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  1. S: 28 spare 6582A SIDs (from MEGA-SALE #5)

    Try it with Malibu, it's the original multi-purpose fluid - drink, toothpaste, aftershave, the list goes on...
  2. Terrible shows by anyone

    Worst show I've ever been to was when I took my young lady to a Funeral For A Friend show. Dear God, they're bad. Now, I'm sorry to inflict this on you guys but since you brought up the topic of the worst song evar! I thought I might share this: Please, forgive me.
  3. The official eBay thread!

    Roland JX-3P with PG 200, slightly broken (brilliance fader, volume pot both damaged):|39%3A1|65%3A12&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 Seller wants £379.99 buy-it-now or best offer, plus £35 UK postage. Unfortunately for antipodean midiboxers, he'll only ship to the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
  4. Fan Connections

    £4.99 -

    If it ends up anything like what I read about the vX a while back, it's gonna rule. I'm not one for hardware sequencing, but I'd build one just due to the sheer weirdness you've got going on there.
  6. The Dub Master MIDIbox 64 -work in progress-

    Nononono, I was puking from watching Stryper, I think your choice of power cord is awesome! Shoulda made that more clear, grumble grumble...
  7. Slayer - Angel of Death, 8-bit version!

    Anyone with a copy of UnrealEd and the first Unreal game should be able to help. You can export the .umx files to .s3m's in UnrealEd, then play/convert them in Winamp. I'd offer to do it for you, but I only have Tournament, not the original unreal.

    Is this the mythical vX?
  9. The Dub Master MIDIbox 64 -work in progress-

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. @Foona: you're right, that's one sexy PSU. Only thing that I'd change is instead of the illuminated red rocker switch i'd have one of these:
  10. The Dub Master MIDIbox 64 -work in progress-

    A Missile Switch cover?
  11. Thanks! Just to re-iterate the message on the page, make sure you look at the pin assignment of your Bridge Rectifier very carefully before using that layout - the one I used when I made my PSU apparently has a different design to most. Nothing to worry about, but just make sure the correct wires go to the right terminals on the chip.
  12. Finished.... Almost. ;p

    D'oh! completely missed that bit. :-[ 2A wallwart, then a 78S05 to make use of it  :P
  13. Finished.... Almost. ;p

    I think replacing your 7805 with a 78S05 should give you 2A to play with instead of one, but I'll happily yield to those with greater electrotonical knowledge than my own...
  14. That's what I thought I'd probably have to do. No biggie really, I'll just keep an eye on the Fleamarket  ;) /Edited for my poor attempt at spelling.
  15. Is it too late to jump in on this one? Or is it unlikely that we'll make it to the 750-chip level to qualify for another order?
  16. PSU Sticky Nomination

    No problem. As always seems to be the case on the 'net, it's hard to judge exactly what tone someone was trying to take.
  17. PSU Sticky Nomination

    When I made that page, I wrote next to the circuit diagram (quote)Bear in mind that your rectifier and regulator might not have the same pins in the same places as mine(/quote). After you pointed out to me that mine were non-standard (I had no idea, I just got 'em from the local electronics shop) I made the text bold to draw attention to it.  No offence meant Wilba, but I ain't sure what else you want me to do... PS: Yes, I know the page is horrible. i was a lot younger then, and didn't know CSS. Or good taste. PPS: Even worse, that's as far as my MBSID has gotten yet - work, girlfriend, life etc. Gonna have to order some parts soon, to get me back into it...
  18. "Adult" service manuals? NSFW

    Damn, that's even worse than having to fix it yourself - there's absolutely nothing to say that the problem won't come back, typically at the worst possible moment.
  19. "Adult" service manuals? NSFW

    I actually downloaded this purely to see what the context was I hasten to add, and... there is no context to it whatsoever. The background on each page has been replaced with a rather attractive brunette who leaves nothing to the imagination.
  20. Power and Glory!

    Individually controllable breadth and depth for both this *and* that! that's killer! And it has industry approval from Good Housekeeping! I want one in my rack right now... Unfortunately my power strip can't supply 12KW and my rack won't hold 130lbs...  :-[
  21. The forum game

    March of the pigs! (Effectively in 29/8 at 269bpm)
  22. 3D design application ?

    Blender's the biggest and (probably) most popular free 3D app, but the user interface sits somewhere between the cockpit of a 747 and a space shuttle, complexity-wise. My preferred 3D app is 3D Studio Max, but that's about as far from free as it's posible to be - I'm lucky in that I got an educational licence from when I was at university and "forgot" to uninstall it when I left there. Hmmm, must get around to that one day.
  23. ||||sidated||||

    Looking at the size and shape of the LCD and buttons in the first pic, I'd assume he's swapped the 2x24 for a 2x40..
  24. dB Live - Update and (finally) some photos - update

    Laser flashback occurs when you're lasercutting a reflective material (like aluminium) - some of the beam reflects back from the cutting service and burns the laser optics.
  25. Wanted (UK) Waste Commodore 64 bits.

    Yeah, I felt a bit guilty when the only C64 I could find was complete with 30 games and 2 joysticks. Lucky, then that I still have my original C64 from when I was about 6 and there ain't nobody gonna make me cut that one up! ;D