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  1. Simulating hardware encoders

    Since Encoders short their pins to ground in most cases, i'd use optocouplers between DOUT and the device you want to control. That way the voltage level present on the device wont matter, as long as the coupler can take it.  Polarity does matter though. The isolation between Box and device might save the Box, but fry the coupler. I'd go for sockets and keep some spares. If i  understand your code correctly, you plan to use 3 outs per encoder.  Usually  encoders do have 3 pins, common, a and b. You only need to simulate a and b.      
  2.   I agree that these dependencies are a problem, but it's rather a nuisance than a showstopper to me. By the time they stop supporting new OS/Hardware, you can probably get some old stuff for free.
  3. I use a Picotech Pico Scope 2208 at work. It's a 2 channel usb scope. Software runs nicely on my shitty Laptop. You can easily set Trigger points, range, Samplerate etc in Software. A big plus is the ability to make and store screenshots or save the whole measured dataset. It can also be used as logic analyzer for e.g. i2c. The one i use was about 700€, but the lowest Bandwith version (10Mhz) can be had for 129€. Since this is my only experience with usb scopes so far, i can't say how they compare, but I'd definitely buy one, if i needed to.
  4. Ah, ok.  So It's feasible.    If you still got your sammichSID, you could create a patch with OSCs volume turned down and a sweeped cutoff, then route a SK to it's external input and connect a midi-Keyboard. By playing simultaneously you can emulate the sound of your planned device and make an educated decision, if this is what you want.
  5. AFAIK, SK-1 and SK-8 have neither envelope CVs, nor MIDI-out.  So you'd need to somehow midify the keys first. Or build an envelope generator and get the SKs to put out GATE signals.
  6. 6581 stereo match

    You can mix any revisions of 6581. This ain't High-end-HIFI.
  7. DOUT to CV with R-2R Ladder

    Nah, that's just how it's done. Nothing special.
  8. The info you need is in a schematic that goes by the name of "mbhp_8xsid_c64_psu_optimized.pdf". It's in the user manual under "Hardware options"-->"Power supply Unit".
  9. DOUT to CV with R-2R Ladder

    This has a gain of 1.5, to get a gain of 3 2k and 1k have to be switched. Since the op-amp will never have to put out negative voltages, you could connect its negative supply to gnd instead of -15V. You will need a little more than +15V on the positive supply, because else the op-amp can't reach +15V on its output.
  10. DOUT to CV with R-2R Ladder

    That's what i meant.   Do you need any voltages between +5 and +15, or just those two values? If it's just 5V and 15V, there is an easier soulution: You could use two DOUT pins per instrument, one going directly to the trigger-in and another going to a ULN2803 or similar, so it gets amplified to 15V and then to the trigger-in.
  11. DOUT to CV with R-2R Ladder

    To get higher voltage, you need to configure the tl074 for some gain. You do this by adding a voltage divider to the feedback loop of the op-amp. eg. 20k between output and "-" and 10k between "-" and GND.   If you don't need those pulses at the same time, this could work. You need to feed  A and B with address bits, though. C can stay low, since you only use 4 Outputs.
  12. That's exactly how we are. 45° is Punk-tier nonconformist. Or worse: ART.   Btw. Fantom, i want that LRE. I'll send a PM.
  13. Panels of sammichSID

    Its  mil=0,001inch=0,0254mm and mm in brackets.
  14. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Is this still happening? You know, i got a school project due tomorrow, and i desperately need this!!!1111 :tongue:
  15. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I updated both Lemur and the panel and most of the problems are gone. Yay! USB1 and Midi1 are still switched, i can live with that. ENV2-->CV controls ENV1-->CV (the control of ENV1-->CV works as intended, values seem to be added). If i want to use ENV2, i need to use the MODmatrix.   ENV2+"Force to scale" is so much fun! :rofl: May i request a "curve" without interpolation?   This thing does so much, i feel like i could sell half of my formant. It just needs some knobs. And a proper frontpanel.