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  1. MIDI Player from SD Card

    Is anyone working on Tutorial # 19 in the MIOS32 C Interface? I'm afraid there is no way I could perform any programming. The last programming I did was in machine language on a C64. All I need to do is read MIDI files from a SD card to MIDI out, show file name on a LCD display and use switches for Start/Stop/Pause/Next. Thanks for any response.
  2. Adding midi to an organ pedalboard

    Thought you might like to see how this gentleman added MIDI to his pedal board. I have also attached a PDF on another method from Australia. Enjoy, Harold Pedal Switching Conversion.pdf Pedal Switching Conversion.pdf
  3. Parts ordering

    Did not know we were in a confrontational mode.  All I want is to buy some of your products.  There has to be some way, other than plastic, to get money to you.  I no longer use my card for purchases over the web due to my number being stolen from a "secure site".  Had to close the account and have a new number issued.  Your not wanting to list your address on your site is understandable, just as I no longer trust web sites with my credit account number.  Is there no middle ground?
  4. Parts ordering

    Hope you're feeling better.  All I need is a mailing address.  I could not find one on your site. Mailing money is legal.  Just not wise.  It can be sent by registered mail if one wanted to take a chance.  I only meant payment other than by plastic. It used to be you could talk a business into knocking off the 5% because you were paying with cash.  Then they realized that was an extra 5% profit and stopped doing it. I was in a Wal-Mart last year checking out when the clerk had to call a manager because she did not know how to ring up a cash transaction.  It's no wonder so many people today have finance problems. Back to the MIDIBox.  I've looked at a lot of MIDI encoders, read about them and MIDIBox comes highly recommended.  I'll use it for the organ I'm building. Harold
  5. Parts ordering

    HELP!  I would like to buy MIDIBox parts from SmashTV.  I asked about how to order by mail but have received no response from him.  Is this possible?  Doesn't anyone want cash anymore?  Do they make more by using credit cards?