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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I tried to read thru the whole topic, but man was it long ;)   So, one question: How is the participation to join this handled? Am I already late, or is it just starting? This would get me back to the Midibox bandwagon, as my cardbox Midibox SEQv4 is really a pain and I have had it on the shelf for years now :)   Cool that there is active people creating new projects. Very nice indeed 
  2. Selling Seqv4

  3. WTB Midibox SeqV4

    Hello,     I am interested of MBSeqV4... I have one... But it is a bit lousy.   I am interested of rock solid control surface. Built or a kit... Built would be better.   Also a complete MBSeqV4 would rock, as I have a case. Not best built, but a case anyway.   I dislike sticky keys like anyone ;)   So if you can help me, please please :D       yOURS,     Roope
  4. Hi, I am about to upgrade my cardboard SeqV4 with proper control surface. The cardboard is pretty good, but can't take drunken beating. Whoa! If you have some spares for building one, I am more than willing to dig some cash for you. Yours, Nestle
  5. Gate out SeqV4 MBSEQ_HW.V4

    Thanks! I am at it! Roope
  6. Gate out SeqV4 MBSEQ_HW.V4

    I am adding a gate out function to my MBSeqV4 ... A few questions will follow... In the configuration file; DOUT_GATE_SR1 0 <--- What should I put here if I want to use J5 pins to send the gate? AOUT channel 16 is used to send the data to the pin, but this I don't get. :) Shift register chains? My brain!!! Then all I do is to choose a track and select AOUT as the channel? Still I don't get how to tell which track goes where? I only need one gate out and want to send one track pulse to my analog sequencer to sync it. The second one is for physical part: Does the gate pulse itself require a ground, or is it just one lead carrying the voltage? Thats about it :D Thank you, Nestle
  7. using seq v4?

    Ok, I have advanced a bit with my studies with MBSeqV4 :) New question... It seems I can't find a right button.... When I have longer sequence than 16 steps, I can't find a button to scroll around. I have to use live -record to add notes to the steps outside of my screens :P I know I am a fool, but I tried a several hours. Khee. Made me think that maybe the SeqV3 enclosure I am using is missing a button or so ;) Nestle
  8. iPad sequencers

    I had a weird idea that my software problems would be long gone by just purchasing iPad, but alas, it seems there is too much and to limited software available. Maybe I try genome and see if it works... Roope
  9. iPad sequencers

    now this seems rather interesting. many of the better studio -softwares doesn't even support midi. ... but genome on the other hand doesn't make sound of anykind... Does someone know how well iPad 2 runs sone synths and genome? Any experience using genome? Is it like on the video :D Nestle
  10. GM5x5x5 Acrylic Sandwich Panels

    i am interested of one set.. maybe you contact me using PM? Thanks, Nestle
  11. hello, i am interested of the ssm2044 vcf boards. you can contact me using PM! Nestle
  12. iPad sequencers

    Hello, Had to part my ways with Oberkorn and Yamaha RS7000 - too bulky and stuff.. Great features though. Also had to get rid of some VA synths... There was an idea to make this pile portable, but man... I am after portable solution for creating midi templates, patterns and even songs. I do not need really awesome synths - I will plug the seq later to my synths and drummachines - but it should have basic stuff... I can't do stuff on mute :D I have some dough now as I just sold the sequencers... I have been thinking abot getting an iPad and some software for it... But as I browsed thru options I soon noticed that there are too many.... Even google can't pinpoint a solid product for me. It seems that midibox seq for iPad is not available ... Also it doesn't have sound engines. So, maybe you guys can help me? I will wait a few short months and get the iPad3... I have strong feeling that it will emerge just in time for me :D Ok, thanks in advance! Nestle
  13. Hiya! Found a nice box for SEQv4L... Just wondering what is the absolute minimum room for the innards? The PCB fits in ... just a few millimeters space around. Really spot on. I don't have the parts for the mainboard yet... Only the PCB and it fits too. How high is the highest component with cpuboard included? Thanks, Roope
  14. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    Hola, My PCB arrived a while ago... Very nice and small ... I can see you guys are drilling acryl like there would be no tommorow... Still I ask, will there be a case available as a bulk order? SHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOWHA! Back to listening Kate Bush and 50 words of snow Nestle
  15. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    Thanks for clarification Tim... I indeed messed up the two PCBs ... Cool, too bad the parts kit is too juicy for our customs :D Thanks, Nestle