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  1. Rotary Encoder

  2. the F keys are assigned to track mutes 1-8 by default, not sure you change this without using something like autohotkeys
  3. Ableton Midi Control Question

    im 99% sure it works in live 5. There is also some decent autohotkey scripts about that make this kind of navigation a lot easier.
  4. NEw UCAppS Chat Room On Soulseek

    i'll join up when im on there, not that often though
  5. [Explicit] How to make three LEDs out of two...

    haha excellent!
  6. Really basic question on PSU>Core

    thanks guys, thats very helpful
  7. My new midibox

    i think it looks cool how it is, different & does the job  :D
  8. Umm this is very basic & im a bit embarrassed to ask but i dont really understand how you connect a power supply (like a wall adapter) to the core. I know where the two pins are on the core to connect it but inbetween that and the male connector on the adapter, im lost. Ive tried googling & looking at online shops but i cant seem to find much on the subject, its seems like its on of those basic things that everyone assumes you already know. So how do i connect two wires to something like this:
  9. A Ableton Live Controller.

    yeah kind of like that, i was thinking along the lines of one rotary encoder to scroll up & down scenes (or 2 buttons for up & down), one button for trigger scene, and one button on each channel to trigger what ever is selected on that scene and track. You know the button i mean? Hit MIDI or KEY mode & under each track there is a play button that appears, if you assign this you can trigger the clip on that track which you have selected. So if you use Toggle launch mode on the clips you only need one button to start and stop clips, hit it once to start, once to stop. Sorry if you know that already. however, that is just one way of working, im sure there are plenty of others as well, its all up to you at the end of the day.
  10. A Ableton Live Controller.

    unless you want a mega project i would revise you design/ideas. do you really need 81 clip triggers? YOu can haev just one for each channel and use the track trigger button, so you only need one for however many channels and a scene up/down button or an encoder. at a rough guess you will need 2 m64 or m64e for this. Just seems unneccessary to me, you could easily do it with one m64
  11. PS2 dualshock joysticks

    haha that reminds me of this guy -
  12. Advantages of panel mounted parts?

    well that would be nil & nil  :D thanks for all the advice though, im just chuffed i started a topic that went to 2 pages without being told to search the site  ;D Reckon panel mounting is the way for me, im not too bothered about it being a pro job, perhaps future builds i will look in to this but for now panel mount will be fine. Seems far too complicated with regard to spacing & actually designing the panel itself, im pretty new to design programs so it'll be helpful for me if i dont have to worry about pcb spacing on top of everything else. thanks again
  13. traktor controller design

    man that jogwheel pic is cool! Some interesting symbology on that  ;)