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  1. 64 or 64e

    i want to build a controller with around 60 pots/faders, 50 buttons, 50 leds and 5 rotary encoders. is it best to build a 64e and incorporate the pots as has been described, or build a 64 and somehow try to incorporate the encoders as i remember reading somewhere that there is a "trick" to use encoders with the 64.... any help is appreciated!!! Joost
  2. Problems uploading application

    I figured it out. I wasnt getting upload requests in mios studio when i powered the core.  UNLESS (get this) i restart mios studio and re-configure midi routing.  I then power the core and get a single upload request message. First i tried uploading a new MIOS but got an error. Then i try the midibox64 app...and it upload beautifully!  WEIRD maybe this is a bug in mios studio? Now the core is sending LOTS of midi messages from channels 11-16, values randomly less than 12.  Why could this be?  I have a single pot attached as such
  3. Problems uploading application

    I have been trying to re-upload the MIOS and APP but nothing is being sent. When i power the thing it displays the Mios v1.9d message, then the screen goes blank, and nothing is being uploaded...... I am really stuck now.  is my pic dead  :'(??
  4. Problems uploading application

    After i uploaded the mios the first time and then when i booted it said "Mios v1.9d......" and then something like "MIOS is up to date with the lastest version" Then when i tried uploading the application when the screen started going blank..... What you have suggested is what i have been it possible somehow to empty the core and re-update the  Mios and try the app a second time? Joost
  5. I just uploaded the MIOS with no problems.  I then download (which i think is what i need right for a midibox64) and attempt to upload the file and it gives me the message "Starting upload of main.HEX Sending block 00003000-000030FF" and then sits there doing nothing for 60 minutes.  At this point I conclude something must have gone wrong, hit "Stop" to try again and same problem.  Now when i power on the core I get the message "MIOS v1.9D ©2007 T. Klose" and then the screen goes blank.  The LED on the LTC module that was blinking every 2 sec before the MIOS was uploaded (i guess sending upload request signals) blinks once when the core is powered and then stays lit. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here???? Thanks, Joost
  6. hehe a reply from mike and he says that it is not necessary to put the caps on the board and it will work without...hmmmm there must be a reason for them. this is annoying, so i either build it without, go find them in some local electronics shop around here in amsterdam, or email mike to send me more caps. 
  7. hey guys, i am just building a AINX4 module i bought from but both AINX4 kits he sent me have only 3 bypass caps i only need 3 or is this a packaging mistake?  from this page I would think that I need to hook up 4 of them... any help is appreciated.  i emailed the company but no reply as of yet.
  8. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

    wow you guys are CNC milling your faceplates???  I was planning to just manually drill holes in a piece of aluminium. i do however have access to a cnc machine at my university so i may be able to use....could i design the front panel in illustrator?  would a cnc machine accept that type of vector file?
  9. can parameter names be displayed on the lcd?

    woa....that makes 2 ppl that want to know if this is possible.  great idea!  i will change my design if this is possible
  10. Stupid newbie question........:P

    well, i just installed it and my first go i mixed live over my vinyl with no problems at all!!! this thing looks like its awesome, easy to link up to midi controller aswell.  i wonder if its possible to use a pot instead of just pushing and holding a button down to "push and pull" the music.
  11. Stupid newbie question........:P

    well...this push and pull program looks cool.  can anyone familiar with live confirm that this is the best solution for synching live with turntables.  i would prefer to work from within live without any 3rd party software but this seems like a good solution.
  12. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

    Yes I know what you mean!  I am currently looking for pretty small push buttons with integrated LED lights and also a rotary encoder with push action built in...really hard to find. p.s. here is a link to a modded xone 92 with midi functions for inspiration
  13. Ableton Live Controller Design Thread

    also i like the metronome and tempo controls, i will add those to mine aswell. for the scrub and left/right buttons, is that to synch up live to an already playing source such as a turntable?
  14. Ableton Live, buttons trigering loops with led's?

    im not being funny...but, how?
  15. Ableton Live, buttons trigering loops with led's?

    Wow awesome, I would like to implement this on my controller. Rowan could you explain how you have implemented the -MIDINoteFeedback hack?? That article about follow actions doesnt tell me much. Thanks!