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  1. Wilba MBSeq V4 Front Panel Spacer Brackets

    It looks like some of the socketed chips are sitting high enough that they are preventing the panel from touching all surfaces of the brackets.  It looks like the chips are sitting about 1/16th too high.  I can easily print some brackets a little taller, but since I'm laminating a 1/16 panel on top that would reduce the amount of available space for the buttons to raise up just proud of the face just enough to allow being pressed. So that leaves either unsocketing the chips to lower them, or mill out shallow pockets in the panel so that the panel can sit flat on the brackets.  I  think I'm going to go with using the laser cutter to create engraved pockets for the chips, that seems pretty quick and easily repeatable.  Since I can't access the laser cutter today I may try printing some taller brackets and see where it stands.
  2. Wilba MBSeq V4 Front Panel Spacer Brackets

    The brackets will be glued to the panel. The next panel test is going to be clear acrylic with a 1/16” black acrylic laminate glued on top.  I will attempt to engrave through just the black top piece to expose the clear underneath.  I’m hoping that I can put LEDs in that will allow the lettering to glow a bit, but my primary concern is for readability. I may do a test with a white panel with black laminate on top if clear and black fails.
  3. Wilba MBSeq V4 Front Panel Spacer Brackets

    Here are some images of the brackets mounted. Left side: Middle: Right side:  
  4. A couple of days before the midiphy SEQ was announced here I started working on building my Wilba panel sequencer unaware that things were about to change and get a lot cooler.  I had prototyped an acrylic front panel on an epilog laser cutter and was thinking about ways to attach the panel to the control board.  I considered using metal spacers but have never really had luck with gluing metal to acrylic, so I though maybe use abs and use the Makerbot to print some spacers?  In the past few days I've whipped up these spacers and they have turned out really nice.  I was able to build them so they support the LCDs at the perfect depth to the panel.  My next panel will probably not even have holes for the LCDs, I'll just outline the windows with an engraving. I still need to build a bracket for around the main encoder, but there are a lot of little parts that I need to avoid around there so I left it as the last thing to do.  I wanted to share the files for everyone because they seem to be quite useful so far. The spacers are 1/4" depth and I use a 1/4" Acrylic panel.  I'll post a few more pictures later today. wilba fp brackets.pdf mbseq bracket L.stl mbseq bracket M.stl mbseq bracket R.stl mbseq bracket M2.stl
  5. WTB : MB 6582 WINDOW

    Do you know what thickness you need?  How much space does o you have between the LCD and the panel?
  6. Nextel Waldorf surface cleaning

    Mine has that problem as well.  I’ve never heard of a solution for it.
  7. 16pin SIL to 16pin DIL adapter

    Do you use that for LCD connections?
  8. Photo-Journal of a rather twisted MBSID build :)

    Ya I would buy one, rip it apart, and use it's guts inside your project. I'm sure there are schematics out there, and off the top of my head I would suggest Craig Anderton's book on guitar effects. Do-It-Yourself Projects for Guitarists and Electronic Projects for Musicians
  9. Photo-Journal of a rather twisted MBSID build :)

    You could merge a noise gate into the project so it's always built in as well.
  10. I visit, I get mad, I leave

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Narwhal


      I get mad because of a failed group buy where I lost some cash to a guy that has disappeared never to be heard from again.

    3. technobreath


      Who was the guy?

    4. wicked1


      I was on a group buy list here since 07, and just last week got the thing..

      has it been that long for you?

  11. Core32's coming alive with new Olimex ARM-USB-OCD wiggler

    1. jojjelito


      Please tell us if it's any good :D

    2. Narwhal


      The Olimex ARM-USB-OCD works great

  12. Tascam MM-RC Conversion to Midibox

    The photos seems to have been lost in one of the forum conversions. Here is my Flickr set on the MM-RC. I'll see if I can dig up the eagle schematic that I was working on, but it's on a PC laptop that I user very very rarely.
  13. And *plug* I'm the author of a free system preference panel for Unitor's and AMT8's on OS X. To some extent, the Unitors and AMT8's already allow you to do the internal routing configuration you want to do. GM5x5's are great as well.
  14. Virtual MIDIbox SEQ V4 for iPad

    That's a pretty good idea nangu. But someone would need to put together a build machine that gets SVN updates, builds the code with keys that are kept private, then publishes to a group of people with TestFlight. Then there is a limit (100 devices) to the number of devices that that TestFlight and debugging builds can run on. So this is not a good solution to the general public being able to install the app. For that someone will need to actually publish the code as an app on the app store. The other downside is that it really doesn't let someone do quick builds and test, everything checked in would become a live TestFlight automatically. On the flip side it's only $99/yr to be able do build anything you want on your iPads.
  15. Virtual MIDIbox SEQ V4 for iPad

    Sorry yoho, it doesn't work like that. You need security keys from both Apple and from a paid developer account to install on an iPad. You should be able to run it in the simulator without those keys though.