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Status Updates posted by m00dawg

  1. Finally finished routing on all 4 of my control surface boards!

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    2. m00dawg


      Rackmount MB-SID is the plan. Will start ordering stuff after Christmas, woo!

    3. jojjelito
    4. m00dawg


      w00t indeed! Making a few small changes (such as making sure the serial lines are as short as can be) and adding silkscreen stuff. Should be ready to start ordering boards in a few days! I'm excited! 3 years in the making :P

  2. Listening to SID tunes off his sammichSID thanks to TK's Sidplay patches

    1. jojjelito


      Evolved into old Amiga modules thru VLC. Am I sure I'm not de-evolving?

    2. m00dawg


      Nope! Although I prefer S3M's (PC) such as anything by Purple Motion.

  3. is hot for SMD shift registers

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    2. jojjelito


      Mmm, SMD utility chips. Set and forget!

    3. Hawkeye


      but don´t sneeze or inhale ´em X-)

    4. m00dawg


      @nebula - it's not quite as easy as I initially thought but is definitely helping with my new control surface design!

  4. You guys are awesome, by the way! Digging both of your albums and trying to spread the word! If you guys ever go on a big-ass tour, I sure hope you stop by San Antonio, TX!

  5. sammichSID + sammichFM = Heavenly Chippy Bliss

    1. Antix


      An now you having fun :-)

    2. nebula


      Show me the sounds!

    3. m00dawg


      Oops! Didn't have updates for these turned on :) Uhm, not sure which song it was. I think maybe this one:

  6. finished his sammichFM (other than painting it). YAY!

  7. Only 2 more control surface boards left to design for my Rackmount MB-SID!

  8. just finished his NES audio mod so back to MidiBoxing!

  9. is excited about getting to finally build a GM5x5x5!

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