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  1. Hi: I have a MIDIbox64 I didn't use for a while. It have 32 pots, 28 buttons, 16 leds and a 2x16 display. I remember reading that is possible to load the firmware of the Sequencer V2 into it, but I can't find the info now. Is it just a matter of editing setup_mbseq_vintage.asm? Thank you.
  2. MIDIbox CV Clock Sync

    Hi Thorsten: Problem solved. The clock is working great!!! Thank you very much!!!
  3. MIDIbox CV Clock Sync

    Thanks a lot Thorsten!!! I will try it in next few days and report back. Just a question: I always used MPASM to make the HEX file (I have to mod some things in the main ASM), can I still use it?
  4. I have a Juno-106, a Juno-1 and a Matrix-1000, but no experience with MIOS 32, I have make a board, or two... Thank you.
  5. MIDIbox CV Clock Sync

    Hi Thorsten: Did you look at the sync problem? I tried to look at the code but my programing skills are almost null. Thank you.
  6. MIDIbox CV Clock Sync

    Thank you Thorsten!!! Hope it can be solved :)
  7. MIDIbox CV Clock Sync

    Hi: Recently I'm using more the clock output of the MIDIbox CV (firmware ver. 1.2a), and noted an anoying behaviour. My sequencer (SONAR) is sending MIDI Clock all the time (even when stopped), and MIDIbox CV y synced all the time, so is outputting Clock signal all the time, that's OK, when I hit start in my sequencer, the MIDIbox CV keeps outputting Clock, but not sync the division to the start of the sequencer. Let's say I configured the Clock of the MIDIbox to 24/12 ppqn, when I start the sequencer most times the clock is shifted from the the tempo of the sequencer. The shift could be anything between 1 ppqn and the division I set in the MIDIbox configuration (1/8 note in my example). How could I reset the counter in the MIDIbox CV when a MIDI start message arrives? Thank you.
  8. Hi: Some time ago I finished my MIDIbox CV, but the LCD Backlight never was very bright, the LCD is Winstar WH1602B, but the color scheme is not the same as in the Winstar site, mine is blue background with white characters. I used another one for other project and worked OK, but this one is barely readable with this dimmed out backlight. Finally I decided to add one or two white LEDS at each side of the LCD, and I'm wondering wich is the better way to power them. Can I simply connect the LEDS directly to the pins B- & B+ of the CORE V3 (PIC based), just in parallel with the actual backlight, and without any current limiting resistors? or is it better to connect them directly to 5V with some current limiting resistors? Thank you.
  9. Roland Juno-106 Filter

    Hi all: I finally did the acetone bath to some 80017a. I took the coat away of 3 chips using acetone and 2 of them worked OK. The third one, worked too, but not quite right, the VCA worked, but the VCF behaves strange, the resonance have little effect and the cuttoff have a non linear response (very weird). Anyway 2 of 3 is a good number. Now I have 5 coated working voices in my Juno, and 2 uncoated working voice for a total of 7, this left me with a spare voice. I will start to decoat the working voices one by one to prevent them from failing in the future, and if something goes wrong I will stop decoating and still having 6 working voices.
  10. Finished MIDIbox CV

    Well actually I don't have one that complex. I use the controller sliders of ERA and draw some basic waveforms, then if I want to somooth out the steps I use the Slew Rate of the MB CV or a portamento module. Sometimes I use a plugin, I can't remember the name, but most of the time I use the envelopes of the DAW, I simple make an empty clip of 1 or 2 bars then I draw a waveform with the envelope of the controller I want, then copy the clip (with the envelope) over and over.
  11. Finished MIDIbox CV

    Yes, the MIDI jacks are on the back of the modular, as I will keep it connected always, I tought it will be better to left them there. Also the MIDI is chained internally to other module (Quantix-8). I built a standalone MIDIbox SID, a modular version is not im my plans for now, but...
  12. Finished MIDIbox CV

    Hi: The MIDIbox CV is acting as an interface between my computer and the modular synth, so I can sequence it from my software sequencer or I can play it from any of my MIDI keyboards. Also I'm using the extra CV outs to send pitch wheel and controllers from my software sequencer and keyboard, and software generated LFOs and envelopes. Also I'm using the clock out to trigger things (like ADSRs).
  13. 808 kick drum

    Hi: I built a TR-9090 (an clone of the TR-909) and played several analog drum machines, and all behaves the same. That's the cool thing about analog, if you want a steady repetitive sound go for samples.
  14. AOUT with +/-15V?

    I can confirm that. Mine is running at -15 +15 V.