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  1. after a few months i came back to making my boxes - and i realised that there have been some changes to the midibox code. i realised that now after installing midibox64 v2.4b and reconfiguring it with serge's vmidibox64 my box behaves quite odd. is it possible that serge's box doesn't work anymore for the new code's? maybe someon has a backup of the old codes so i could install them back? thanks!
  2. interesting i thought that only i had such an idea! i actually did a very similar thing that look like this: ________________________ |                                    | |            2x LCD              | |______________________ |   enc    enc    enc    enc   enc    enc    enc    enc the encoders have push buttons. to answer your first question: you can do that with bome's midi translator. you just have to add 8 entries so that whenever you press a channel select button it also sends the "plugin edit" message so it will switch to the edit mode. this is not a very nice workaround but hey it works. i have this implemented in the above idea and it works quite well. i cannot though answer your second and third question.
  3. Fader cap (DJ Style) - Where to buy ?

    try some djshops. my fader caps are in fact reloop spare caps. quite pricey but nice. attention though: see exactly if the fadercap will fit your fader. i had to widen the opening a bit in mine cause they were like 0.2 mm to narrow.
  4. doepfer regelwerk faders

    i know that they are alps but does anybody know the serial number ? they have a perfect feeling and i would really want to implement them in my future midiboxes !
  5. no no it does what it is supposed to do. i'm still having alot of trouble with my sid - arp is still down and filter doesn't work like it should too. interconnection test is fine testtone works 2 different cores used both 6581 and 8580 the same problem... wicked
  6. my c programming skills are totally bad but i guess i'll figure out how to do this switching but i could really need a hand with the ledrings. is there any application in c with ledrings up so i could look how it is made ?
  7. any idea how to achieve that ? some hints maybe ... i mean should i try to rewrite the mb64e code or start something from scratch ? actually i would prefer start from scratch in c but i couldn't find an example for driving ledrings in c on the forum.
  8. like in the topic name - when switching the cs# to 0 should the d7 pin also go to 0 or stay at 5 volts ? the readme doesn't mention that.
  9. so - my idea is: i have an encoder and underneath 3 illuminated buttons. what i would want to do is that when i press one button it lits up, the encoder sends for example cc1 and also the ledring around it receives cc1. when i press another button it lits up, the first button goes of and now the encoder sends cc2 and the ledring receives cc2. is that possible actually ?
  10. ableton live control surface

    just make sure that you try this configuration out earlier stuffing some pots in a piece of carton or else. the thing is that you might end up having the pots too nearby each other and they will be difficult to operate.
  11. switching parameter pages in midibox lc

    that was a really weird one. the midi implementation in the manual that the ucapps wiki points at must be obsolete. the manual said that switching parameter pages is done by clicking the cursor left "44" and cursor right "45" buttons. in fact after a lot of research it came out that page left is actually "2c" and "2d". the old manual says those are related to "assignment eq" and "assignment instrument" i hope someone else finds this topic useful.
  12. it's driving me nuts! in ableton - i have a midi channel selected with a vst synthesizer in it. now i press the assignment:plugin button and i can see on the lc screen all the plugins in that channel . i press the first v-pot to select the first instrument and the lcd shows me the first 8 parameters of the plugin to edit. according to the lc-manual, clicking on the cursor left and cursor right buttons should show me the next page of parameters. but instead, cursor left and cursor right clicks end up in switching audio channels to the left and to the right. i tried to play with the view modes but that wasn't really helpful. can someone help me out?
  13. midibox lc - need help with different lcd setup

    okay i actually solved it by myself... the line LC_CLCD_Msg_CursorUpdate_C2 movlw 0x80-40 addwf TMP1, F has to be changed to LC_CLCD_Msg_CursorUpdate_C2 movlw 0x80-28 addwf TMP1, F also - to have everything correctly alined LC_CLCD_Init_Page0 ;; print status digits at position 38/2 SET_CLCD_STATUS 1, 38, 2 ;; print "SMPTE/BEATS" at position: 28/2 SET_CLCD_SMPTE_BEATS 1, 1, 2 ;; print MTC digits at position 27/3 SET_CLCD_MTC 1, 0, 3 ;; print host messages at position 12/0, (0=normal spacing) SET_CLCD_HOST_MSG 1, 13, 0, 0 ;; don't print meters SET_CLCD_METER 0, 0, 0, 0 ;; print rec/solo/mute status at 0/0 SET_CLCD_RSM_MSG 1, 0, 0 ;; print select status at 0/1 SET_CLCD_SEL_MSG 1, 0, 1 return and everything fits perfectly on screen. yikes !
  14. midibox lc - need help with different lcd setup

    i guesss this won't work without some more intensive recoding. as far as i have understood the file there are no seperate functions for the host messages only one: ;; print host messages at position 12/0, (0=normal spacing) SET_CLCD_HOST_MSG 1, 12, 0, 0 i guess that when it hits the end of the first lcd i automatically goes to the second. i guess i would have to make a seperate SET_CLCD_HOST_MSG for the first lcd and a seperate for the second. correct ?
  15. howdy ! so i have this problem - instead of havinf both lcd's in a line i have mounted them one beneath the other to get a more compact midibox. the problem is only that now the "controlable" elements on the lcd are not alligned together. it looks like this: status section | channel 1 | channel 2 | channel 3 | channel 4 |                             O                O            O              O       channel 5 | channel 6 | channel 7 | channel 8 | clock section             O              O                O            O the round "O" are knobs in my panel. of course you can immagine that this solution isn't really very comfortable. what i try to achieve is the following: status section | channel 1 | channel 2 | channel 3 | channel 4 |                             O              O            O              O clock section  | channel 5 | channel 6 | channel 7 | channel 8 |                             O              O              O              O so i just want to move the "clock" part to the left of the lcd. i tried to rewrite the code a bit but i'm quite stuck - the lc code is quite big with a lot of attachments and i get confused very easy. could you maybe point me in the direction where i should go and search? i have 2x40 character lcd's thanks in advance