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  1. Tausche /Biete Teile suche Hilfe bei Arbeiten

    Könntest du die Quelle nennen aus der die Aluminium Encoder stammen? Sind diese käuflich zu erwerben und hast du irgendwelche Infos oder stammen sie aus dem HIFI Verstärker den du ausgeschlachtet hast?
  2. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Backlight stolen CIMG0955.JPG CIMG0955.JPG
  3. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Bargraph CIMG0962.JPG CIMG0962.JPG
  4. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Channel mute CIMG0968.JPG CIMG0968.JPG
  5. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Volume meters in numbers CIMG0967.JPG CIMG0967.JPG
  6. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Lyle, i checked both types of channel meters, but it looks like the bargraph version won´t work with my display, numbers are fine. I still have to connect the digital input board with the encoder, i used the MIOS Studio Keyboard to change channels and volume/ PAN but can´t make program changes and test patches. CIMG0965.JPG CIMG0965.JPG
  7. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Do you now understand my last EMAIL as i said, this drives my crazy as there are soooo many ways to configure it?!!:-D Maybe Flo (Floris) should come up here as he has done an Effects Pedal Looper here on the forum. Flo were are you??!! :P
  8. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Usage for my intends: A total of 22 Guitar effect pedals (distortion, booster, compressor etc.)can be connected to the 12 channels, having one on each stereo side of each stereo channel. The volume can be adjusted of course by the PGA chip and via the panning function of each channel, L signal or R signal can be panned between the 2 guitar preamps, not complete control but making it kind of routable more to preamp 1 or more signal to preamp 2. Feeding the signal back into the mixer i am able to add after-preamp effects, like modulation and time based, reverb, delay, phaser...which have to be placed AFTER the guitarpreamp. Via effects return 1 and 2 i am able to control how much effect signal is added to the untouched guitar amplifier signal, so a great way get rid of the downsides of digital effect processing
  9. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Ok heres my attempt to make my thought a bit more understandable;-) ....hmm...i haven´t thought about the whole impedance problem until now:-( ....by the way, this routing is just a quick way how to use the mixer as a guitar pedal router. If anyone does know a more clever resolution please share your thoughts. Of course the downside when doing this is, that all pedal in each channel will only be running in parallel and would not be able to feed into each other which is normally done if pedals are connected in series and are sitched on and off via true bypass. Maybe it would be better to make the pedal channels full mixer channels, but that way i would need about 25 PGA chips and routing an effect channel via effect send straight to delay and reverb doesn´t make sense, as the effect pedal signal has to pass the preamps. Hmm....or doing an third effect send channel for all channel 1 to 12???
  10. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Right now i am about to do the regulator board which is intended to be placed in the same chamber like the transformator. As i wrote before i will have to change the transformator anyway as i only had an 11V secondary and the regulator on the core modul gets too hot with nothing more connected as the Display. I almost forgot that i will have to power the PGA chips too;-)... ...so Lyle: You wrote that powering the core and regulatorboard from the same powersupply is likely to get noise from the powersupply?? When i change the transformer to an , for example primary 230V and secondary 2x8V 2x500mA, leading the first coil with 8V to the core modul and the second coil with 8V to the regulatorboard(which will have the bridge rectifier on it), will this work and be save in terms of noise and stability? ...also...the 2 electrolytics behind the bridge rectifier are stated to be 2700uF or more. Wouldn´t be 2200uF also doable as i don´t have the 2700uF here on my working bench?
  11. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Lyle: I only need two components more for the core modul to get it complete working, the 10mhz crystal and the Optocoupler. Right now only the backlight is working, the PIC is already flashed with the bootloader so when the core modul is working i will test the lcd concerning the 0*10 to 0*18 question. The DIN modul is almost complete and i will connect it later this day. Since yesterday i am trying to make two little pcbs which will carry the 8 encoder (the cheap panasonic ones with push button and knob already contained). One big knob for quick patch browsing and the other seven encoder will later hopefully be assignable to channels...quick access to do things like ajust reverb and delay effect level, panning between the differant channels. I will post a concept how i want the unit to be working in the next days, its thought of beeing a mixer with about 12-14 channels containing guitar effect pedals on each channel or when doing stereo channels on each stereo side. The channels will be sent to outputs which will be connected to 2 guitar preamps(maybe output left preamp1 and output right preamp2 so i can fade between), routed back into the mixer channels 15(preamp1 return) and 16 (preamp2 return)which should be full mixer channels with effect sends, delay on effect1 and reverb on effect send 2. The delay and reverb effect must of course brought back into the mixer via two more stereo channels as the reverb and delay will be stereo effects. Now the effected signal will be going out from the mixer via a second stereo mainoutput which will feed the stereo power amplifier. So output1(stereo) for the 12-14 effectpedals which will be sent to the 2 preamps and output2/mainoutput stereo which will feed the poweramp.
  12. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Sasha: I will try do make my own boards, as its still not sure when lyles boards will show up on smashtv´s shop and am planning to build as many channels (at least 16 channel boards) as possible so it will be cheaper do make one or two big pcbs for all the PGA chips, as i wouldn´t be able to get all the 16 boards in the rack case with the pins stacking it. But i am new in doing pcb layouts so please refer to lyles great artwork:-)
  13. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    and the last one...sorry for blowing up the thread with photos:-D IMGP1370.JPG IMGP1370.JPG
  14. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    some more... IMGP1371.JPG IMGP1371.JPG
  15. MIDIBox Mixer - A PGAx311 Audio Mixer

    Backpanel... IMGP1381.JPG IMGP1381.JPG