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  1. That would be great. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello Midi-Box. Long time no sea!! That's what newborn children do!! Let that be a warning to the yonger midiboxers out there. It will come to a point of deciding between midibox.org and children. There are pros and cons to each, but I am afraid that it will have to wait for another discussion. Anyways. I am sick to death of cables. They are worse than dirty nappies dudes. So, I was wondering what success anyone may have had with remote control relays to trigger DIN and AIN on a CORE board. The idea is to put a transmitter in my foot pedals on stage, and have somewhere in the rackmount a receiver/CORE set up that will sort out the midi. Any suggestion, abuse or general ramblings welcome.
  3. Can anyone please help me identify the name of this typ of perf board by name, as I need to buy a good bit, and am doing my nut on google trying to find it It's the drill hole spacing to the right that I want to identify. Many Thanks hg
  4. Hammond Organ Drawbar Slide Pots- 10k

    These arrived today. The screw seetings for the tabs are not in the same positionins athe older M or H series (that's two types there), but could be easily adapted. Thought I'd give the heads up.
  5. Hi, If anyone is interested, I found 10k digital drawbars available on a site called surplusgizmos.com for $2 each. These are very hard to find generally. The ones available on the doepfler site are 47k, and of no general use to the midibox. You only have to source the stop tabs. I have a batch of forty coming in, which cost me just under EUR82 including post and packaging. I will look at them when they arrive and see what stop tabs fit them, as I have most of the Hammond model stops lying around. The link is http://www.surplusgizmos.com/Potentiometer-w-Draw-Bar-Slide_p_750.html . ;)
  6. Free screen wipes

    I have a touchscreen. That boob link works!! All I do is put my toungue to the screen and I get to lick the screen clean ;D The only thing I hae to avoid is accidentally hitting the link I posted to start this all of, cos then....well...I will leave that to your apparent vivid imaginations!!
  7. Free screen wipes

    Check this out, free screen wipes- http://cache.valleywag.com/assets/resources/screenclean.swf
  8. design of a hammond organ controller

    Yep. That will do it. That is more or less the same design as my machine. I will try and post some photos later. The difficulty you will have is gettng the exact measurements, but you will figure that out. Before you build, it is worth considering what handles you want to put on it- as some require cut-outs to be made in the wood. Also, what are you going to cover the finished product with? Not so. I meant to add that these are stuck together with alluminium extrusions, which is a method that can also be used with the plywood. Extrusions- http://www.adamhall.com/uk/AH_K--Aluminium__l--en__p--project_27__b--6106S How they work (or a link to a flightcase- the penny will drop!!)- http://www.thomann.de/gb/thon_keyboard_case_i.htm Ans, I remembered the name of the plastic- Astroboard. There are stronger. Just google astroboard, get the type of plastic it is made of- I thimk it is polypropelyne- and research solid sheets of it. I lost the notebook I had with all of the details I researched last year. Astroboard- http://www.adamhall.com/uk/AH_l--en__p--project_2__f--9 Let me know what you think. For what it is worth, my intention is to build a new case out of astroboard and aluminium extrusion. I will take more photos of my machine later and post them. It might help you with issues you may have. One more great resource I found was http://www.blue-room.org.uk/ Here they discuss flightcase building in depth. HG
  9. design of a hammond organ controller

    Oh yeah, only eight steps requires for Hammond stops...... ;D
  10. design of a hammond organ controller

    Sorry, One more think I wanted ton point out, and that is the lightweught alternaives to plywood that I intend on using the next time round. One is shrink mousding. It is the precess by which Fender Rhodes built their cases for their pianos. Have a google. The other, and I think more interesting, is to use the plastic alternative to wood that is mentiones on many cabinet building sites, (but can't remember its name and my notes aren't to hand) held together by aluminium extrusions. Another stronger material is the plastic fascias used ibn building skyscrapers. I will dig out all my old notes and try and get the names. Also, before you start, I found http://www.adamhall.com/ to be a very good source for cabinet parts at a reasonable price. HG
  11. design of a hammond organ controller

    As long as the quality of ply you use is good, there should be no problems. Have a look around for cabinet building sites, as I found them to be a superb resource- http://www.colomar.com/Shavano/ here is just one example. Just make sure to use loads and loads of glue.... Best of luck with the project. HG
  12. design of a hammond organ controller

    Just had a look at the Drawbars for sale by Doepfer, and I would have to qusestion there suitability, being rated at 47k!! Have a look around the forums :-[
  13. design of a hammond organ controller

    Here is one that I built- I have changed some things since that photo. The screen is no black, and there is a bit more brass trim. The whole thing works by housing a quad core PC and running VSTi's natyrally with native instruments B4. It is built in ply with walnut veneer, and a green leatherette/tolex cover. The reason I chose ply was because of the possibility to change the design schem, as I didn't know exactly what the specs would be. As you can see I chose to use a single fully weighted piano pulled from a fatar, so that it is not just limited to organ playing....basically I can play piano as piano etc. Is that roughly what you are up to? Oh yeah, the way I wired up the drawbars, which are a set of modded H series ones, is the best way to go, having done some serious research into all the possibilites of getting them to midi. Would be pleased to help you in any way, HG ;)
  14. Has it been that long?

    Got a message saying that I hadn't visited the forums in ages, and then realised- "God. It's true" So let me say this. There is life without midiboxing in it, however, I strongly suggest not trying it. I think we need to get some EU Government warning on the site like "Living Without Midibox In You Life Can Be Extremely Boring", or "Midibox Helps Maintain Sanity When Used As Part Of A Controlled Diet"...something like that. Apologies for being gone so long, but glad to be back. Hello All....... HG ;D
  15. Current pot position

    Thanks. Didi the job. Go to bed. :o