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  1. 16 x ALPS Motorfaders left - anybody interrested?

  2. Alps Motorfaders and Encoders

    If anybody still needs Motorfaders I have 16 x ALPS RSAON (incl plastic and silver (touch) caps) left over for sale. Alltogether for about 15,- EUR each.
  3. Wanted : Motor faders

    If you still need some Motor Faders and/or Encoders, I have 16 ALPS RSAON with silver touch-caps and (if needed) more than 20 ALPS Push-Encoders.     best regards, paul
  4. want to buy 24 fader midi

    If you still need some Motor Faders and/or Encoders, I have 16 ALPS RSAON with silver touch-caps and (if needed) more than 20 ALPS Push-Encoders.     best regards, paul
  5. I just dropped off all ordered MidiBox Parts at the post office. There are still 16 ALPS Motorfaders, 2x MBHP_MF Boards and 20 ALPS Push-Encoders left! :smile:     Best regards, Paul
  6. Oh, I didn't see that. You can have the encoders for 0.90 € - i bought them for 1.00 € each and never unpacked them.   The curcuit boards are from smashtv. revisions are   CORE_R4D, AIN_R4, DIN R5, DOUT R5, MBHP_MF_R1
  7. [ S O L D ]   Hi there! In 2007 I did a bulk-order for ALPS Motorfaders and bought some circuit boards and other parts to build two MidiBox LC (6 Ch and 20Ch). For more than 5 years I didn't get to build those Boxes, now I have a lot of spare parts lying around that I'd like to get rid of. I'm keeping some parts, just in case and sell those other parts:   PUSH-Encoder ALPS EC11E15244BY - à 0,90 €     Motorfader ALPS RSAON (10k) - à 15,- € Each incl: 1x plastic cap AND 1x silver touch cap!     MBHP_MF (R2) Modules - à 5,- € Core (R4D)Modules - à 5,- € DINx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € DOUTx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € AINx4 (R4) Modules - à 5,- €     GM5 MIDI Interfaces with GM5 Chip - à 5,- € MidiBox CV KIT incl. ICs - 30,- € Each kit incl: 1x PIC 18F452-I/P and 2x MAX 525 BCPP If you're interrested, drop me an email at Payments via bank transfer or paypal ( +1,9% +0,35 € ). Shipping will be from germany.   I'd be happy to help you out!     Best regards, Paul
  8. 15 LED Circular "Hi-Eff RED"

    If anyone cancels his oder, I'd be glad totake some of those spare LED rings ;) In case there are no spares: will you or someone else do another bulk order of those LED rings? I might need 25-50 pcs.
  9. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    Have you found all the parts for the right price yet?
  10. Icecubes - Bulkorder

    Is it too late to order a "hand full" (around 100) of those lovely ice cubes?
  11. Marquardt 6425 switch bulk order...

    if you only need red and green, there are LEDs that change the color by changing the polarisation. +- = red -+ = green btw. I like those switches, too. it's like typing on a keyboad =) when will be the deadline for placing orders? -paul
  12. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    how hard is it to trust you and transfer the money the easy way from bank to bank ? In that way you can get your money back within 6 weeks, too. Paypal just costs fees and takes more time -.-
  13. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    So how is the bulkorder going on?
  14. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    the last time I sent out MFs from germany, it took about 2 months to canada and aprox. 4 months to australia. I recommend another shipping method than "Päckchen Weltweit" which cost around 15 Euros. Maybe Airmail is better although it might cost a little more.
  15. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    I'm very low on money, but this group buy is the cheapest way to get a midibox cv - and I need at least one :) Count me in for 2 !