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  1. where do i start trouble shooting?

    The NT3881 is supposed to be HD44780 compatible. It looks like its supported by mios according to this,[]=nt3881d I'll try the pots.
  2. where do i start trouble shooting?

    My lcd has a NT3881 chip on it. Is there anything special I need to do? I customized the source for my CS, and uploaded it but still haven't stuff the din and douts. I noticed once that when I played some notes on the fm the screen would flicker, but it still has black squares and blinking cursor.
  3. where do i start trouble shooting?

    i get a black squares on the lcd now. the one on the far left is blinking too. at least it seems to turn on with the din, dout, and lcd all connected. i still haven't stuffed the din and dout though.
  4. DIY Acrylic article

    has anyone tried using a 3d printer?
  5. where do i start trouble shooting?

    It is the lcd. I disconnected the din and dout, then tried to turn it on the fm again, and it still wasn't working. I disconnected the lcd and it started working. I used SIL connectors for the lcd and soldered everything else. I think I'm going to get rid of the SILs. I'm not completely sure if I hooked up the lcd correctly. I'm using an optrex C-51850NFJ-SLW-ADN. According to the manual, pins 1, 2, 3 are Vss (gnd), Vcc (supply for logic), and Vee (supply for lcd drive). I hooked up Vss to Vs on the core, Vee to Vo, and Vcc to Vd. Another thing is I'm not sure if I should use +5v or +!2v to power the lcd. The manual says the absolute maximum Vee should be is 13.5v, and the recommend range is between 4.4 and 5.2v. However, I'm not sure if I should worry about current. I built a power supply using NorthernLightX's schematic, I think the transformer I used is 4A, the 7805 is 1A , and the 7812 is 1A, but since everything needs 5v and the opl3 is the only thing I have hooked up to the 7812 should I use 12v for the lcd? I haven't done any current measurements yet.
  6. where do i start trouble shooting?

    I finished the CS for my fm, but it no longer turns on. The core and the opl3 module where working fine before I hooked up the lcd, din, and dout boards. So, where should I start looking? One thing I should mention, is that although I hooked up the din and dout boards, I didn't put in the shift registers yet. I thought that I would upload the proper application to the core before I put them in. Could that be the reason?
  7. rotary encoders

    I have some rotary encoders that don't have any labels on them. How do I figure out the pin out to hook them up? I bought them from smashtv maybe 3 years ago and am just now finally getting around to using them. They are blue on the bottom. I can take a picture if that will help anyone with identifying them so I can find a data sheet.
  8. My FM CS

    I made a mistake by putting the rotary encoders so close to one another. Its almost done now...
  9. My FM CS

    I didn't know there was a wrong voltage to test leds with. The battery is new, the resistor is 220 ohms.
  10. My FM CS

    Here are some pics of my FM's control surface. Its not done yet. I'm going with a blue and white color scheme. Since the backlight for my lcd screen is blue and the text is white.
  11. drill press for enclosures

    I've been thinking about buying a drill press for drilling holes in enclosures. I have a steel or aluminium 2u enclosure, so I was wondering what kind of drill press I should be looking for. I've seen a few benchtop drill presses on craigslist, but I'm not sure what horsepower I should be looking for to drill through this enclosure. Any tips?
  12. ffc extension

    Anyone know of an easy way to extend an ffc cable? I took apart a lcd screen to build a projector. The lcd screen still seems to work, but I need to extend a ffc cable. Its a 20pin cable. I think the pitch is .5mm.
  13. trying to find a wallwart

    My friend brought me a wallwart that he said he accidentally broke and would like to replace. I've been having trouble finding one that will work. The model number on it is mb132-060045. It is 6v dc at 450ma with a positive tip. I found some that are 6v dc at 500ma, so I was wondering if we could use one of those with a current limiting resistor. Would that work?
  14. how does a keyboard work?

    I have two old electronic casio keyboards that i don't use and was considering building a midi controller out of one of them, but i've been wondering how the keys in a keyboard work. If the keys are velocity sensitive would they be used as analog inputs for a core? If not, then I would assume they are digital inputs correct? Does the velocity sensitivity depend on the actual key or is something fancy thats done in software? I don't know if this project will actually culminate in anything useful, but its something i've been a bit curious about and have had a hard time finding info on.
  15. sharing a control surface

    can tx/rx are on pins 35 and 36, which also double as lcd data lines 2 and 3. They are also used for connecting to the opl3 board in the fm. So it probably wouldn't work unless things were moved around. Maybe i'll just go with iic.