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    EEtech for the last 25yrs; spending my free time working on PIC uC projects, MidiBox projects, Atari2600 & 800s, Analog synthy stuff ( MFOS rules). First computer was a 'Super Elf' RCA Comac 1802 kit, First personal was Atari 800; ASM on 1802,6502, 8052 & PICs. When I grow up I want to be Bob Moog.

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  1. Hey man..

    Reading Your comments in the MB TIA thread - i'm getting the same stuff in the Manager/MAX thing - greyed out and not working with any rev of MAX. Did you ever get this to work on a Windows system?

    1. Antichambre


      I use the OSX version but try on seven 64bit and it works
      just download last Max runtime 6.1.10 from cycling website
      And last mxf file from my Drive
      It should work for you too ;)

    2. yogi


      As Antichambre explained, without a TIA synth hooked up the manger leaves the fields grayed (I think it reads the synth to fill the GUI). I've yet to build out my boards so can't test for sure. Would guess if it's still grayed with a synth attached then would need to start testing midi connections :)


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