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  1. "enabler" project....sort of

    Finally found it again, but it appears that "Bome's MIDI Translator" will do the trick:
  2. "enabler" project....sort of

    That requires building one. I made one, and it got to the prototype stage, but then with my baby I had no time to build anymore - so I need a pre-built solution.
  3. "enabler" project....sort of

    Well, overall the device is quite nice - well built (although the faders feel cheap) and responsive. My only problem is actually with Ableton itself. For reasons that I fail to understand, I cannot assign loop set-end-out commands per channel. Instead, you have to use a single buttonset, and this set controls whatever track is displaying in track view. for the non-dj, this is great, but i'd like to be able to map the loop controls seperately for each channel. the nudge controls have the same limitation. because of this, almost any controller, home built or not, can only have a single set of these controls, making it non-dj-like :(. I think that perhaps running it through an intermediary program that does a midi-macro (IE, when you push nudge on ch1's set of controls, it sends first a command to switch to ch1, THEN, to send a nudge note). The same would work for loops. But my initial impression is that it is a great controller if you use LIVE like a set of decks with self-mixing records.
  4. Well, After years of looking and waiting for an ableton friendly MIDI controller, today I found one. It was unexpected, since technically it is marketed as a "Video Controller"... The NuVJ from Numark is about as close to a commercial unit as I am likely to get (besides the new Korg mixers) and it only ran me $250 USD. I am hooking it up now; I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Wish to sell: My MIDIBox and related parts

    I'll see if I can. Hell, if I have to do 2 of them it is still cheaper. BTW, the payment cleared yesterday, so I'll get the stuff ready and ship it out!
  6. Wish to sell: My MIDIBox and related parts

    Wise and NLX... It looks like the cheapest shipping will be $34.20 USD, USPS (which is what Smash uses). If I paid $15 of that, would you be interested still?
  7. Wish to sell: My MIDIBox and related parts

    Thanks, guys... Still trying to determine the best/least expensive method to ship this to you. Any suggestions are welcome.
  8. Wish to sell: My MIDIBox and related parts

    thanks, TK, for moving this. Also, I'll send the power supply as well. Also, that price is shipped, BTW. EDIT: I am so sorry that I forgot what an international community Midibox is. Apparently, shipping internationally is insane. Shipping was gonna be less than 10 bux domestic, but nearly 40 is a bit of a hard pill to swallow. I found the cheapest to the Netherlands ('Best Country Name Ever' Award, BTW) was $34.20 for USPS. :o. UPS, DHL, etc were insane; over $100 in each case.
  9. Pictures below... With the birth of my baby 6 months ago, I just have no time to devote to the project. I would like to sell my PCB's (Constructed from full-parts kits from Smash) as well as my purchased pots, encoders, and knobs (GREAT KNOBS) for under my cost. What I would be selling are : 1 Core module, flashed with m64 standard code 4 constructed and tested AIN modules 2 DIN Modules, 1 Constructed and 1 not yet built 24 small pots (see pix) with 24 machined aluminum set-screw (Ekler-type) knobs 1 rotary endless encoder w/ set screw knob some inexpensive 45mm faders (I think I have 6) some miscellaneous small parts and wire (basically whatever I have lying around related to the project). 1 m-audio Uno midi interface (ideal for a mobile setup; very small and USB powered) Adobe Illustrator files of the faceplate art (if the person wants it). I'd like to sell it for $100, which is essentially what I paid for just the PCB stuff from SmashTV plus about $25 more. The knobs were 2 bucks apiece alone, the pots a buck 50, the midi interface (a m-Audio Uno) was $40, etc etc etc.... In my sale notice, I would like to make clear that I will only sell the item to Midiboxers who had already worked with the platform, and that it is not a completed project (although I did play a couple times with it in the knob-only prototype mode shown). It would be a great start to a new m64 project for an established Boxer who didn't want to solder everything themselves yet again, and wanted some (very nice) hardware to go along with the boards. Pictures: Not shown, DINs, Misc parts, Uno.
  10. Cool buttons with RGB LEDS!

    Well, it's been a while. I have a baby now, and it is hard to find time for hobbies, but I still am trying to finish my project (the enabler). I also came across these buttons today, because of an Engadget link where they were used in a Tetris game. My whole project is on hold because of a lack of the right buttons. Anyway, I wrote with a suggestion, and got a friendly, non-canned response: ---------------------------------------------------- Hey Don, We couldn't find them either, that's why we had them made ;) Happy we could help! Nice idea with the round buttons - that would be easier to make face plates for. If we can get the normal 4x4 pad sold, we'll look into having a new tool made. Best regards, Support > > If you only knew how long I have been trying to find this: > >  > > > >  > > I have a 2-year old project that is simply waiting for the right > buttons, and for whatever reason NO ONE else in the world makes > buttons like these for non-custom, hobbyist purposes. > >  > > I have one suggestion: could you make a round version, so that people > can make faceplate-style, back-mounted  designs that can be drilled by > a regular drill? > >  > > THANKS AGAIN. PS...What buttons did TK use for the monome-inspired design from the video on the SEQ page?
  11. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

  12. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

    You could save it as a dxf in illustrator, which a CNC machinist could use. I hand-drilled a plate, and it works OK but I am looking for a more finished look.
  13. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

    Hi, everybody. Well, I have been building mine for a while, but (fortunately and unfortunately) my project was sidelined with the birth of my new daughter. In any case, I am looking forward to finishing it up. A few months back, I met with an engineer friend, and he is making me re-do my technical drawings. He had crazy ideas of making the faceplate out of 1/4" aluminum plate, so a lot had to change, since instead of needing to simply make a hole, I now have to countersink my pots into the face so they can be screwed on :(. He's also having me measure every part with a micrometer so that everything is snug. It's taking a long time, but other than that the project is still on. I've played live with the prototype a couple times and liked it, but it will be fun to have it done. Hardest, most time consuming part of the entire project, in all honesty? Selecting buttons. Seriously, decent buttons are so hard to find it's almost stupid.
  14. Ableton Live controller concept

    Meef, I'm not quite sure what you are asking about here? On the encoders, I just have autoprogrammed them in Ableton. I am still trying to work out the MIOS stuff to get the display to show what I want instead of the MIOS defaults. Good news is that today I am going to the CNC guy, finally! That means that soon I will have the device finished completely, not just the prototype version. Can't wait!
  15. Ableton Live controller concept

    Yes, I do - look in the upper right corner for the master BPM. There's also a quant. encoder, and a scene select encoder ( the large knob next to the logo)