryd! -drin
  15. Over here in Japan he's known as 'fat tub of American lard'. :D (Getting ready for my nidan test myself). -drin