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  1. AIN module (from old version midibox 64)

    Hi Mikee, have sent you a PM.
  2. AIN module (from old version midibox 64)

    Hi Mikee I think I have some around here. Where abouts are you?
  3. MIDI Note on/off filter

    Hello all   Been ages since I last posted on here, so hope everyone is well?   Am revisiting an older project and want to add some way to stop Note messages going to 2 ports.   The idea is to have one MIDI In, 2 MIDI Outs, 32 buttons and 32 LEDs arranged in two rows of 16 each, one for each channel. The idea being, at switch on, all channels are passed to both MIDI Outs, should a button be pressed, LED goes out and Note messages no longer passed on that channel to one of the ports, but still passed to the other.    Got a couple of MIOS 8 cores spare which I would like to use up, anyone got any thoughts/input on this?   Thanks and regards   S 
  4. Scan Matrix and DIn

    Thanks, I was using example 2, but switched to example 1 and can report good progress.   Thanks again.   S
  5. Hello all, been playing about with the Scan Matrix examples for PIC cores, that's all working fine.  Is there a way to use the DIn for some other buttons?   TIA   S
  6. DB50XG / SW60XG / NEC XR385 driver code

    I can confirm that the QS sounds can be loaded onto an XR385 using the above method, thanks a lot for that tip. Can you post some more details of your project? So far this version using the LPC core features GM/XG voice, MIDI file player, transpose, volume plus the features of the MIDIO128. It's great!
  7. Green LED's for Red LED's

    Hi all   For some reason I seem to have 200 3mm green LED's. I'd really like red ones, so just wondering if anyone wants to swap or if anyone is in need of 200 green LED's?   S  
  8. DB50XG / SW60XG / NEC XR385 driver code

    Have been playing with this since last night, these cards really are great.   If anyone wants to join in the fun, I have three adapters available.
  9. Hello   Was there ever a conclusion to adding an 8 x 8 matrix to the MB64? I looked around but never found an answer.   Not really a show stopper, but trying to use some of the MIOS8 boards up.   TIA   S
  10. WTB PIC 18F4550

    Hello all   Just wondering if anyone has a spare PIC 18F4550 lying around as I need one for a project.  Would be really good if they could program it too!  I will supply the hex file.   Thanks   S
  11. Labels, banks and conditions

    Thanks, but don't think thats what I was after, there will be two lists of instrument names, one for each bank, what would be the best way to display the correct instrument name rather than just the bank name?   Thanks again   S
  12. Labels, banks and conditions

    Hello all   Been playing about with the NG project today, its great!   I'm driving a synth board which has two banks of sounds, first is General MIDI, so have set up an encoder to generate program change messages and display them on the LCD. All is fine. Set up a toggle button and LED to switch to the other bank on (CC0=127), what is the best way to check the value of CC0 and display the correct voice?   Was thinking of something like an IFTHEN ELSE function but perhaps there is another way?   Thanks   S
  13. Resistor network for LPC17 core

    Thanks for the reply but really wanted my second LPC core to look neat so eventually found them at Spratronics,   Good range of stuff and good postage rates.   Regards   S
  14. MSD works fine on my Win 7 machine.
  15. MIDI 3 & 4 were enabled but found they work best when I use the correct output!