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  1. I have a MD slaved to to the SEQV4 and use the internal MD sequencer as you can take advantage of the P lock function... I think this is your best bet... I change patterns via note changes (map notes to patterns in the MD)... Since having constructed a set to play live I have started a new set and have just kept everything in the Key of C and now use transpose instead...
  2. I have yet to wire up my DINSYNC port but I have to ask what is a 541 and where do you place it?
  3. Thanks TK.... Maybe I need to update the firmware (v.84) as I do not get the "Jam" option under Mode just T&A and Play...
  4. For the longest time I have used step rec to create all my sequences but just hooked up a keyboard to do real time rec and wow what a difference not sure why I have been doing step rec... Thing that seems weird or maybe I do not have the right parameters set is the following for a 16 step sequence... I will enter my notes to record but they do not play real time instead they play after the 16 steps have cycled thru after the initial note input... Any ideas or where to look in the manual? Thx... bri.
  5. Just a note as i recalled you said the led's have yet to be installed... Remember led 27 or somewhere around there the polarity is reversed as to the rest of the led's... Your not careful you can miss it...
  6. Check in the documentation for Mixer Map... When I first started using the SEQV4 I was using that page to perform program changes and it would allow you on a per step basis to enter the PC... This may work for you... Now all I do is enter it under Track Event Config... Sorry i don't have a definitive answer fro you... bri.
  7. Thanks guys... I have barely scratched the surface of the sequencer but big thanks to all here on the the board for support building it and TK... Also thanks to MIDILAB for the Pattern Rmix feature as this helps so much for transitioning into the next track... Still need to work on shortening the length of the tracks and transitions... Next set I make I am going to put everything in the Key of C and use the transpose function and take advantage of all the chords available instead of manually inputting chords via 3 note layers... SETUP... MIDIBOX SEQV4 - Master sequencer MD MKII -
  8. Live melodic techno performed in my studio 126bpm... Finally got my set done on the new sequencer SEQV4 and have made a vid... Still need to do some work on transitions and shortening the track length... https://youtu.be/xjLsN61yHDw
  9. I am using a Machinedrum where I use midi notes to change the patterns not sure if it is the same for the MM or Octatrak...
  10. Thanks TK I was thinking that may of been the issue... Could always use a MUNGO sync box and Stuart M response with the Ext Restart seems to work...
  11. Probably some program changes I would have to check plus would that only affect the specified port it is assigned to? I will try the BPM Restart feature... This is how it is config'd as it is daisy chained maybe that is the issue... SEQ4 (midi II3)---->DP/4---->Bassline (slaved)
  12. I have noticed an issue when using the Pattern Remix with the SEQV4 sending midi clock to my Acidlab Bassline which causes the clock to go out of sync on the Bassline when de-mixing tracks... To remedy this I have to stop and start the sequencer which is a drag as the Bassline is an integral part of my live set... Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks... bri.
  13. Right on man... that shit can get frustrating... I remember that during my build that one was oriented opposite to the others and not to make that mistake...
  14. How well is your scaling on the AOUT? Mine was not so good to my Darkenergy so I switched up to midi input...
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