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  1. Is there any solutions !? I start to thinking that this project is to complicated for me...
  2. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Hello have you planned to build 8x1 pcb ? Best regards
  3. I'm using MPLAB IDE v8.92   I've test with disable the ID reprogramming but it's not working within MIOS STUDIO (lots of aftertouch and pitchbend messages instead of MIOS request)   The user ID is set to 00000000    Thanks for your help   Best regards
  4. I've made this but it's not solved my problem !! Always the same issue...   Best regards
  5. Hello Thorsten, first I flashed the PIC with the program and I mean it's well flashed by "all is ok" For end setting to fff I've just respect your instructions in the asm file. So what I don't understand is : What should I do after the PIC flashing ?! I'm french sorry for my poor english !! Thanks, best regards. All2u
  6. Thank you for your answer but I test it and it doesn't work perhaps I lost something !!   I've programmed the PIC with Mplab IDE with the end setting to fff all is ok but when I put it to the core nothing happens in MIOS STUDIO ...   Can you give me the good manipulation after the programming please ?   Thanks by advance,   Best regards.
  7. Hello all,   I have a big problem to upload MIOS with MIOS Studio and it's make me crazy !!!   So I have test with many midi support :   - My internal E-MU 1616 - An external M-Audio MIDISPORT 1x1 and the MIDIBOX STM32F4 with the MIDI IO and the USB MIDI 4x4 driver   nothing works always the same "No response from core after 16 retries!" message My core is programmed with a PICKIT3 and it's look ok It's send "[176405.191] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7" in loop that's seems ok   MIOS STUDIO say "Bootloader is up & running!" that's ok    but when I start the upload of the Mios program it's block The leds of the midi support blinking so it's confirmed that a midi message is send to the core   I join a screen capture of the MIOS STUDIO to illustrate my problem and I hoped that someone could help me because it's very frustatring to blocked so near the goal   Thanks by advance, best regards.
  8. Hello Los Zelos,   I have the same problem with my MF NG boards, I've you solved your problem ?!   Best regards.
  9. Midibox NG 24 Tracks

    Thank you again Thorsten for your help  !!   I test this and repost my setup when it's ready for validation :phone:   Best regards, All2u.
  10. Midibox NG 24 Tracks

    Hello all,   I plan to build a 24 tracks midibox controller (See the attached image) and I have many questions about the ngc configuration file.   So, for start this is my ngc file it isn't complete but this is a good point of start for me to understand how it's working :     The questions are :   1 - Is the setup for buttons correct with differents ports routing ? 2 - What's the setup for the ledrings (to assignate the rings for each 24 channels) ? 3 - For the meters could I assign  lc_meter_port=USB1 then USB2 and USB3 ? 4 - Why my setup returns all the time at default when I reboot ? (In MIOS STUDIO I've tape save default but nothing to do it's returns to default setup !!)   So for the moments it's all, any suggestions will be welcome !   Thanks by advance,   Best regards, All2u  
  11. Midibox NG Led Digit

    Sorry it's working !!!!   I don't know why but It's alive again, Anyway the problem seems to be in cubase the led digits don't react at the MTC.   Anybody knows why ?   Thank you,   Best regards, Laurent.
  12. Midibox NG Led Digit

    Hello,   I've already changing the configuration and it's not working !! all the digits says 8. So with common cathode it's display numbers changing with CC but on all the digits at same times.   I hope I've been clear because it's frustrating... if not I could make a video for more explicit !!   Thank you for your help   Best regards, Laurent.
  13. Hello there,   I have made a pcb for 10 led digits but the problem is that all the led digit have the same number !!   When I upload in mios the leddig2.ngc and I'm play with the cc64 to cc73 all the numbers is changing at the same time...   Is someone have the same problem ? it's very boring.   I join a photo of the problem and an image of my pcb design, if anyone would like the eagle file no problem.     (sorry for my english I'm french)   Thank you in advance   Best regards.
  14. nikel ça fait plaisir !! J'y pense si tu fais une midibox LC et que tu cherches des faders motorisés dis moi quoi !! A bientot et bonne continuation !
  15. Olala !! abandonner !! deja !!! Alors que le meilleur reste a venir ça serait vraiment dommage !! Bon, j'ai une ou deux questions : Peux-tu faire une capture d'ecran quand tu upload avec le mios ? As-tu pensé au GM5 USB ?? ça change la vie ! si tu veux j'en ai un en rab !! Quel est ton projet ??