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  1. Pad bank control question

    i basically want to hook each button to two of the DIN inputs and be able to switch all 16 pads back and forth easily between the two sets of inputs.  16 buttons x 2 inputs for each giving me 32 individual midi controls.
  2. Pad bank control question

    I am still in the design process for my midibox and i have purchased a set of 16 of the monome pads and would like to use these 16 pads to control 32 of the digital in's. i want to set it up similar to a bank control found on most samplers.  I am not sure how to achive this would i use an analog multiplexer to select between the two inputs to the one switch or is there some type of multiple relay that is available.    Any tips would help.  -Andie 
  3. 1st midibox project

    After finding out about ucapps and looking over all the required reading i have finally begun to design my new project. Here is a rough idea of what i am going to try to build.  I will be using it with live, reactor, and max.  -andie